4 10 2007

If asked  “What defines a beautiful women?!”  we would have each different story to tell.  For me, a truly beautiful woman is not only attractive on the outside, but also on the inside. a beautiful women is not only admired for her physical appearance, she is admired for her inner qualities. There are many inner qualities, but i see there are three important qualities: 1. Wise  2. Kind  3. Patient. (in that order)

I know some of you might say “outkasty we know that already” While another might ask “why did you choose this topic?”

I was in the Co-Op this morning buying things for fu6oor.  fa while searching for a Dream-Whip for my chocolate cake. I saw a group of girls about 4 ~ 5 girls chenna? ma thabbat!! cause I can only see a group of girls with fully-loaded make-up on their faces! as if there was a wedding party in the jam3iyya, but 3an il 7alal wil 7aram they didnt put lipstick 😉 lol (they respect Ramadhan) 😛  ..  I’m not against light make-up, but girls are overdoing it. seriously, why is make-up so important to them? I bet if i ask one of the girls, how you define beauty? she would say beauty equals make-up!

I started questioning myself. Do they suffer from less-confidence? Does that girl know that her face with make-up is more close to a “clown” than a “beautiful” innocent girl?

What to do? and who’s to blame? girls? parents? media?

Sadly our society is obsessed with the fake beauty. We live in a society that places a high degree of importance on physical appearance. T.V, magazines, movies, all displays attractive people. 

I believe that all woman are gifted. I also believe that any woman can look attractive and beautiful. The main key of womanly beauty is to look feminine. Any woman can achieve this by taking care of herself (body, hair, skin) , a woman MUST look like a woman not like a man.

This is how i see girls with “TOO” much make-up

Before                                                                                        After

 cutey1.JPG               ugly.JPG

lol!  ha which one is better? before or after? 😛 If you need a professional make-up artist, call outkasty on #111111 wa shokran =]

I’m a horrible make-up artist 😛




24 responses

4 10 2007

hahahahahaha the second one is exactly how they look!

4 10 2007

l3abtay eb 7esbat il bent 7raaaaaam 3lech ;P
il7wajeb! loooooooool 9ej al7een wayid bnat habein fehom shelsalfa! meno qa9 3lehom enhom 7elwen! mo kelshay yded 7loo ;\

4 10 2007
Blue dress

The other one picture two looks like me when i was a baby , lol

4 10 2007

yeah believe me, I don’t understand either why girls wear makeup when they look 3782246102846152304 times better without it (exclude Salma 7ayek; she’s ugly both ways)!! XD
wallah I pity them if they think they’re attractive with makeup.

4 10 2007

Holy crap, i HATE those eyebrows!!!

4 10 2007

Purgatory : eey mo gitlek professional make-up artist 😛

dalooom : eey il7awajib chenhom 7awajib “Ibleees” ma3a enni mo shayfeta LOL … 7ad’hom MA’ASAT! 😐

Blue Dress : which one??@@ il “before” or “after”? @@

iNoor : itla7theen shay? they all look the same!!! 😐
and finaalllyyyy someone thinks that Salma Hayik is uglyyy ;DDDD 7abaitich izyada 😛

Swair : eey elaw3oon il chabd! =/

4 10 2007


yeah the clown make up is big in our societ isnt it.

Nearly every society puts emphasis on physical beauty.

the thing is clown make up is NOT in anyway beautiful
it belongs in the circus not the streets

5 10 2007

“why is make-up so important to them?”

I was hoping you would know :/

5 10 2007
Blue Dress

After hahaha

5 10 2007

7aram the little girl 😦

I know that these girls overdo it bas you cannot tell them anything since they don’t listen or a9lan care..

Who’s fault! Well, yeah TV & no parental guidance or even a personality disfunction – like they do this to fill their voids.. allah yahdeehom

5 10 2007

eshda3wa : excellent point, it sounds a lot like the point that i mentioned

3baid : check (eshda3wa, chika, inoor, swair)’s comments, oooo after that y’ll know that WE DON’T HAVE A CLUE! 😛

Blue Dress : YUMMAH! 😛

Chikapappi : amean inshallah! mithil ma giltay mara7 yesmo3on =/

5 10 2007

EXACTLY, the same 9ma5, same eyebrows, same makeup (7anan Dashti’s), same taste in fashion and same style!! yaaaaa Allaaaaaah, I really hate to see them X(

yeah she’s so fugly 😀

5 10 2007

Why are you still up!

5 10 2007

iNoor : lol! poor aliens =\

Chikapappi : I was “girgiring” with my mother lol she just left 😛 what about you? waiting for me to sleep? lol 😛

5 10 2007

ygool EarthQuaker oo EarthQuaker 9adeg =P
ely et7e6 make-up 7ag mokan ghair el3roos or monasaba kbeera hathy ma 3endaha theqa bnafsha oo law etmoot a7san laha because she cant face people without wearing a mask thats called make-up =) oo allah yashfeehum =p

5 10 2007

LOL! nice post wallah! 🙂

hal 7awajeb tsamonhom chinese 9a7? 😛

5 10 2007

EarthQuaker : eey allah yhadeehom 😐

Rekoo : shookraaan 😛 wallah bro madri 3anhom =\ bs i call it “7awajib iblees” 😛

5 10 2007

Regardless of how it looks, i feel sorry for their skin!! All those clogged pores! EW!! how do they “scrape” it off? I feel over done when I wear mascara and lipstick… its good to know someone else feels the same!

5 10 2007

Vixenfatale : they use a “LEEEEEEFFAA” that is made of STONE 6aal 3omrich!!! 😛

6 10 2007
the simper

if i can add.. when someone tries to judge beauty, there are 2 sets of criteria that applies to 2 distinct groupings of people we are judging:

#1.people we know (here applies what u have mentioned, cause we can LIVE and INTERACT with them, ad not just seeing their faces without them opening their mouths and talk n yalk!)

#2.people we don’t know (here only the facial and the looks applies with no regard to what they posses from the inside, just like tv ads, photos, someone we might see for the first time)

without much to add.. i leave it for the people with the FAT minds to decipher the msg 😀

6 10 2007

the simper : you’re 100% right on #1, but what to do? 😐

7 10 2007

khosh mawtho3! I agree, Wise Kind Patient.. does it for me. I prefer I can have someone to talk to than someone to just look at..

7 10 2007

I just think that they have the wrong idea about makeup instead of using it to keep it natural they go the ronald mcdonald route which is funny and I’m like wtf is up with that shit.

someone should tell them if beauty is in the eye of the beholder then they must be blind.

7 10 2007

N. : lol inshallah you’ll find her someday 😉

TAT : lol! why dont you tell them yourself? 😛

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