iPhone? The Modern “En6alaq Sab3a”?! =]

11 10 2007


I’ve posted about [my weird side] a few days ago. I’ve mentioned some weird things. Things that seems to be unique and different. Things that made everyone around me screams THAT’S WEIRD. It is weird cause I’m the only person who believes in it and do it. 

In the last point of that post. I’ve mentioned a point that deep-inside I do thing It’s normal and It’s a matter of like/dislike. I go with the Arabic Saying : “لولا اختلاف الأذواق لبارت السلع”.  I’ve mentioned that I’ve never been to many famous places here in Kuwait. I believe It got it’s name and became famous because of our some “nemoona min sha3bna” who hang-there weekly/monthly and spend 4hrs in drinking “latte”.  I hate the idea in spending 3~4hrs in a closed-crowded place and just sit there and all i do is EAT and DRINK. well, we have a coffee machine at home. I rather spend 4hrs with my family and friends in a comfortable place, a place that I can do whatever I want without anyone staring at me like a criminal, a place that called HOME.  I’ll list again (some) of the places that I’ve already mentioned before  :






… The above places are only “some” of the places that I havent been to. Also mentioned in my previous post which made a disaster to some of the commentators who were in a complete shock. They even thought that I dont go out and I stay at home watching T.V and blog. LOL! 😛

Kuwait is beautiful and there are many beautiful places out-there. I’m not against any of the above resturants/cafes. They might serve good foog, but HELLO! Life and KUWAIT is more than Starbucks and Costa!!   


1. Get in your car

2. Check the fuel


… so, what do you think? am I right? or …  (I dont care If you agree or disagree) lol 😛 

now, look at the pictures!!! UFFFF BEAUTIFUL!!!



 Note : I know the title has nothing to do with the post LOOOOOOL. I only hate iPhones =]

          UPDATE: Tomorrow Eid Al-Futtir! 😉 .. 3eedkum Mbarak 😀  

2nd. UPDATE: Quiz #10 will be posted shortly




20 responses

11 10 2007

You have a helicopter?

11 10 2007

nice pics – 3and ba7e shuweikh huh? I love the sea girl – one day you me going bbq there 😛 LOL

11 10 2007

enta waray waray! la2 odamy odamy!

11 10 2007

yall kasty, open my blog let’s dance! *dancing*

11 10 2007

Purgatory72 : a helicopter? =| I googled the pictures LOL

Chikapappi : LOOOL 😛 wallah I like it! 😛

11 10 2007

I know, me too! *still dancing* – yalla bacha! Go sleep!

11 10 2007

Chikapappi : lol! I’m not a bacha 😛

11 10 2007

thank u! i thought i was the only one who did not like the iphone

my friends n i spend hours in remote coffee shops playing scrabble.

if youve never been there how do u know u wont enjoy it?

bs we do go on MANY adventures 🙂

11 10 2007

But Wasabi has amazing food:(

11 10 2007

الصور حلوة وايد

لكن ينطبق عليها المثل

من برة هالله هالله ومن داخل يعلم الله

11 10 2007

to reply to your queries;

yes, sticking to the same boring old places is stupid

costa, starbucks, etc is really lame spending 4 hours on a bit of coffee

nice pix

iPhone sucks.

thank you, good day

11 10 2007

wallah, i don’t see that to be weird; cuz am excatly like you in this issue!
ma a7eb crowded places, I also don’t go shopping in the evening or el3a9er (kela za7ma) a7san wakt el9ob7 hoooodooooo2 🙂

7aram 3alaiych, laish tekrheen el iphones?

11 10 2007

I have already discussed it with you.
bas eli la7ath-tah feech enich ma et7bein ayshay hbaaah 😛

11 10 2007

kel 3am o enti bkheir

yalla hand on the gift to PURG! LOOOOL! 😛

11 10 2007

Since Eid is bacher, does that mean I win by default ;)?

11 10 2007

Eshda3wa : LOL I thought that too! 😛 about the coffee shops, I dunno =\ I hate the idea 😐

Amethyst : Entrecote is good too =|

حمد : LOL exactly 😛 شكرا على المرور

ammaro.com : ahahahaha 😛 ya3ni am not weirdo sa7 😛

Rekoo : 7asafa law you hate iPhones chan gilt you’re my twin brother 😛

dalooom : habbat il-kuwaityyeen MA7EBHA!! 😛

Chikapappi : LOOOOOOOOL!! :**

Purgatory : wait for the 2nd.update 😀

12 10 2007

lol .. 7arakat

12 10 2007

MacaholiQ8 : etha 7arakat 3ala il pictures, fa tara mooo ana illy imsawra LOOOOOOOOOOOL 😛

16 10 2007

I went to Starbucks yesterday. I don’t think I’m ever going to order anything again! I might go, if my friends do, but no way will I order. Maybe a snapple if I am thirsty. Their coffee is normal.. there’s nothing special about it :/

16 10 2007

N. : Snapples? you can find it in Markaz Sul6aan or in any jam3iyya 😐 eeey imsawen khabba 3al-fathy =F

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