What’s the use of crying if nobody’s listening?

19 09 2007


Deema puts her head under her pillow, her fingers in her ears, her chest was shaking and her heart was beating so fast. Under the pillow she cried as loud as she could, even if nobody was listening. She cried because it was better to listen to herself crying than hear that terrible noise, and when she was too tired to cry, she fell asleep.

The next morning, Deema didn’t feel so well, She had a big pain in her chest and it was hard for her to breathe. So, She felt like skipping work.

Suddenly Deema’s mother came in to wake her up…

Mother :  Deema wake-up. It’s 7:15am. 

Mother :  … You’re not crying, are you?

Deema :  No. I’m not crying.

Mother :  You haven’t been fighting, have you?

Deema :  Fight? ……. No everything is fine. I’m a bit tired I didn’t sleep well last night.

Mother :  Uh. Don’t tell me you were using that piece all night *points at the laptop*

Deema :  No.. It’s not because of the internet

Mother :  I see. *leaves*

 Deema’s now back to her own world. Deema is 21 years old. She’s innocent, funny, generous, creative, friendly, she’s one of a kind. That little girl suffered alot for many years. Only God knows her secrets. She knew things that she shouldnt be knowing; at the age of 14 she knew that her elder sister have many boyfriends. She tried to stop her, but she couldnt. One day, her elder sister was telling her that my boyfriend’s friend saw you in the resturant and he seemed to like you. He asked for your number and I gave him your mobile number. Deema was in a deep shock!

Deema : OMG!!! How could you! How could you do this to your own little sister!!

Sister : Hey! It’s not a big deal! You’re 14 now, It’s normal that you attract boys

Deema : I attract them FINE, but why would I talk to them!!!??? I don’t need and want/need a boyfriend.

Sister : You’ll end up alone

Deema : STOP IT! you’ll ruin your reputation!. If you don’t care about yourself, think about me! I’m your little sister!

Sister : What did i do? You made me look like a criminal!

Deema : You don’t look like one. YOU ARE!

Sister : No wonder no one likes you.

Deema : FYI. I’m happy the way I am. I don’t if they like me or not, atleast they respect me.

Sister : You’re faking it 

Deema : One day u’ll regret it. and If that guy called on my mobile. I will tell my mother everything

Sister : Don’t worry. I will tell him my sister is a monster, so that he wont call you


.. That was the beginning of her sorrow. Deema was very sensitive and caring, but life didn’t treat her the way she deserves to be treated. Life didn’t give the poor girl a rest …

sometimes they shout and hit you when you havent done anything at all, and sometimes when you’ve done hunderds of naughty things, they don’t even notice.

Yemkin to be continued mo akeed =] 

seyam maqbool wa if6ar shahhy





13 responses

19 09 2007

poor Deema, what a wonderful story, has a big meaning, you many, as you said, when someone have done many of naughty things they don’t even notice, but that’s not right, at this time, if you do naughty things, you’ll get respect ! as for us men, no one get respect if he was fighting people who called (5erfan) !! i mean, if i adviced my friend to stop talking to girls, the first thing he will think about is that i’m NERD, not a friend who want something better for him…
5aleeha 3al allah, please, keep posting the story 🙂 we want the second episode !

19 09 2007


19 09 2007


19 09 2007


Deema is over sensitive, she should stop taking everything so seriously.. She could enjoy her life without going the wrong way, i.e. like her sister… 🙂

19 09 2007
Blue Dress

Very interesting, is that a true story?

19 09 2007

iBader : lol! wannastniii! 3ad madri feh aw la’ 3ala 7asab 😛

um-mit3ib : OK MIN 3YOOONI LIMRAKEBA @@ lol chenna ana gathba ilwekala wana madri =[

Chikapappi : its nice to have diff points of view .. uh and 7adda AWWWCH! t3awir ilgalb lol

Blue Dress : wannasteeni! lol .. bs its from my imagination

20 09 2007

Most of the time, stories are taken from one’s/others’ experiences.

20 09 2007

Carlsb3rg : It’s good to know that my imaginary story looks real, thanks again 🙂

20 09 2007

Oooh 😦

*gives Deema a candy*

20 09 2007

iNoor : way wanaasa lol! t7aseseny enna chena sij … thanks :*

15 10 2007

poor deema :(…. la plz continue ilqi9a!!!

15 10 2007

zia : LOOOL!!! awwwch thanks! 😛 wanasa ya3ni you think ra7 owsal mowaseel Najeeb Ma7footh one day?? 😛

16 10 2007

no problem 😉 lol wallah jayiz il9ara7a!!!

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