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24 07 2007

33. I’m in love with SPIDERMAN!

34. I’m wearing jeans and it’s 12:56am. ;D

35. I want to learn sign language.

36. I hate Pajero. (no offense)

37. I hate Jabriya It’s always crowded wa3! (ham no offense) ;D

38. I have a very good memory =]

39. I love RED nailpolish.

40. I wear a life-jacket. (YUP I CAN’T SWIM) ;D

41. I always see the time as >> 01:01 – 02:02 – 03:03 – 04:04 – 05:05 <<  etc. weird moo?

42. amoot 3ala Pizza Qaysar!

43. I love love love love MANGO KDD.

44. 7addi I’m addicted to NUTTTELLLA!!

45. I’m secretive.

46. I love solving problems.

47. I don’t drink liban. I hate it.

48. I love the story of beauty and the beast.

49. I cook in ramadhan.

50. my blood type is o+.

51. I hate 4th ring road.

52. They always say that I’m strong in persuasion.

53. I love to deal with people in different moods.

54. My father wanted me to be a dentist.

55. I hate ringtones.

56. I want to be a 7ajiyya! 

57. I love to play football with my brother.

58. I like Street Fighters!

59. a7eb il sanafir!

60. I went to the entertainment city in 1989.

61. I can’t drive slowly.

62. I hate apple pie.

63. I came from a very good/nice family.

64. I love collecting coins.

.. To be continued ..




2 responses

9 12 2007

enty wanasa 🙂

10 12 2007

LOL thank you =~]

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