My “Magic Diary” is Capable to bring your memories back! ;D

26 09 2007

I keep things! akhhhh ya ziman =P


 ba7i6ich bil mat7af il atharey 😛


Is it only me? or everyone used to use it for chatting with their cousins/brothers

I used to write my diaries =[ 7asafah, it’s dead =/ does anyone know if the data is still there??

.. yalah share your memories 😉 




31 responses

26 09 2007

Hehehe Sheno Hatha ? <– mo commenty enough to Prove ena not oold wayed ? im 19 o shwayya !!

26 09 2007

O.o I thought about this a couple days back trying to remember what it was called lol think everything should be there if you add new batteries to it

26 09 2007

that’s olllllllllld!

26 09 2007
Blue Dress

What is that.@@ i dont think i was born yet…

26 09 2007

Me : it’s the Magic Diary, ask your eldest brother/sister 3anha 😛 o goleley shra7 yegolonlich! 😛

TAT : lol good i posted abt it today 😛

Chikapappi : yeah! it’s one of my antiecs 😛

Blue Dress : lol! omg! la 3ad am not that old =F

27 09 2007

I blogged about this too: Look! 🙂

27 09 2007

galabtay mawaje3 eheheh, lail7een athker elda3aya malatha ely two guys and two girls ydezoon 7ag ba3a`9 msgs’s lol , oo kan 3endy wa7da bas mo like urs mine was the grey one :r i wonder if anybody knows it eheheh

27 09 2007

OMG I had one too! I just used it to make faces for my non-existent contact list 😦

27 09 2007

btw There is no one Called Older daaan meee :@ aw atleast I dont call Any by Dat :Pp!
<– now im yahel sej lol !

abwt el diary .. et-thakart-haaaaaaaaaa 😀 .. kent kela ashof-ha emga6e6a eb sallat al3abna
m3a el al3ab el mkasera =P … evil ?

27 09 2007

3baid : and i still remember my comment on that post 😛

EarthQuaker : way il grey malat okhoy LOL!

Carlsb3rg : do you still have it?!

Me : 7aram 3alaich! imkasira 3ad! 😦 ee evil! yal devil ! 😛 j/k heheh

27 09 2007

السلام عليكم

أيام المتوسطة .. للآن احتفظ فيها .. و فيها تواريخ و أرقام و مواعيد

ليش تقلبين المواجع ؟

27 09 2007

بوصالح : halla wallah وعليكم السلام والرحمه
LOOOL! take a picture of your magic diary خلنا نشوف مالتك 😛

أسفه اذا قلبت مواجعك lol 😛

27 09 2007

Awal marah asma3 3anah 🙂
bas shaklah kan 5osh gadget!

27 09 2007

Hmm… what do u mean dead? Battery is dead? you can change it. If it’s crashed, check the memory maybe it’s still functioning. not sure how to take it out though. Give a look to the manual

27 09 2007

sha5bareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 😀

27 09 2007

Rekoo : well, I’m mama 3oda who knows abt every old game 😛

Bashar : It doesnt work no more because of the battery =/ bs am hoping that the data will remain there. Thanks!

vixinfatale : ighbaaaaaaaaaaaaar 😛

28 09 2007

The data should be there, try replacing the battery. I had the one where you created faces, that was fun!

28 09 2007

Nope threw it away.

28 09 2007
Wandering Vagabond


28 09 2007

N. : thanks! i’ll keep u updated as soon as i replace the battery 😛

Carlsb3rg : 7asafah 😦 by time old things turns to be precious and “limited” 😉

Wandering Vagabong : OLLLLLLLLD is GOOOOOOOOLD 😛

28 09 2007

omg!!!!!!! sha5baariiiiiiiiiiiii!! i used to have the same color! oo loved making the faces , bas wait ishlon insolif ma3a each other nisait 😛

29 09 2007

Pearls : LOOOOL! wanasa nafs thooqy 😛 .. hmm shlon insolef? shofay il 1st pic, ako fog 3al yemeen morabba3 lona aswad hatha mokan il “infrared” LOL … fa ya3ni lazim etjableeen elli betsolfeen weyyaah 😛

29 09 2007


29 09 2007
29 09 2007

um-mit3ib : it loves you too!

Carlsb3rg : memories make old things precious 😛

30 09 2007

Allaaaaaaahhh …
it reminds me the good days i spend.
I still got my magic diary and still working perfectly ^-^

wayed wayed memo’s inside o wayed 7elwa, and i always draw my family n Friends face’s in it, wallah kanat wayed ayam 7elwa…

baby ur stuff really shaking my memory and almost same as mine…
are you my sister 😛 ? heheh jokin

check out my magic diary !!!

30 09 2007

UnS33N : LOOOOL! aham shay il stickers lol way shakhbaaarrrreee !! 😛 .. LOL dont worry my brother doest have magic diary, kanat 6ofooltah kellha SEGA lool 😛

7 06 2008
The Nokia N800 may deliciously fill some holes in your life | Torley Lives

[…] I haven't owned a PDA-thing since… My Magic Diary!  […]

12 10 2008

it’s been ages since i had mine! my sister the lil shit stepped on it and it was dead 😦

27 10 2009

sell me this! where are you from? if you want to sell this let me know. send me an email.

8 06 2011

I’ve got one too ! . . wel my mom and dad .. but I cant find the right batteries yet 😦

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