Because I care ;D

10 09 2007

First of all, WELCOME BACK MY BLOG =~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[

Second of all, la7thaw enna emsawween upgrade o 3ashan chethey my blog kan waggif o lamma radliy bloggy, la7thaw enna they have deleted almost madri cham POST LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

fa bima enny ahtam feekum o ib se7atkom fa gilt ansa7kom nasee7a,,
La77777777777777ad yefakkir ib .. tara garadat ildenya feehom lool

7addi minsadma o 6ab3an theba7t’hom emails.. faa now bashof shino qessat il delete =]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

.. to be continued




6 responses

10 09 2007

ta3azye el7arra :p

11 09 2007

Sarah : LOL thanks =p

11 09 2007

first i feel really sorry about what happen to u in mytypes blog.

but to be honest, a7sanlich u moved to wordpress
looks like ur looking for more themes in wordpress check this site

7ata ana am using wordpress in my domain ^-^

11 09 2007

Un533N : uh! thank you very much so sweet of you!

11 09 2007

weeheehee welcome back girl *hugs*

you should try wordpress(.org) cuz it rawks đŸ˜‰

12 09 2007

iNoor : 7abebti thanks :*

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