The Weird Side in ME =]

5 10 2007


 zain laish “شكلاطة” lol?

1. I count the “nuq6a” in the sentences/words that i say during “al-istighfar”, for example : when i say (سبحان ذي الجبروت والملكوت) in my heart i count the “nuq6a”, o feha 11 nuq6a 😛 … etc … (90% weird)

2. I enjoy it when i stop in a red traffic-light cause playing with numbers in (car number plates) is FUN! I must say that am quite obsessed with numbers (40% weird)

3. I only read (al-wafiyyat) in the newspapers. (30% weird)

4. I’m not (mit7ajba) but i dont buy/wear open-shoes i think its 7aram (100% weird)

5. I hate junkfood and i prefer to eat at home, but I love Kababji and JR (JR is fast/junk food :P) (100% weird)

6. I love to mix food, for example : I mix (harees with 3aish), (fries and roub with ketchup) and i find it tasty wallah =| (20% weird)

7. I’ve never owned an (ipod) before, and i will never own one, until everyone stop talking about it =/ (3adi)

8. I’ve never been to marks and spencer/costa/second cup/wasabi/maki/nino/fridays/applebees/divas/starbucks/shino ba3ad habeein feh? (100% weird for a kuwaiti girl) bs bil sij (it’s normal)

I think that’s all!? .. everyone who reads THIS, MUST answer THIS 😛 (either comment/post in your blog) 

Note : please don’t use the word TAG, I hate that word itqith .. use “Weird Things” as a title =“]




37 responses

6 10 2007

and I thought I was weird 🙂 However I do not know what I have to answer?

6 10 2007
Blue Dress

Lool ok that is weird.

bes you need to do some precentage adjustments

ya3ni the 7aram shoes that 110% weird.
Mixing food thats 50 %

lol very interesting girl hehee.

6 10 2007

yal weirdo 😛 – how many points should I have walla kaifi

6 10 2007

i think u should switch the weirdness % on numbers 5 & 6.

the way u feel about ipods is how i feel about facebook 😉

6 10 2007

Your weird side:
4) definitely not logical
7) khalif to3raf
8) Why not?

One of my weird sides:
By heart, I believe in Magic, 7asad, and Jin, but inside my mind, I don’t believe in any of those!!!

6 10 2007

1-أمر أمير الأمراء بحفر بإر في الصحراء فكم نقطة في ذلك؟ 🙂
2- I enjoy the red traffic lights because I enjoy playing around with my phone 🙂
3- sounds reasonable, sometimes you need to know if anyone you know or there relatives is dead , not wierd, but why only this section, there are fun parts to read !!
4- No comment , I mean the least interesting place to look at is the bottom of the feet 🙂
5- —-
6- Lool , as the arabic saying goes, eat what you like and wear what the people like 🙂
7- Why !!!!!
8- You should add Bader Al bodoor to your list , it’s also popular in Kuwait, Gazreeha mat3ab Carary , fool O 6a3miya 🙂

6 10 2007

if ur obsessed with numbers u should read a book called Born on a Blue day.. I bought a couple monthz ago and it was a maqlab.. about a man who’s obsessed with numbers ;P

“I mix (harees with 3aish), (fries and roub with ketchup” laaaaaaaa3 this is weird mo 7looo =[[[[

“I’ve never been to marks and spencer/costa/second cup/wasabi/maki/nino/fridays/applebees/divas/starbucks/shino ba3ad habeein feh? (100% weird for a kuwaiti girl) bs bil sij (it’s normal)”

walla madri shqol men kther il9adma madri ur joking 9a7?!
cuz ma a3tqed ma re7tay nino/fridays/applebees lma kent belhighschool ;\\\\ ” akhaf frankom y9eirlich! LOOOOL!”

kastiyoooo ur big liar ;P~

6 10 2007

Purgatory : Babrook you’re normal 😛

Blue Dress : LOOOL! thank u! 😛

Chikapappi : kaifich 😛

jouda : lol! thank you sooo much 😛 i feel normal 😛

Hitman1 : LOL “khalif to3raf” 😛 It’s a “weird list” fa things shouldnt be logical 😐

Darabeel : #1 wa7da 😛 .. #7 I dunno, I hate it when things become so popular, bs I don’t mind owning a “Bishtakhtah” !! 😛

dalooom : #1 I love numbers moo books about numbers .. #6 try to mix food first oo ba3dain gol mo 7elow =/ .. #8 I’m not kidding 😐 o ba3dain sij inik kuwaity 😛 seems that “the places that i mentioned” SOOO important to you 😛 ana 3ayal law agoollik 3omry ma re7t il bar sheseer feek? lol! 😛

6 10 2007

7aseet o ana aqra elpost ena yadety elly mnazleta ;Pp

6 10 2007

salooom : LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! I’ll take that as a complement 😛 wenni3im ib yaditik 😉

6 10 2007

il places mo eli important important to me bas il wa7ed lazem y`3ayer kella ma7kor bel beit or nafs il amaken yro7laha so il ta`3yer shay zein !! 3la 6ari ilbar yemken hatha normal wayid nas ma yro7oon so 3adi 😉
t3aaali tawni ala7eth SHNOOO MO RAY7A starbucks come on!! shaklich baytotiya!! 😛

P.S chika, blue
ma takhthoon ilbent et6al3ooonha kella ga3da bel beiit walla 7raaam 😐

6 10 2007

dalooom : thats the point that i wanna talk about! tara il kuwait mo bas hal amakin 3ala fikra ya3ni 😛 there are millions of classy/beautiful places out there 😛 .. o hal starbucks elly thabe7ni feeh lol =\ o ba3dain mino starbucks 3ashan ANA aro7la? LOOOL 😛 when my friends and i decide to go out, we choose the right place 😛 lil7een ma habbaitaw feeha 😛

6 10 2007

yalla 3la eidich wein hal million classy beautiful places law las vegas chan aqol eh 9a7 klamich… walla makoo amaken belq8 kella za7ma.. walla before couple days we were counting il amaken eli belq8 nebi en`3ayer eshway makooo ella cham mokan or staying on dewaniya .. “amaken mafeha za7ma o mo heleqiya”

ilstarbucks eli ymayza ildrinks.. mo 3shan everyone hab feh so u think oooh thats haba.. add to that ilqa3da feeh 7elwa bas mo ay mokaan someplaces in kuwait o mra7 aqolhoom mabi y9er b3ad za7maa.. 😛

6 10 2007

where exactly do u go !?!??

6 10 2007

dalooom : tadri wain il moshkela? il moshkela enna inta tgool ennik ma tabey za7ma o hailag, o el amakin elly inta tgol 3anha KELLA za7ma! o 3adatan il za7ma yekoon feeh ijtema3 il “holigan’s” 😛

um-mit3ibb : lol! ham intay amaknich bs hathaila? 😐

6 10 2007

1. detail nazi. (I care alot about details)
2. weird taste in music.
3. I rehearse talking to certain people.
4. my mind is in sync with each word that comes out of my mouth.
5. I am weirdishly nice to people.

6 10 2007

fe shay esma TIME w DAYS u can choice to avoid hal za7ma 🙂

6 10 2007
the simper

why do u call all of this n that weird stuff??

u know what.. العظماااااء are all like that (i had to write it in arabic so it feels better ;))

this is what is known as the combination to manufacturing and producing great ideas and theories for others who do the “normal or not-so-weird” things.

one point about what u have written, to me all i can say are ok… except roob n ketchup 😛

6 10 2007

I do #3 now since I’m holding up a strike against the news.

We’re all weird.

6 10 2007

Ok you’re officially crazy, bas in a good way. 😛

The weird me can be found [here]

6 10 2007

Kuwaitizen : details itshayib ilras sometimes =/

dalooom : law aro7 3 ilfayir ham za7ma LOL 😛

the simper : lol! thank you so much 😛 bas I choosed “weird” as a word for my title, because no one i know do these things BUT me 😛 .. “weird” can be good 😛 i like it! it makes me unique lol .. uh 3al ketchup please try it 3AJEREEEB!! LOL

Amethyst : we are unique 😛

MacaholiQ8 : LOOL! khanshoof your weird side 😛

7 10 2007

1. LOL! that’s 1000% weird 😛
2. me too 😀
3. i only read sports section and ads :S
4. ok that’s weird too 🙂
5. i don’t like kababji 😦
6. harees oo 3aish??? hello weirdo 😛
7. LOL! get one sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon 😛
8. I think i share something with you here; i’ve never been to costa/second cup/wasabi/maki/nino/applebees/divas

funny pic btw ;D

7 10 2007

Rekoo : LOL shda3wa 1000%! 😛
#6 PLEASE TRY IT wallah its tasty =F
#8 3ayal that makes me normal 😛

thanks! hehehe

7 10 2007

3. My sis used to keep all real crime stories she found in magazines in a black file :\ it freaked me out! LOL speaking of death y3ny.
4. LOL maybe that’s sort of a good start 😉
6. Yum, fries with yogurt and ketchup sounds delicious 😀
7. Jeddan 3adi 😀 you don’t really have to.

Nice blog btw 🙂

7 10 2007

fries o rob? laiiish? and i used to be like u, i hate places and things that people just wouldnt shut up about, i survived not going to starbucks for a couple of years but then i was too weak and i gave in, but still i dnt like it ;p

7 10 2007

Pinkish : LOOOL!! #3 I wanna be your sister’s BEST friend, I used to do that but with Ads 😛 #4 Inshallah! #6 FINALLLY SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS! LOL … 7abebty thank you so much for your visit

bored : wallah jarrib bu6a6 o roub o ra7 tad3eley 😛 .. abt *bux , 3o’obaley 😛

7 10 2007

Wallah min 9ijich ? hehehehe

7 10 2007

shhal thooq! fries roob o ketchup :s

./kill -9 outkasty
.deluser outkasty
and dont come back =P

7 10 2007

#6 is more than 20% weird!

I think I answered something similar to this before. Hmm. Anyway here are some.
– I rarely use a nail cutter, I either use my other nails or bite them (and make them round and tidy).
– I hate mushroom, but I love mushroom soup.
– Sometimes I have an extremely short term memory.
– If I want to listen to something or someone, I have to stop what I’m doing, except when I’m driving.
– I analyze these things in my head: ppl, things, situations, colors, numbers, random stuff.. when I’m bored.

7 10 2007

girl, enti mub 9a7ya 😀

bas fan wala, its cute ahhahaha

7 10 2007

zalooom : eheheheheh eey! 😛

EarthQuaker : allah ysam7ik 😛

N. : LOL! #1 is the weirdest!! jazora?! 😛 lol : shahada a3taz feeha 😛

7 10 2007


You mean shoes that show your feet? :/

7 10 2007

3baid : open-shoes/sandals/flip-flops .. hathaila kelhom =/

8 10 2007

hehe point #1 is weird :p

Bas mixing food 3adi. try harees with salad :p

Weld bint 3ami whos 4 likes top dip his chicken nuggets in his coke LOL could it get weirder than that?!

8 10 2007

Chirp : lol sure 😛 and your weld bint 3ammich is smart cause he knows that everything will be in his stomach, so why not mixing the chicken nuggets with coke? lol 😛

11 10 2007
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