Wanna buy a new car? Wait! 2008 is coming soon!

30 07 2007


Jaguar :
Jaguar has announced that the S-type will be replaced in spring 2008 with a car called the XF, so the C-XF clearly points the way toward that production model. “It looks much more better than the old model”


Maserati :
Designed by Pininfarina, the GranTurismo made its debut at the 2007 Geneva Auto Show. It has a 4.2-liter V-8 that makes 405 hp at a lofty 7100 rpm, and 339 lb-ft of torque at 4,750. The computer-shifted V-8 screamer will dispense of the 0-60 run in 5.2 seconds and accelerate to a top speed of 177 mph. And with nearly perfect weight distribution (49% front, 51% rear), handling should be nothing short of exemplary.


Lexus720 :
A new Lexus LX is coming for 2008, and yup, it’s still huge. The trucks 5.7-liter V-8, borrowed from the Toyota Tundra, is rated at 381 hp and over 400 lb-ft of torque, but don’t let the ULEV II rating fool you-it will still use a small tanker’s worth of gas on the daily commute. Bluetooth, XM NavTraffic, and an optional nineteen speaker Mark Levinson stereo. Lexus’ park assist system. “It looks like a pajero in somehow”


Mercedes C-Class :
Mercedes C-Class will finally be on market summer 2008. The 2008 Mercedes-Benz C-Class has adopted a far more dramatic look than its dowdy predecessor, and it’s supported by a new, more spacious passenger cabin and a wider array of technology.

VolksWagen Taureg : (no new pic)
New exterior colors (White Gold, Galapagos, Alaska Gray, Cranberry)
Chrome grille with logo and chrome eyebrows standard on VR6 FSI
Chrome matte grille with logo and chrome eyebrows, chrome air intakes, chrome grille slats standard on V8 FSI and V10 TDI Twin Turbo
Darkened Taillights
New, central headlights design. Sporty, more aerodynamic rear spoiler. Electronic Parking Assistance now standard equipment
Power Liftgate now standard equipment. 19″ Wheels with all-season tires optional on VR6 FSI but included in V8 FSI and V10 TDI Twin Turbo. Larger screen for Multi-function Indicator included with optional Technologie Package
New Option Packages. Dynaudio now available in package for all trims
Sirius® Satellite Radio now standard equipment
Next generation TPMS – now standard equipment
ABSPlus standard. ESP Innovations standard
New front seat design, more comfortable front seat side bolsters, new seat stitching design now standard equipment
Gray seat trim in leather and leatherette deleted
Silver Metallic Plastic interior trim standard on VR6 FSI with leatherette
Servotronic steering no longer available on 3.6L VR6 FSI
Comfort Suspension replaces Sport Suspension on VR6 FSI


Define “trust”

28 07 2007

Trust? a wonderful “word” that I think it’s starting to extinct. In every healthy relationship “trust and love” must exist. Trust is letting your best friend know your inner feelings! thoughts! emotions! secrets! bachground! problems! mistakes! concers! and having the HUGE confidence in them to respect us and do not take advantage on us.

How often have you ignored yourself when something didn’t feel right?? only later you discover that u really did know that something wasn’t right? .. and you only regret it later?. That’s life. never regregt any experience u’ve been thru. Life is a lesson, you have to learn from your previouse mistakes. Keep in mind that everyone have been thru something. Yours might not be the worst.


outkasty in 100 points! :P

24 07 2007

65. I don’t have a problem in showing my feelings. I cry/love/hug/kiss at anytime i want.

66. I love making my parents happy.

67. I can SMS and drive in speed 160.

68. I can eat pizza for breakfast.

69. I hate magazines.

70. I love reading the dictionary.

71. I hate Krispy Kream donuts.

72. I get scared when i see a picture of a lizard! WE3

73. I hate the smell of sheesha.

74. I respect every girl that finds her self pretty without make up.

75. I think people with less-confident don’t mind doing plastic surgery.

76. I don’t know how to eat “banak and pop-corn”.

77. I hate people who throw garbage outside their car windows/doors.

78. I like to see a man wearing our tradition clothes. “dishdasha and ghitra o 3gaal”

79. I love high-school memories.

80. I love machboos deyay!

81. I hate junk food.

82. I love Sudoku.

83. I clean my room by myself.

84. My fav show is Seinfeld.

85. I think Hayfa Wahbe is the ugliest women on earth.

86. I believe that time can make small things very precious.

87. I hate diamonds.

88. I love sport-chic style. It’s a total ME!

89. I ignore people who make fun on others.

90. Noises makes me nervous.

91. Women who talks loudly scare me.

92. I started to be a business girl when i was 6 years old.

93. I love to see happy couples.

94. I hate the idea of spending $$$$ for a wedding party. It’s silly.

95. I’ve always wanted to wear glasses.

96. I love numebrs.

97. e7em adri weird bas abi ejabsoon eedii

98. I love to check my sent messages.

99. If i decide to do something. I do it. no one can stop me.

100. I say : I’m done ;D

More about outkasty!

24 07 2007

33. I’m in love with SPIDERMAN!

34. I’m wearing jeans and it’s 12:56am. ;D

35. I want to learn sign language.

36. I hate Pajero. (no offense)

37. I hate Jabriya It’s always crowded wa3! (ham no offense) ;D

38. I have a very good memory =]

39. I love RED nailpolish.

40. I wear a life-jacket. (YUP I CAN’T SWIM) ;D

41. I always see the time as >> 01:01 – 02:02 – 03:03 – 04:04 – 05:05 <<  etc. weird moo?

42. amoot 3ala Pizza Qaysar!

43. I love love love love MANGO KDD.

44. 7addi I’m addicted to NUTTTELLLA!!

45. I’m secretive.

46. I love solving problems.

47. I don’t drink liban. I hate it.

48. I love the story of beauty and the beast.

49. I cook in ramadhan.

50. my blood type is o+.

51. I hate 4th ring road.

52. They always say that I’m strong in persuasion.

53. I love to deal with people in different moods.

54. My father wanted me to be a dentist.

55. I hate ringtones.

56. I want to be a 7ajiyya! 

57. I love to play football with my brother.

58. I like Street Fighters!

59. a7eb il sanafir!

60. I went to the entertainment city in 1989.

61. I can’t drive slowly.

62. I hate apple pie.

63. I came from a very good/nice family.

64. I love collecting coins.

.. To be continued ..

About outkasty!

24 07 2007

Hello, I thought of adding more about me “serially” :

1. I was born in Kuwait Nov. 1983.

2. I’m a Scorpio.

3. outkasty is NEVER a word.

4. I love reading especially stories.

5. Chocolates is the best thing that mankind have ever created.

6. I love french fries.

7. I wish my name was Fara7.

8. My fav color is Black.

9. I’ve never colored my hair.

10. I havent used my birthday present from my sister Sony Erricsson P990i.

11. Yesterday I bought a new mobile NOKIA 6020. I KNOW IT’S OLD, BUT I LOVE IT!

12. I love the smell of the jam3iya. (YES and it smells goood!)

13. I hate number 13!, but I like Oceans 13.

14. I’m in love with KUWAIT.

15. 3omri ma khathait dowwai7a. I’m very proud to say that!

16. I hate tomatoe. but I eat tabboula with tomatoe =]

17. I find Brooke Sheilds soooo PRETTY!

18. Ouch 18, ayyam il laisan ;* min il wanasa, il makhfar thayya3aw laiseni 2 times.

19. I want to drive a BLACK WANAIT! lazzim BLACK.

20. I love kids.

21. I love going to the SHALAIH early morning!

22. I’m thin and I like it.

23. I sleep anywhere.

24. I want a LABCHEEN!

25. I wish time machine was real.

26. I hate lazanya.

27. I love to SMS. I hate phone calls.

28. I miss using Computer Sakhar!

29. I like men with white hair. It’s attractive. sij waqaar!

30. I love working. and I recently quit my job =]

31. widdi adig 3ood! lol

32. I hate when i see girls wear TOO MUCH make-up in the jam3eya!!!

.. To be continued ..

My experience with 777 ;D

24 07 2007

Yesterday wasn’t the worst day ib 7ayatee, but it goes under “bad” category. I had an accident, bas il7imdellah I’m fine o il7imdellah il bint elli ed3ematney is fine also. now, ilsayara shsar feeha? well mine is “GER6ASA IM3AFISA” and her car is “IT WAS A CAR”, anyways il7imdellah bl 7adeed wala feene ana wiyaha 😀

ilmohem, as soon as ana ma3aaha bala3na il sadma, I called 777 for help, ay insan 6abi3i yedeg 3ala EMERGENCY yetwaqa3 shino? yetwaqa3 awadim etred right? .. HEHEHE NOOOOOOOOO! u’r 100% wrong ;D .. now see what happened to me.

@ 6:50pm.  I called them bas? NO ANSWER, called again NO ANSWER, called FINALLY wa7id I THINK ENNA NAYEM BS IL7MDELLAH HE DECIDED ENNA YESHEEL IL PHONE ok? o SHGAAAAAAAAL PLZ? awal ma shaal il phone gal (HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA..) ana 3ala 6ool 3abali dagga 3ala raqam MOBILE wa7d!!!! kelesh mo 7a6a ib baley 777!!! sheft il screen wella sa7 ilraqam 777!!!!! ANYWAYS getla fey 7adith in (area name) my name (my name) is and thats my mobile number. fa please hurry up, ok? ok.. ne6arna lai il 7:19pm daggait, NO ANSWER!!!! dagait NO ANSWER!!!!!!!! i called my baby brother o yalley o il dawreya ma ewsalat!!! .. i called them again 7:45pm ALO ANA SARLEY FATRA NA6RA PLEASE WAIN DAWREYATKOM???? gal il ekhet (flana il flaney)?, baghait agola YES MR. SHARLEK’HOMZ THATS ME! DUHHHHHHHHH.. huh, faj`a gal ba7awlich 3ala AMN il 3asma, SHAKO!!! anyways 7awalney, alo law sama7t sarley sa3a ella rub3 na6ra o ana ib man6aqa dakheleyya ya3ni shda3wa hal wakt kella an6er dawreyaa??? faj’a wela tosal il dawreyya waray, getla khalas shokran AKHERAN ewsalat! min il 6:50 lai il 7:50, 1 HOUR 3ashan dawreya?

ok ok ok ok ana rathya an6er .. bas il MOSHKELA 777 ma yereddoooooooon LAISH??? ok ok ok ok ham ana raathyaa adeg 3alaihom lamma yesheeloonaa! bas laish lamma il mowathaf yeqarrir yesheela, yegol HAAAAAAAAA?????? , 3afya  3afya,  WHATS THAAAAAAAAAAAT!!

moral of the story? irteqa’ il OMAM ib irteqa’ sher6at’ha! ;D

Welcome to my world!

24 07 2007

Hello, and welcome to my space, this is my 1st baby blog that I have just created it. ya3ni I’m a new blogger, my space will be about everything. “everything that i like“. have fun 🙂