Random Questions

28 09 2007

Please answer the following questions : (BY YOUR SELF pweaze)

1. Are you Muslim?

2. How do you explain the wars that have been caused under the name of Islam?

3. How do you determine right and wrong?

4. Have you ever hurt someone? If yes, what did you do?

5. To those who celebrate on Valentine’s Day. Do you know why do they celebrate on Valentine’s? (after knowing and answering this question, are you going to celebrate VD again?) Story

6. Trust, define it.

7. How can you be sure that you really love someone?

8. Do you want to get married? If no, why?

9. Do you suffer? If yes. What’s the meaning of suffering?

10. Pick one. Car/Baby/Chocolate

11. What was your GPA in high school? 😛 lol


yallah listen to “Someday by Nickelback” me love =’]




24 responses

28 09 2007

1- yes
2- 😦 <– like this
3- i dont :p
4- yes, many times, physically or emotionally? physically i once stabbed my frnd with a fork:p emotionally.. well i dunno said something mean;p
5- i guess its cuz they wana show ppl their loved? or wanna show some one how they feel.. i dunno never celebrated it ;p maybe someday!
6- mmm, no questions asked.
7- when u cant stop thinkin about them.
8-someday just not yet, wanna explore the world ;p
9- i guess everyone suffers, oo il meaning is paain and more pain caused by something u cant have.
11-:$ i7im 5alooha mastoora ;p

NICE QUESTIONS BTW!! 😛 oo ana first wohoooooo! ;p

28 09 2007

i Get no 1 a lot . Because i am not muslim its like a minus point , the most intresting conversation could end abruptly …

28 09 2007

I already know the answers! :P~ LOL

28 09 2007

1. Yes I am Muslim

2. Hmm, I do not encourage extreme religion wars or what these fanatics do in the name of Islam

3. Hmm.. I go by my principles – what my parents taught me & what I learned from my experiences

4. Yes I have bas unitentionally – I try to patch things afterwards quickly.. you should have asked, did anyone hurt you

5. because of the priest dude who was tortured & killed – no i don’t celebrate it bas it’s nice to get a rose at least :$

6. When you completly give yourself to your partner with unconditional rules..

7. When I can’t stop thinking of him in everything I do…

8. Yes I would love to! LOL! To have someone next to me, to love & care for me & to have cute babies 😉

9. I suffer alot- suffer mentally from verbal abuse & manipulative people – people who play games with you & your emotions to show that they are better..

10. Chocolateeeeeeee!!

11. Hmm, graduated highschool be 92.5% & Uni. 3.28 🙂

28 09 2007
Blue Dress

1. Yes
3. Right is Right and left is wrong
4. I don’t know. You can never actually know
Unless someone would actually tell you, and obviously ma7ad gali shay

5. Nope. It sucks.
6. When you know that no matter what you are that person will still
Be there for you.

7. You just know. Because it’s not in your brain it’s a feeling
Feelings are from the heart.

9. we all suffer the definition Varies from one to another.

10. Cabachoco.

11. 2.75 and I’m proud.

Nice by the way!

28 09 2007
Blue Dress

SHOTGUN! seriously nice! you should answer as an update.

28 09 2007
Blue Dress

oh okay moderation mind my shotgun!

28 09 2007

is this a tag? or do we just answer here?

29 09 2007

**I’m not gonna re-comment on your answers. I will only comment on your GPA lol**


Pearls : yippiee ur No.1 😛 bs lalala! u missed a question 😛 abi a3arif cham your GPA? 😛 yallah I’m waiting for u to answer! uh and thank u 😉

‘GreY’ : hmm 10 questions remaining 😛

3baid : LOL e7lef? 😛 .. ANSWERS PLEASE! =E~

Chikapappi : WOW! ur hi-skool GPA is mashallah, we have a nerd here 😛

Blue Dress : I’m proud of you 😉 thanks! note: there will be no updates 😛

N. : ke7em.. tag? =E nonono, it’s only random questions. I ask alot lool =]

29 09 2007

1. yup

2. i dont explain it;p

3. my mom taught me;p

4. Duh ? bs madre;p mino aw meta;p

5. they celebrate 3ashan e7eroonnyy ana 6ab3an ;p

6. Trust: family.

7. law imoton … ude be devastated:P

8. madre.. im confused:P

9. Suffering ohwa 3ibara 3an meezan egoly iny samnana;p

10. Chocolate

11. 3.8 BAYBE 😛 .. elooog ? 😛

29 09 2007

1. yup
2. I can’t explain them, cause i’m not into global politics
3. You don’t, society does.
4. yes I did. I ate my friend’s burger 😡
5. LOL yea I know what it is, i don’t celebrate it, ma3ndi luv ;p
6. Trust is when you feel temporary safety towards sharing something with someone
7. The person would be the first thought in my mind, and the last before I sleep.
8. well, not in this moment, but one day, I will. NOT TO YOU OLD PERSON ;p
9. I suffer from loneliness, suffering is when you feel something is wrong or hurts.
10. Baby then Car then Travel
11. 2.13 science

29 09 2007

Feh As2ela i dont feel like ” i Wana answer Them ! ” ..yemken l2na its 8 Am 😛 ? ..

2- I feel disappointed !, if they were mojremeeeeen o qatheyat’hum qatheya thanya ghair el eslam – eli y7arrem haltasarofat o ay yahel yadres bel ebteda2i y3rf ena el e3teda2 3la ay ro7 aw melkeya sawa2 kanat li moslem wela mo moslem ma yjooz ! – Laaaish tetsateroon bel eslaam ?? im asking o sej abii answer ! l2na mashoof hal7araka ta5demhum !! y3ney shawahtaw sooratna eli ehe sorat ahalkom o naskom o 5aletoona 3ertha 7ag el 7rob mn eldowal eli ga3den te3tedon 3leha , inzen o entaw,sh7asaltaaw ??!
((garga sucks lol t3bt ;p !))

3-right : eli asaweeh wana thameerei merta7 w rathya 3n nafsei 100 %
agrab m3na 3ndi lelghala6 : eni asawei shy mo elsal7i When i Can Avoid doin it !

4- enty golaay fe Mara ma Jara7tay a7ad 😛 !? lol i do .. alot 😀 ,bel kalam oo ONLY ((t7t-ha 5a6ain)) ,, when el6araf elthani yestefezni wela lazem yesma3a At that Moment .

5- No I dont ( l2na ma3ndei b.f 😛 ) .. bs atwaqa3 eni would do something nice eb halday mn gher ma ayeeb 6ary hal monasaba aw a3teref feha … y3ne be5tesar ages 3la nfasei ;p

6- Trust ? its the roots for any relationship eb ghath el nethar 3n no3eyat el 3elaqa !! o kon hal jethor qaweya wela th3eefa, qowat el 3elaqa te3temed 3leha 🙂 .

7- 3an nafsei .. elerteya7 el da5elei is a sign , o mn 3gbha LIKING ’em [p.s :In General Mosta7eel a7eb gabel la ykon eli gelta waselnei 😛 ] mn chthe thinkin alot eb person mo meqyas 3ndi..!

8- yeah / No

10 – Chocolate .. B’CUZ its agrab shay i can call it FOOD :p LOL !

11 – 3.22

29 09 2007

um-mit3ib : ma3a ashad i7teramey 7ag 3aqleetich il jabara, bas la’a mayloog lol 😛

Kuwaitizen : kashkha science 😛

Me : so’al, shimga3dich 8:00AM o rmothan o weekend lol?? oo question #8 shino yeah/no? @@ LOL yaa E ya LA’A =E … o gooood ur GPA 3.22, wallah 3indina she66ar 😛

29 09 2007

Madrei tsadgeen 😦 Kela agom mbacher 7ata bel Summer Holiday ! 7 – 8 kelesh kelesh 9 :O ! .. o Etha bas-har , As’har le 12 belel 😛 huhh !

um .. mo num 8 mo7rej :$ ! .. ohwa my answer Yes bas wagt el sejeya i no i’ll say Noh 😛 .. im not ready yet i think :\ !

3.22 she66aar ? u r so nice aked !

29 09 2007

Ok ashwa, I thought I’d have to answer on my blog ;p

1. Yes.

2. In the beginning of Islam, it was because of expansion and because of the way the world worked back then. They needed to establish a stronghold. It was the message, the duty of the first ppl and Mohammad (asws). Now? The wars because of Islam are based on pure ignorance.

3. I evaluate based on what I know from religion, society, and personal experience.

4. Yes, broke up with her.

5. I used to celebrate it, now I don’t care much about it. And I think it is about St. Valentine who married two ppl in a war, or something when the law forbade it? Sa7?

6. Trust is showing your weak points to someone.

7. You can’t be sure. You believe it.

8. One day enshalla.

9. Yes. Suffering is inability to forget and forgive.

10. Car :p

11. 3.25

29 09 2007

1. Yes.

2. Wars?
Early wars: Meant for a cause.
Current wars: Uncalled for.

3. Allah blessed us with a brain. Simply use it to discriminate between what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s not hard to tell when being rational.

4. Many times…
Physically: Fights (back in school).
Emotionally: Bugging someone.

5. I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day.

6. Trust: The will to compromise/grant anything to someone knowing that you’ll never regret doing it.

a) Being able to forgive their wrong acts.
b) Having faith and trust in them.
c) Being loved back.

8. All my life I never thought of marriage in a serious way, that categorizes me under the “unwilling to get married”. Why I’m postponing? Because I’m not ready yet. It is not a game; marriage is commitment, love, pressure, and so much more than man/woman/kids. I still don’t see myself able to handle all that.

9. Suffering: Not being able to become happy no matter what you do.

10. Simple… Car!

11. 2.69 (science)

29 09 2007

btw, that’s my kind of music so I hereby dedicate the next song to ya…

In Loving Memory -by Alter Bridge [download]

29 09 2007

Me : good girl a7san inich ma tes’heren, and yes 3.22 is sha6ra 😛 o 3asa allah yarzigich weld il 7alal illi yestahhlich golay ameeen 😉

N. : eheheh no, i like to ask/create questions =F and there will be an update answer for question #5. and ur GPA is good mashallah 🙂

MacaholiQ8 : I like your answer on question #9. mashallah science mashalla good GPA 😉

29 09 2007

MacaholiQ8 : Thank u 😉 ooo ba3ad i recommend rockstar by nickelback, listen to it, 3ajeeeba 😛

29 09 2007

[audio src="http://www.wanasa.org/01.mp3" /]
Just Like Heaven.

29 09 2007

1. Yeah

2. imho people who fight are losing faith so the only way for them to cling to that last drop of hope is to try and fight for it

3. Whatever feels good at the time

4. Physically or mentally? did both

5. I dont

6. Trust will end in betrayal

7. Some say your heart beats faster other say butterflies in your stomach and keepin up with that tran of thought I say its when your balls tingle, which they dont, but if they did now that love.

8. Not right now, got too much too worry about

9. I would say I’m more of friends with misery

10. Baby

11. 2.45 would’ve been hovering around 3, but at my senior year kinda stopped giving and got 5 F’s since I figured out I would still graduate since I only needed 3 classes anyway the rest where just fillers which I had to take

29 09 2007

Kuwaitizen : Just like heaven! the movie was amazing 😛

TAT : #10 good pick 🙂 F for Fantastic! good luck 😛

29 09 2007

Random first time guest answering random questions.
1. Yes
2. The actions of Muslims should be separated from the religion.
3. If I think it’s right, then it’s right. If I think it’s wrong, then it’s wrong. Simple.
4. I don’t know. I never asked.
5. I celebrate Valentines to remind the people I love that I love them. Sometimes we forget, and the day is there for us to remember. Yes, I will celebrate it again.
6. Being able to say and do anything and everything without being judged and without feeling that you will be betrayed.
7. I’d imagine life without them.
8. If I meet the right guy, why not?
9. Yes. Suffering is the inability to understand.
10. Chocolate.
11. 4.02 (Mashallah;p)

Why these questions?

29 09 2007

Amethyst : welcome to my blog 🙂 by time u’ll get to know me better and u’ll notice that i enjoy asking eheheh 😛 uh mashallah ur GPA is abnormal lol 😛

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