Ads Waaawyyyyyyyy!

20 09 2007

*Creativity for Dummies. Design sport event logo in 4 easy steps : 

1. Visit logo designer website 

2. Save one logo you like

3. Play with the colors

4.  Add one football!

Vooooooooiiiiiiilaaaaaaaa .. a one fancy logo!



*Real Creative Ads

 1.Safeguard deodorant


2. Watch around water (scary)


3. Ariel


4.   Fitness Company


5. United Associated Photographer LOL!


seyammaN maqboolaN wa if6araN shaheyyaN =]




20 responses

20 09 2007

The First Image Ashkara BOQA HA !
i liked the Fitness Bag !! look awesome ! and watch around water, it’s scary for real !!! very creative ads !! keep it up 🙂

20 09 2007

khooosh ads!!!! ilsafeguard o ilAriel so creativeee

20 09 2007

LOL! Those are so nice 🙂

20 09 2007

iBader : eey! ashkara boug! =/ .. ma yet3alemooon (3arab) =[

dalooom : aham shay enhom e3jebook ya life-saver 😛

Chikapappo : 7ad’hoom 😉 especially the last one lol

20 09 2007
Blue Dress

maybe its a 9idfah! ;p

20 09 2007

la tboog la 5taf :\

20 09 2007

Blue Dress : rubba sudfah khayrr min alf mee3aad 😛 jayiz! bs ma a3tiqid 😛

MsLoaLa : exactly =/

21 09 2007
Deera Chat Family

the first one man … 7ada mada boqa

21 09 2007

it’s strange since they do a lot of amazing stuff in the UAE i don’t know why they stole that logo 😡 it’s a shame wallah, the other ads are really cool 😀

21 09 2007

موقع عجبني 🙂

روحه حلوة .. و ماشالله مبدع

إلى المزيد إنشالله من المواضيع الشيقة أكثر

عجبني .. شعار أبوظبي للكرة 🙂

21 09 2007

Good catch 🙂

21 09 2007

Deera Chat Family : LOL 7elwa 7ada mada 😛 ee wallah 7ada mada boga 😛 thanks for the visit 😉

outlaw : 3aad min zeen il logo illi bagouh lol eyeeb il yahad =/ thanks for passing by 🙂

بوصالح : mashkoooooooor wayyyied ya bu-sali7 min 6eeeb aslik wallah 🙂 شكرا على المرور

3baid : yup 😉

21 09 2007

@ Logos:
One time I met a designer who works in freelance logo design here in Kuwait. He told me he has a book of around 7,000 logos and he uses it for reference. He sees something already been done, alter it a bit, change the colors, add little touch-ups and its done to be sold between 100-1000KD. Imagine that. :/

As a client I would ask the one who’s designing my logo that if I ever find out that my logo is not innovated from scratch and I found his reference, like the one you caught in here, I would disregard his logo and take back my money.

@ ads:
Creative indeed. Drowning child looks amazing!

21 09 2007

lol! Very cool! The water one is freaky, I wonder how the kids feel about it!!

21 09 2007

MacaholiQ8 : atleast he’s honest lol! 😛

N. : look at the poor little kid and u’ll know =[

21 09 2007

love the “Watch around water” ad .. very scary very creative 😛

21 09 2007

Razz : eeey! tkharri3 =[
thanks for the visit sis 🙂

21 09 2007

yeah … stealling and modifying logos has become quite common now days.. they should have a logo cop to look around and check for authencity.

21 09 2007

Rayboy : lol great idea =p but i think they wont be able to catch them =/ anyways, enjoy the real creative ads 🙂

23 09 2007

They once wrote about that stolen logo in Al-8abas (if I’m not mistaken). LOL, 7adda ay shay 😀 and as Rayboy said, it’s something common now o lelasaf nobody will do something about it here.

And hey, I really enjoy those AUH-SUM ads 😀

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