outkasty in 100 points! :P

24 07 2007

65. I don’t have a problem in showing my feelings. I cry/love/hug/kiss at anytime i want.

66. I love making my parents happy.

67. I can SMS and drive in speed 160.

68. I can eat pizza for breakfast.

69. I hate magazines.

70. I love reading the dictionary.

71. I hate Krispy Kream donuts.

72. I get scared when i see a picture of a lizard! WE3

73. I hate the smell of sheesha.

74. I respect every girl that finds her self pretty without make up.

75. I think people with less-confident don’t mind doing plastic surgery.

76. I don’t know how to eatΒ “banak and pop-corn”.

77. I hate people who throw garbage outside their car windows/doors.

78. I like to see a man wearing our tradition clothes. “dishdasha and ghitra o 3gaal”

79. I love high-school memories.

80. I love machboos deyay!

81. I hate junk food.

82. I love Sudoku.

83. I clean my room by myself.

84. My fav show is Seinfeld.

85. I think Hayfa Wahbe is the ugliest women on earth.

86. I believe that time can make small things very precious.

87. I hate diamonds.

88. I love sport-chic style. It’s a total ME!

89. I ignore people who make fun on others.

90. Noises makes me nervous.

91. Women who talks loudly scare me.

92. I started to be a business girl when i was 6 years old.

93. I love to see happy couples.

94. I hate the idea of spending $$$$ for a wedding party. It’s silly.

95. I’ve always wanted to wear glasses.

96. I love numebrs.

97. e7em adri weird bas abi ejabsoon eedii

98. I love to check my sent messages.

99. If i decide to do something. I do it. no one can stop me.

100. I say : I’m done ;D




17 responses

25 07 2007

elaine.ess : 3adi ante7er min il khoof ;D

25 07 2007

min kither ma a7ib seinfeld ismee elaine.ess πŸ˜› o ur scared min 9war lizards? 3ayal lo shiftay lizard 9ijee jidamich? :p

29 07 2007
Weld El-ma6aba

The taben etjabsen edech is weird.. but whats even wrose it the fact that I want that too πŸ˜› it has been a dream ever since i was a kid πŸ˜›

29 07 2007

Weld El-ma6aba : LOL! yup le’anna eshaweg! o abey rab3i yewaq3oon 3al jebs, a7is wanasa =~~]

18 09 2007

u hate liban? :r r u kuwaiti? :=p j/k eheh

18 09 2007

EarthQuaker : lol 7elwa minik =p

20 10 2007

85. I think Hayfa Wahbe is the ugliest women on earth.

LOL. I feel the same exact way. Madri lesh 5abeena feha. Chenha sa7ra, ib both make-up w without make-up. Yabela na7thif lizard ib wayeha, shrayich? πŸ˜€

W about girls who wear too much make-up…. wai3 ma3ay wa7da kanat bil college, 7eta ib rmo’6an FULL make-up, mo ay make-up.. make-up 7anan Dashti b3ad! Mara she was absent, I asked her friends lesh. Galaw ma medaha it7e6 make-up. She wakes up at 5AM everyday it7e6 make-up. Wai3 mako sho’3ol!

20 10 2007

Perfecty : LOOOL OK! bs ib-shar6, intay ta7thefeen il lizard, khobrech ana khawafa lol πŸ˜›

abbaih! LOOOL min seejha?? hathey lamma tosal 40 ra7 tente7er mn il jeker πŸ˜›

22 10 2007

yimkin 10 similar points all in all hehe

how can u hate liban? ;|

and min galich hayfa isn’t 40 already

22 10 2007

EniGma : wain il similar :s

How can you drink it? =/

and who told you that I dont know that she’s 40 already? πŸ˜›

11 11 2007

What a unique idea … Lovely C.V
also nice work u did till now .. try to keep it up


21 11 2007

VHB : A C.V 7etta wa7dah??!! LOL πŸ˜›

thanks =]

4 12 2007

67. I can SMS and drive in speed 160.

Thats just BAD! bad, bad girl :Pp~

4 12 2007

Midoe : lol I’m not bad I just know how to manage things while driving πŸ˜›

4 12 2007

Midoe : lol I’m not bad, I just know how to manage things while driving πŸ˜›

5 12 2007

Ya ana! Qeyada! ;P

25 11 2009

Nice list , nearly we are the same …

Good to know that i`m not the only one in this country have these “characteristics”

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