15 09 2007
Your Hair Should Be Blue

Wild, brilliant, and out of control.
You’re a risk taker with an eye to the future.

What’s Your Funky Inner Hair Color?


You Are Not Scary

Everyone loves you. Isn’t that sweet?

How Scary Are You?


You Are Spider-Man

Quick and agile, you have killer instincts (literally).
And that kind of makes up for the whole creepy spider thing.

What Superhero Are You?

You Have Fantastic Karma

You are a kind, sensitive, and giving person.
And all your good deeds will pay off – if they haven’t already.
But you’re not so concerned with what you get in return anyway.
You have an innate caring nature – and nothing can change that!

How’s Your Karma?


In a Past Life…

You Were: A Gentle Warrior.Where You Lived: Thailand.How You Died: Buried alive.

Who Were You In a Past Life?

ke7em BURIED ALIVE!!! =[

Take the test and share your result! 😉




10 responses

15 09 2007

How’s ur karma :
In general, you like to do the right thing when it comes to others.
Your caring personality really shines through.
Sure, you have your moments of weakness – and occasionally act out.
But, all in all, you’re karma is good… even with those few dark spots.

in a past live:
You Were: A Charming Despot.

Where You Lived: West Africa.

How You Died: Hung for treason

aham shay you lived in west africa lol thx!

15 09 2007
Blue Dress

Aywaaa thanks for the linkS
i only know the first test.

Time to waste time!

15 09 2007

I liked that site, very interesting stuff =PPPP
thx 4 sharing

15 09 2007

dalooom : lol! africa akshaakh mini ana thailand 3ind lizhaiweya =[ bs 3aad aham shay how u died LOOOOOL

Blue Dress : most welcome dear! 3ad share your results especially the last test 😛

Kuwaitizen : glad you like it! 🙂 u welcome bro

16 09 2007

A Thai Gentle Spiderman Warrior with blue hair? lol. :p

16 09 2007

hehehehe Intersting walah !

Very nice :p thanx sis

16 09 2007

some of the tests start getting really silly :p shinu your hair should be blue? :p

16 09 2007

N. : ehehehe 7addi unique creature lol 😛

Selezya : anytime dear 🙂 : eheheh it’s fun 😛 and btw, colors has a meaning =]

16 09 2007

I did the first one too, turns out am also loved by everyone 😉

16 09 2007

Chikappapi : everyone loves that little super cute grl ^_^ wachallim!

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