V For Vacation =~]

26 10 2007


I’ll be out of country starting from tomorrow  … =]

 take care all

and INSHALLAH  i will have fun 😛


Cool Ads!

23 10 2007

1. Dental Insurance lol!


2.  V-Kool


3. Drugs Campaign

drugs.jpg  drugs1.jpg

4.  Chilli Sauce LOOOOOL!


5.  Operation-Hunger

operation-hunger.jpg      cart.jpg

6. Nivea Sensitive Skin LOL! 😛


7. Gold’s GYM


8. Olay Skin Care


9. Mini Cooper LOOL! WASALLIM!! ;*


10. Reserved for “Drunkn Drivers” LOL!!!


11. Tebarra3 ib dammik 😛


One word to all these Ads! BRILLIAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT!

I’m Banned from “FaceBook”! LOOL ;D

21 10 2007


A few days ago my dearest blogger friend Blue Dress sent me an invitation to join FaceBook.  At first, when I got the invitation from Blue Dress. I didn’t read the invitation cause I was confused and started asking  “When did i register to FaceBook?!” LOL. I didn’t know that you can invite anyone you know lol. Anyways today, I decided to accept the FaceBook invitation since I’ve received one more invitation from my brother blogger Bo-Saleeh. 😀 

First you should fill the application.  You must write 1. Your “Full nickname” (your full nickname 😛 ) 2. Birthdate,  …. ela akherehhe …

I decided to use my Nickname as a Full name. Since I didn’t take it seriously. And I just wanted to see what FaceBook is all about. Plus the invitations were from my blogger friends. 

elmoheeeem, I wrote Very Outkasty, and completed all the fields and clicked on “Register”  bs it didn’t accept! HA3? @@, hmm I tried again with Very Q8ya, o nafs il moshkela .. I’ve also tried O.u.t.k.a.s.t.y, Outkastish, me Outkasty, V.e.r.y.Outkasty, bs no use. I thought it was an error until i used “Flana Al-Flany” as my full name. and Voiiiiiiilllllllllllllaaaaaa!! sar ma3lom! =|

الأيام بيننا يا هذا lol

 il-zebda?! I think FaceBook emsaween 7amla thiddi 😐 hayhaat ya FaceBook, I’ll deactivate my account HAHAH 😉 

UPDATE:   Open date : 21.10 — Close Date : 22.10 asra3 open/close date bil tarekh 😛

I’m the next “Brave Heart”! LOOOL ;D “Updated”

19 10 2007


We all fear of something! but how do you know that you fear of something? well, I’m here to help you discover your hidden fears. LOL!

The following situations are maybe common, but absolutely not normal : lol

1. If you cant get out of your car just because a CAT is outside near the car close to the baladiya garbage. (I know how you feel lol)

2. If you scream out loud just because a “bobosheera” flying far away from you. (scary things come in small sizes lol)

3. If you take “sleeping-pills” before getting on an airplane. (7altek kha6ra)

There are a lot of situations that people fear of and might may happen in our daily lives. elmohem … 

It’s ok if you have a certain amount of anxiety, and also a small amout of fear is acceptable, BUT If that fear controls your life as I mentioned in the situations above, then you gotta do something about it. 

ke7em ..


I’ve finally decided to face my fears! MY NUMBER ONE FEAR IS THIS ->>> ANIMALS!!! <<<-  LOOOOL.

(fear of animals is something common but in my case? 7altey sa3ba).  For years I’ve had my fear of animals and I didn’t do anything about yet until TODAY MORNING @Idunno:AM. I went with my brother to soug il-7amam and I bought something from there lol! 😛  Guess what did i buy today ?! 😀

HINT : animal (I miss my quizzes) 😛 

I will update later with the picture hahahah 😛 till then, tell me what do you fear the most? 😛

1.UPDATE : sorry for the delay, bs I can’t find my camera LOOOOOOOOOL

2.UPDATE : It’s a “SMALL TURTLE” (mashro3 turtle) LOL! 😛 .. babrook NoNoWa, you guessed it right 😛

image005.jpg       01.jpg

and guess what?? I didn’t touch it =] and I’m VERY afraid to do so 😀 LOOOOOOL!  hatha ya3ni I wanna face my fear 😛 

Have a break Have شادي الخليج

17 10 2007

I can see my uncle 😛 

 aywaaa 😛

Thank you NiceQ8i, Khaled-76, النصر الرياضي

Source : My Imagination =P

14 10 2007


I’m addicted to the internet I’ve been using the internet since 1995. You can say that I’m attached to my computer. It’s my NO.1 item. I’ve been thru the addiction phase where i used to spend more than 7hrs per day in the chat-rooms/e-mails/koutbo6 =p etc.. and thats normal since you can travel anywhere you want thru the internet in one click. 

Yesterday I had this small conversation with my friend. First of all, let me introduce my friend. She is 24 years old and she doesnt have a computer, she thinks that the internet is boring and useless, she thought I only use the internet for chatting (I used to, but not anymore). and whats more important that she’s my best friend 😛 and the conversation goes :

Friend : I wanna tell you something, bs ma et3aybeen?

Me : lol, ma aw3idich, golay?

Friend : okhoy sharaley laptop hadiya

Me : “infejart min il the7ek” LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL .. 6ab3an raa7 TA3A6EENE EYYAH =]

Friend : hatha elly beseer (LOL)


Me : It’s not only for chatting mama, It’s a huge WORLD! You can do whatever you want, bima inich t7eben cinema, 7ejzay bil internet! o bima inich t7ebeen il-hdoom, buy from the internet. It’s a huge WORLD

Friend : If the devil (Iblees) goes to heaven. I’ll use the internet.

Yes. That was my friend not my fahter LOL. and wallah min sijha oo min sijha il sijy that she hates the internet o il computer. mo hatha mawthoo3i, mawthoo3i today. I’ve met a lot of ppl thru the chat-rooms o blogging o etc… When i talk to them or even read their posts. I dont only read the article o ma3a ilsalama, NO.  I read it and i create an image to that person. That image will be built according to the gender and the personality. wallah I dont only look at the screen. I feel like I’m talking to someone. lol 😛

Let me tell you the image that i’ve created to some of you :

 Weld-Elma6aba : good guy, easy going, a7issik my baby brother.  I feel that you’re a facebook addict LOL

 Blue Dress : simple, wonderful, secretive, soft-hearted, love your taste in music 😛 a7is you love Sci-Fi movies 😛

 Chikapappi : down to earth,  hyper,  sweet as sugar. a7issich you love chocolates simply you’re “Chocoholic” 😛

dalooom, salooom & zalooom : helpful, fun. One day you guys will take Starbucks from al-shayyi3 lol 😛

 N. : a good person with a good heart, creative, a thinker, an honest person a7issik always on time o you love elevators LOL 😛

 iNoor : words cant do enough to describe such a nice and amazing girl like you :*

 Purgatory : friendly, good sense of humor

 3baid :  a good guy, ambitious, I feel that you look exactly like the pic in your gravatar lol. a7iss you love SEGA oo Sonic 😛

 Vixen : shy girl, quite, girlish, .. a7issich you love masra7eyat layla wil-theeb 😛

 Mishref : a very nice guy, positive, loves technology and iPhones LOL a7is you love Mishref wayed (7elfay) lol 😛

 MacaholiQ8 : a good teacher and a sheesha’s best friend =|  a7is you love Nissan LOOOOOOL 😛


 … those who made a stong impression, If you have something to add or to remove, feel free to do so 😛

Now, I wanna know what’s your impression about “ME” 😀   

wa shokran  

Happy Eid Al-Futtir! =]

12 10 2007


 تقبل الله طاعتكم

3eedkum Mbarak