Ramadhan = Key To Good Health

13 09 2007


قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم : صوموا تصحوا

Fasting has it’s advantages from the point of view of health. Islam wants Muslims to be healthy, clean, alert, and energic. Today, doctors acknowledge the many benefits of fasting that ensure health and the soundness of one’s body and mind. Some of these positive points have a direct influence on psychology and physique of the fasting individual.

Ramadhan advantages are too many to be counted. Blessings are given by Allah to the fasting Muslims, who are to fast with full faith and expectation.

قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم : من صام رمضان ايمانا و احتسابا غفر له ما تقدم من ذنبه   

Some of fasting benefits :

1. Accepting little things

2. Self control

3. Self education

4. Self evaluation

5. Self discipline

6. Avoiding anger/stupidity/munkarat


In Ramadhan I always .. :

1. Spend more time in reading Islamic book

2. Read Quraan daily (khatmah)

3. I avoid watching TV, It’s better to do something useful in Ramadhan (It’s only 1month in every year)

4. Visit my grandmother daily.

5. Before going to bed I evaluate myself (It became a habit now)


I love my religion =)




11 responses

13 09 2007

barak allah feeki sheikh q80ya 😛 – la seriously, good work girl & keep it up…

13 09 2007

it loves u too

14 09 2007

heythere maboook 3aleech il shahr. love you ramdan program mashalla.. inspired to do my own.

++ i love my religion too…how lucky are we!!

14 09 2007

Yeah yeah. We hear that every year. But then I drive to my family house and I find my self in a racing field. Everyone flashing their lights driving full speed as if he can’t wait 2 extra minutes to break his fast!

I love my religion. My problem is with how people live it ;/. People talk about fawazer, series, 6ragat is a must. One point a shy guy would say “Hey, did you know it’s easy to get God’s forgiveness also?”

Thanks for the post and all best luck for all in this month.

14 09 2007

Chikapappi : lol eey Very.Q8ya AKA Sha3rawiya =p thanks!

um-mit3ibb : i love my religion and i love you :*

fashionista : 3alaina o 3alaich dear 🙂 3ad tell us about your daily prog in Ramadhan 3ashan nistfeed minch 😉 and thanks for passing by! 🙂

Bashar : I believe that our decent religion is innocent from what ppl r doing, they’re not ruining the image of islam but the image of theMselves.
heheh lol th7aktni =p! 3yal then u should go to your family house arlier, thats the only way to avoid ilsibaaq =| ..thank you so much

14 09 2007
Blue Dress

yeah i agree with bashar. and also if we’re only doing it this month what about the rest of the year all that you worked hard for in one month will fade.

so you should do all these things around the year as well 😉

taqbal allah, goodluck! :0)

14 09 2007

Blue Dress : sa7 kalamich 🙂 for me, il7imdllah am following the same prog except #3, I’m addicted to TV after Ramadhan =p
bs I felt like sharing my prog with others 😉 In Ramadhan الحسنه بعشر أضعافها, It’s a chance for us! we might not live till next Ramadhan 🙂 o 3asa allah yetqabbal!

14 09 2007

Yezach Allah khair. Taqabal Allah mena o menech 🙂

14 09 2007

N. : Ameeen 🙂
thanks for passing by 🙂

14 09 2007

3aleina wo 3aleich 😉

1 11 2007

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