I’m the next “Brave Heart”! LOOOL ;D “Updated”

19 10 2007


We all fear of something! but how do you know that you fear of something? well, I’m here to help you discover your hidden fears. LOL!

The following situations are maybe common, but absolutely not normal : lol

1. If you cant get out of your car just because a CAT is outside near the car close to the baladiya garbage. (I know how you feel lol)

2. If you scream out loud just because a “bobosheera” flying far away from you. (scary things come in small sizes lol)

3. If you take “sleeping-pills” before getting on an airplane. (7altek kha6ra)

There are a lot of situations that people fear of and might may happen in our daily lives. elmohem … 

It’s ok if you have a certain amount of anxiety, and also a small amout of fear is acceptable, BUT If that fear controls your life as I mentioned in the situations above, then you gotta do something about it. 

ke7em ..


I’ve finally decided to face my fears! MY NUMBER ONE FEAR IS THIS ->>> ANIMALS!!! <<<-  LOOOOL.

(fear of animals is something common but in my case? 7altey sa3ba).  For years I’ve had my fear of animals and I didn’t do anything about yet until TODAY MORNING @Idunno:AM. I went with my brother to soug il-7amam and I bought something from there lol! 😛  Guess what did i buy today ?! 😀

HINT : animal (I miss my quizzes) 😛 

I will update later with the picture hahahah 😛 till then, tell me what do you fear the most? 😛

1.UPDATE : sorry for the delay, bs I can’t find my camera LOOOOOOOOOL

2.UPDATE : It’s a “SMALL TURTLE” (mashro3 turtle) LOL! 😛 .. babrook NoNoWa, you guessed it right 😛

image005.jpg       01.jpg

and guess what?? I didn’t touch it =] and I’m VERY afraid to do so 😀 LOOOOOOL!  hatha ya3ni I wanna face my fear 😛 




36 responses

19 10 2007

Hala walla! come over to my place & we’ll get rid of that fear 😛

19 10 2007

umm, a hamster?? wai3 XO

I fear animals & insects (coocckroooaachesss) XO
I fear driving 😛
I fear Indian/Bengali drivers
I fear failing a test/class
I fear meeting new people
I fear BEING IN MIXED CLASSES (ya3ny I fear BOYS) X(
I fear not being able to achieve my goals
I fear grave/afterlife punishment (mommyyyy) 😦
and of course I fear God.

19 10 2007

lool 7adich shaja3tene to Face my Fears ! i used to take halfears for granted men Gher ma Afaker eni have to Face Them ! .. 3ad so2alech mo sa3ab cuz mn month chethe le3abna le3ba ana o my sis o her frienda 3n nfs el mawthoo3 .. akthar shay a5af mena ohwa el 1)Mostaqbal ! .. Shlon bekoun , sheno i’ll miss <afaker b3d sheno i’ll get bs i didnt mention that l2na of course its not A fear ;p … 2)a5af mn el obesety wayed 😦 .. ana average to fit bs 7ta elsmall zaghadeed t5are3nei ina one day momken aser
chethe :
-/ \-
| |

3)A5af mn eloneliness
4) elzeweya , bs they disgust me akthar !
5) A5af mn el gharag
6)a5af mn el amaken el mertaf3a etha ma kan el mokan 100% .. y3nei 6ayara rollcosters jesoor .. bs mo le darajat el Phobya la2 bs elrollcosters eli No way taqne3ooney arkabhum 😛
7) A5af mn allah ;p

bas hathel akthar shy momken afaker eni a5af menhum ..:D

19 10 2007

100 % Safe 😛

19 10 2007

Cops ! Thats because when we were very young mother used to scare us that ‘cops will arrest us if we didn’t eat’…. which devoloped into fear !

19 10 2007
a dreamer with feet on the Floor

each one has his own Fobia, I have a Hight Fobia…
so I can Not live 4 a long Time In high floors, still we can face our fears with Courage and changing our habbiets,
still, having Fobia against some thing is not uncommon..we R humans,,,and so we R inperfect,,
glad reading U and wish 2 have a contact..

19 10 2007

It is bAbAsheera.

I fear God.

19 10 2007

As for the rest of you, You should fear ThePurg.

20 10 2007

i don’t know !! Ok insects disgust me bas they dont make afraid! >__<!! i guess dark haunted places scare me?

20 10 2007
the simper

a white mouse? 😉
and u named him Kastan 😛

im fine with animals as long as:
1.0 i don’t touch them
2.0 they don’t open their mouths
2.1 if they open their mouths, it should be a very small one! (not a huge one hat they can bite with)

they rest (especially the small ones) i can crush them.. 🙂

20 10 2007

You bought a small birdie for a start, I guess. 😛

My fears are Aeroacrophobia & Roachphobia.

20 10 2007

got i cant stand animals either, furry animals, i dont have a problem with birds, and i HATE cats! we3!

was it a hamster?

20 10 2007
Ms Loala

A bird?

I used to fear animals (still though but not as much as before) The golden key to stop this habit is by starting to touch baby animals. They’re so cute, adorable, tiny and won’t bite. So start by touching them. You don’t have to hold them! Just touch a baby cat or a baby rabbit until you get used to the animal’s surface 😛
Then buy yourself one, also a baby! You won’t notice it growing and by the time it does, you’ll be used to it and won’t fear it again.

Now get yourself a rabbit and tell me how it goes 🙂

20 10 2007

chikaP : LOL! LA 3AAD! I hate cats 😛

iNoor : hamster? LOL chaan sar ib 3agley shay? 😛

Me : LOOL zeWe zeWe, zhaiwey mo zeWe 😛 dont be afraid from the future, ily rabbich katba beseer dear

GreY : LOOOL! my father is a cop *run awaaaay* 😛

a dreamer with feet on the Floor : It’s a normal feeling and it doesnt make you imperfect. Thank you for passing by 🙂

Purgatory : bObOsheera 😛

vixenfatale : don’t go there 😛

the simper : excuse me? tara mouse = FAAR!! way chan istakhaffait =[ LOOOOL 😛 bs cool name “Kastan” thanks 😛

Mac : nOOOp not even close 😛

Eshda3wa : LOL! tenfe3een my sister! can you imagine that my sis cant get a dog because of ME 😀 shakhsetey qaweya ha? lol

Ms Loala : LOOOOL!! aahhh ya Ms Loala law tadreen eley 3indy sheno lol 😛 chan geltay “nothing will help me to get over my fear” LOOOOL! etgoleen baby animals? OK just wait for the update, o betgoleenli (7ALTECH MOSTA3SEYA!!) lol

20 10 2007

I know I know… Goldfish! 😛

20 10 2007

Saying Ezhhhhaaaiwey will Cause se3obat TanaFos for me 😛 ! .. zaiwy zaaaiwy <– Read it oo estamte3ay b tanafos moreeeeeeee7 Plus elkelma is so Cute momken One day Teshfa3 lel Ugly cockroaches o yseroon 7elween eb netharna 😀 !

laykooun sharya Monkey !!?

*etgoleen baby animals? OK just wait for the update, o betgoleenli (7ALTECH MOSTA3SEYA!!)*

loool shda3wa 3alech ! shaarya elephant !!

20 10 2007

Allah ekon fe 3onech! :p I have fears too, but the way I overcome them is, something I learned recently. That nothing can hurt you if God does not will it, and nothing can benefit you if God does not will it.. netwakal 3ala Allah.. o Allah el 7aafeth enshalla :p

You bought a little bird? (I didn’t read the comments madry..)

20 10 2007

Did ya get a turtle??????

I love animals but hate taking care of them- how bad does that sound? 😛

My fear wud be dying before my kids grow up….and cockroaches and OMG Spiders…..and the ocean sometimes.

20 10 2007

Mac : LOOOL lil’asaf you dont know 😛

Me : LOL il-kelma kareeha fa lat7awleen inich etdal3eenah 😛 LOOOOOOOL bitshofen il update o ib tekfekheeni 😛

N. : il-museba e7na nadri enna allah ib eedah ilnaf3 wil tharrar, bs mako fayda il-khof imchallib.. and nOp it’s not a bird 😛

NoNoWa : ismillah 3alaich ba3ad 3omir 6uweel inshallah bitshofeenhom o tifre7een fehom 😀 o and how did you know that it was a TURTLE? LOOOOOOOOOOL you were in soug il-7amam yesterday?! 😛

20 10 2007

its soooo cuute!! bs yeah dnt touch it eww:P

21 10 2007

Turtles smell stinks :\

21 10 2007

Turtles are harmless! Poke it until you get used to touching it 😛

21 10 2007

lol i fear animals too!!! marrat anadee il6abakh iykish ga6wa min yam baitna 3ashan arkab sayarti! afashil 😛

21 10 2007


21 10 2007

Pearls : ahahahahah its smaller than your finger, shlon ew 😛

iNoor : I wasnt positive about the turtle’s smell before i buy it, but apparently my guess was wrong, It has no smell!

3baid : LOL! It’s easy for you to say that since you can touch a CAT =F wallah I know it’s harmless! bas I dont know why I cant TOUCH IT! =~[

Zia : LOOOL! mit’akda inich mo my twin sister? 😛

ChikaP : lol super cute but I cannot hold it 😦

21 10 2007

Poke it 3al khafeef, I’m sure it wont do anything to you. It wont even bite! :p Talk to it, it will like you I’m sure of that and hmm make sure you give it a nice living environment. Does it grow any bigger?

21 10 2007

N. : I named it “Kastan”!:P and thanks to (the simper) 😀 and thanks to my mother for taking a good care of Kastan. The only thing i do is managment LOL 😛 ma’asat I only stand there and watch 😐
and no it doesnt grow any bigger, that’s the turtle size

basawi 7afla itha shelt’ha =/

21 10 2007

I’m scared of heights in “open” places, ya3ni eiffel tower or something that looks like it. I work on the 25th floor but im fine, its wierd.

I’m so scared of flying, sleeping pill before getting on the plane for my flights to the US awal LOL!

zain itsaween, facing ur fears is the best thing 😛 taking it one step at a time 😉

21 10 2007

LOL it9adgeen gumt ashik!!!!

21 10 2007

eew is it sooft ? we3 et5ayelay tamseken edha o tenge6e3 :S ! .. wela t6e7 menech oo Yenshele3 Thaharha 😀 !! <– im helping ya here ! i knooow thaat 😛 !

21 10 2007

I got over my fear of cats when my best friend got two cats earlier this year. They are gone now, but she just got a kitten to remind me that I’m over that fear.

I fear not being perfect;p

21 10 2007

Chirp : I jumped from “bungee jumping” four times nyahahaha il-fifth time abeech ma3ay 😛

Zia : Okhtaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! 😛 lol

Me : LOL! mashallah shaja3teni 😉 bayeblich zeWe ba7e6a 3ala rasich 😛

Amethyst : lol! mashallah It’s a good thing 😀
and no one is perfect 😛 ma7ad kammil ella Seb7anah

21 10 2007

loooool. u kinda sound like my wife hahahahaa, same fears!

its good that you wanna face up to them, but seriously, buying a turtle and not even touching it isn’t facing your fears; you have to let her crawl all over you. and actually, no, go buy a dog or soemthing and play with it :p

and what the ??? is a bobosheera?! 😛

21 10 2007

ammaro.com : LOL! hello Mrs. ammaro! my fear-mate lol 😛 don’t worry dear we’re brave, but we just hate animals aight? 😉 lol


bobosheera is a dragonfly

22 10 2007

with a name like dragonfly, it probably is a little scary! bobosheera just sounds cute though

22 10 2007

ammaro.com : it looks like a small helicopter =\

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