Job Interview =’[

15 08 2007


I have a Job interview @ 9:30am. This is not my first job interview, but this is considered as one of the most important interviews. I couldn’t sleep well “which is normal”. I’m trying to replace the negative feeling and thoughts. huf allah karim =[

Job Interview Tips :

Don’t chew gum, “or eat garlic beforehand”. LOL

Wear suitable interview clothes.

Take copies of your CV with you.

Arrive on time for your job interview.

Any applications handed before the interview begins, are to be filled in as accurately as possible, make sure they match the

information in your Cv and Cover Letter.

Always greet the interviewer by his/her last name and try to pronounce it correctly.

Have a good firm handshake.

Look alert and interested. Scan the room once and then keep your eyes on the interviewer.

Wait until you are offered a chair before you sit down.

Stress your achievements.

Always conduct yourself professionally and if something beyond your control occurs, show a sense of humor.

Be enthusiastic and show it in your replies and body language.

Answer the interview question by more than a simple yes or no but try not to go over the 60 second limit.

Avoid at all cost complaining about your current or former employer in your job interview.

Do not raise salary discussions on your first interview. (this is usually done on the second interview)




9 responses

15 08 2007

ohh goodluckk!:)
a7es job interviews are fun ;P

15 08 2007

best of luck 😉

15 08 2007

Good luck! 😮

15 08 2007

Good luck in the interview…. most important tip is to be confident answering. Give straight and clear answers; talk about facts not theories.

16 08 2007

i hope u did great on that interview, yeah i hate this kind of feelings which makes us think all over the night all cuz of interview and u can hardly sleep the night…

dont worry baby you got a sleeping giant within you who can do anything and become anyone, and you can awaken this giant and unleash the potential power Enshalah ^-^

thanks for the interview tips..
u have a wonderful site.. keep the good work ^-^

17 08 2007

waiih mako ila el 3afya… just look pretty:P

19 08 2007

Cool! All the best 😉

19 08 2007

aham shay koni wathqa men nafsej, o etha shay ma 3raftee dont say ma a3aref! qoli am able to learn about it.. 6ab3an lazem ykon 3endich m3lomat bsei6a 3an ilmokan eli ray7atla.. good luck inshalla ..

beeh tawni astaw3eb mqabltich ilyoom .. anyway yemken yfedich hal klam in future inshalla .. 🙂

10 09 2007
Blue Dress

Seriously , your making yourself more nervous by writing so many guids!

just be yourself. and act cool….
overdoing will ruin it for you.

i mean thats what i used to think you truly dont need it.


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