Ramadhan Quiz! #3 – Update: (Solved) **NO points**

29 09 2007

Update: Please find the correct answers in RED 

*Please answer the follwing questions by yourself. Ignore the question incase of not knowing the answer.  I’ll trust each one of you.=]

yallah bismellah 😛

Question No.1 – How old was our Prophet Mohammad (ASWS)  when his mother died? (10 points)

A) 7 years old

B) 6 years old

C) 5 years old

Question No.2 – In which battle was the Prophet’s (ASWS) uncle Hamza killed? (10 points)

A) Khandaq

B) Badir

C) Ohud

 Questoin No.3 – Who was called pure (al-6ahirah)? (10 points)

A) Khadijah

B) Hafsah

C) Aishah

 Questoin No.4 – Who was called mother of the poor (Um-elmasakeen)? (10 points)

A) Um-Salamah

B) Zainab Bint Khuzaimah

C) Khadijah

Question No.5 –  What was the first sourah (سورة) to be revealed completely? (10 points)

A) Al-baqarah

B) Al-fati7ah

C) Al-ekhlaas

 Question No.6 – What is the smallest sourah (سورة) in the Qura’aan? (10 points)

A) Al-kawthar

B) Al-ekhlas

C) Al-fati7ah

Question No. 7 – In what direction do Muslims circumblate (make 6awaaf) around the Kaa’abah? (10 points)

A) Clockwise

B) Anti Clock-wise

Question No.8 – al-7ajj was ordained  in the …? (10 points)

A) 6th yr of hijrah

B) 10th yr of hijrah

C) 9th yr of hijrah

Question No. 9 – What battle that is called in the Qura’aan as the day of Furqaan? (10 points)

A) Badir

B) Khandaq

C) Hunayn

Question No.10 – The one who killed Umayyah in the battle of Badir is .. ? (10 points)

A) Bilal

B) Hamzah

C) Abu Bakir

Good luck! =]
please please please use your brain and don’t cheat =/


Congrats! Babroook to all of you!. You all did great 😉

Dear all,

I wanna be fair with everyone. I thought of this quiz to help you refresh your memory. Points in this quiz is just a way to help you know how many correct answers you got.  I hope everyone understands my point ^_^ wa shokran 🙂


Random Questions

28 09 2007

Please answer the following questions : (BY YOUR SELF pweaze)

1. Are you Muslim?

2. How do you explain the wars that have been caused under the name of Islam?

3. How do you determine right and wrong?

4. Have you ever hurt someone? If yes, what did you do?

5. To those who celebrate on Valentine’s Day. Do you know why do they celebrate on Valentine’s? (after knowing and answering this question, are you going to celebrate VD again?) Story

6. Trust, define it.

7. How can you be sure that you really love someone?

8. Do you want to get married? If no, why?

9. Do you suffer? If yes. What’s the meaning of suffering?

10. Pick one. Car/Baby/Chocolate

11. What was your GPA in high school? 😛 lol


yallah listen to “Someday by Nickelback” me love =’]

My “Magic Diary” is Capable to bring your memories back! ;D

26 09 2007

I keep things! akhhhh ya ziman =P


 ba7i6ich bil mat7af il atharey 😛


Is it only me? or everyone used to use it for chatting with their cousins/brothers

I used to write my diaries =[ 7asafah, it’s dead =/ does anyone know if the data is still there??

.. yalah share your memories 😉 

Ramadhan Pic-Quiz! #2 (Solved) **Points are carried over**

25 09 2007

Hello cotton-ball =P


Where is my cotton-ball ?! =(


The cotton-ball is under one of the above mugs.

Columbus or Patchi??  (left = patchiright = columbus)

*Please note that you have only ONE chance, so give ONE straight answer.

Good luck! =)


The cotton-ball is under COLUMBUS’s mug.




Blue Dress


Yippieeeeeeee!!  BaBroooooooooooooooooooooooook to the winners! =]

Points update :

iNoor 10

Chikapappi 10

Blue Dress 10

N. 10

Good luck guys in the next Quiz =P

Note : Points count starts from 10

ANNOUNCMENT : The winner is the one who gets the highest points/scores, fa there will be only 1 winner. The winner will get his prize and it’s a 3eediya of K.D 50. o salamatkom =] 

Baby Beyounce & Taekwondo Baby LOOOOOOOOOOOL

24 09 2007

cute! lool

scary! LOL

Once upon a time! LOOOL

22 09 2007

Today after al-3isha prayers my cousin called, she wanna celebrate her 3eeD-Milaaad, so she decided to pick me in her NEW car and offer me “McFlurry” from McDonald’s. (she’s generous)

@ 9:30PM exact, my cousin arrived. We went to McDonald’s al-nuzha (naksir il kha6ir) lol =~~) so, we ordered 1 McFlurry (for me) and 1 Applepie (for her).

NOW, the story begins.

Poor ana : Happy 24th birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaay *cousin*  mabrouk 3al sayarah! allah ya36eech min khairha oo yekafech sharha inshallah =~]

Birthday Girl : Thanks 😉 *WARNING* IF you drop the McFlurry in my car, I’LL KILL YOU!

Poor ana   : I’m not a baby tara, bs Inshallah =]

…. 10secs,  suddenly my McFlurry slipped from my hands 😉




Poor ana : MAGDAAAAAAR!! etha nathafta raaaa7 ye6eee7 3al kishin LOOL =[~~

…. fa Birthday Girl opens the light maskeena she wanted to make sure that nothing happened to her car lool, ilmohem she parked in a place in damascus st. near (alma6afi), she parked so that i can clean myself outside the car

…. ana nizalt min il sayara, 3aad HNEEEE SIJ the story begins LOL!

Poor ana : abbaih 7abebty entay asfa asfa wallah mo qasdi bs ashwa ma sar shy ib sayartich, bs 6aa7 3ala hdoomeey 

Birthday Girl : ashwaaa lool

fa during that time i was cleaning myself min il vanilla ice-cream … faj’a, 4 SEYAYEEER SOUDA GMC .. nas isfe6aw warana o nas isfe6aw yamna, faj’aaaaa chan te6la3 naghma moseqeya jameela 3ibara 3an hirin il maba7eth *6ooooooooooooolloooooooooooooooo6* a7ad may3aref sot il hirin mal il maba7eth? =] .. sota yekhari3 3araftoh? 3aaad ilmohem, il 4 seyayeeer kelhom ifta7aw il flasheeraat malat il dawreeya (il a7mar oo il azrag) .. ib hal wagt, ana o bint 3amy wayehna saar 3ibara 3an 3alamat istefham 😉 .. ehney enzelaw il reyayeeeel o ana galbi 6aa7 ib ba6ney min il khof chan ag3ad bil sayara LOL 7addi superman min il quwwa elli feeeni

FBI : ilhaweya min fathlech

Poor ana : “.. nizal 3alay futhool mamZoja ib quwwa”  .. laish?

Poor ana : tara ga3da anathef hdomey min il ice-cream *shof*, ooo tara tawna saf6een ma sarlina dgega! intaw yeetaw bser3a *lol*

FBI : shme3na wigaftaw ehney ?

Poor ana : hatha shari3 dimashq sa7?

FBI : “..mu 3ajba” sa7

Poor ana : o shfeh hal mukan etha sefa6na feh dgega?

FBI : ya rait ma tasfe6on ehne mara thanya

Poor ana : Inshallah

FBI : mashkoreen o ya rait law t7arkon il7een

…. 3ad ana ehney ham baghait agola laish? LOOOOOOOL .. il7emdellah rabbkom sitar o ma sa’altah, oo 6ab3an my cousin didn’t say a word! lol her 24th birthday mara7 tinsah 6oul 3omerha 3ogob hal mawqif ilta3eees =~~]

Ads Waaawyyyyyyyy!

20 09 2007

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seyammaN maqboolaN wa if6araN shaheyyaN =]