I’m Banned from “FaceBook”! LOOL ;D

21 10 2007


A few days ago my dearest blogger friend Blue Dress sent me an invitation to join FaceBook.  At first, when I got the invitation from Blue Dress. I didn’t read the invitation cause I was confused and started asking  “When did i register to FaceBook?!” LOL. I didn’t know that you can invite anyone you know lol. Anyways today, I decided to accept the FaceBook invitation since I’ve received one more invitation from my brother blogger Bo-Saleeh. 😀 

First you should fill the application.  You must write 1. Your “Full nickname” (your full nickname 😛 ) 2. Birthdate,  …. ela akherehhe …

I decided to use my Nickname as a Full name. Since I didn’t take it seriously. And I just wanted to see what FaceBook is all about. Plus the invitations were from my blogger friends. 

elmoheeeem, I wrote Very Outkasty, and completed all the fields and clicked on “Register”  bs it didn’t accept! HA3? @@, hmm I tried again with Very Q8ya, o nafs il moshkela .. I’ve also tried O.u.t.k.a.s.t.y, Outkastish, me Outkasty, V.e.r.y.Outkasty, bs no use. I thought it was an error until i used “Flana Al-Flany” as my full name. and Voiiiiiiilllllllllllllaaaaaa!! sar ma3lom! =|

الأيام بيننا يا هذا lol

 il-zebda?! I think FaceBook emsaween 7amla thiddi 😐 hayhaat ya FaceBook, I’ll deactivate my account HAHAH 😉 

UPDATE:   Open date : 21.10 — Close Date : 22.10 asra3 open/close date bil tarekh 😛




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21 10 2007
Blue Dress

LOL! i just de-activated mine too! ;p
ironic 9a7

I just felt so stupid using it waid applications
and blogging was enough….
yalla ma3alih

I might change my mind.

21 10 2007


21 10 2007

the idea is to use ur real name.. sort of, bs 3adi it works too I guess ;p Their policy is not to use fake names so I’m guessing they put a ban on some of these words lol.

21 10 2007

Is that even possible? :/

21 10 2007
Ms Loala

LOL That was you? 🙂
I saw your nickname once.

21 10 2007

Blue Dress : HELP! I wanna deactivate mine too! LOOOOOOOOOL!!

chikaP : puQ puQ puQaaaQ 😛

N. : 7abakat 3ala outkasty ya3ni? =/ karaht’hom LOL!

Mac : I’m afraid it is 😐

Ms Loala : LOL! bismellah tawni imsawya reJis6er 😛 Is there another Flana Al-Flany? 😛

21 10 2007

Screw Facebook… why would you put your information for the public to see?
I did mention bloggers declining in their blogging activities but I don’t think “The Man” has a problem w/ facebook since you practically invite them to invade your privacy

21 10 2007

Never had one, never will. I think.

21 10 2007

Ya m3awda. Hatha 6th account I cancel, mo gadra asta7mil. It’s so lame. Kafi il yahal eli feh wil 9aidat, ya3ni bs yemkin I met 4 or 5 people eli I felt 9ij mo7tarameen. Awal ma sawooh kan shay. Bs al7een il helag maloot il Hi5 e3refooh. W haman il applications ma 7abait-hom. I’m new to blogs bs a7es inah il blogs 3la il aqal menha fayda w you meet wonderful people, FaceBook, shino? Min taktebeen 7ag someone a comment, efhimich ‘3ala6. I’m talking about my case 6ab3an, ya3ni I made one bs for my friends the last time bs ended up deleting it. Baa6 chabdi.

22 10 2007

lol I guess they have a list of words the database checks on if you manage to use one that’s not in it you’ll be ok

22 10 2007

they dont like you too much

22 10 2007

Facebook is addictive!

22 10 2007

xskaos : does Flana Al-Flany seem like a name to you? Did you read my post? I think you’ve only read the heading lol 😛

Amethyst : hmm ok 😛

Perfecty : I think the idea of FaceBook is to add/invite people that you know in person

TAT : and I’m sure that “outkasty” is there, with the unwanted words =/

ammaro.com : they fear me 😛

Chrip : addi-what? 😐

22 10 2007

I deactivated my account last week after using it for 2 hours out of 48..

22 10 2007

I got banned from it once because I chose a fake high school, they don’t have public high schools..what the hell am I supposed to do? When the high school I chose busted me out(they apparently check with them) I got banned.

Next time I just changed my age, and now that I have it I haven’t touched it in weeks. It’s just leave a comment there, reply to a comment here. =/

Seems like retarded instant messaging to me..

22 10 2007

#1 use ur real name


22 10 2007

lol i saw you. and they won’t let you use numbers, or too many capital letters in your name 3aSHaN ThE iDiOTs wHo* tYpE ^LiKe^ THiS~ $%&£!!

i have my real name since everyone on my list are ppl i know in real life (college, school, etc) i don’t accept request from those hailag who invite every girl in facebook hoping to score.

22 10 2007

I only accept invitations lol 😀 I hate it!! o I guess I’ll deactivate it soon like I did with my Hi5 account.

22 10 2007

lol 3ad tadreen
ana hatha el facebook ma kent a3rfa kelsh w gabel youmen belthab6 someone galy sawi 3ndhom bs ma swet cuz ma3rf lah ,, anyway 7aztha glt khal ajrb w theeee same problem 9artly !!!
selezya mako selezya girl mako selezyah girl ham mako shd3waaaaaa akoo a7d nafs nicky y3ny !! chan a6la3 3la 6ol la3t chabdi mnah mn gabl la a3rfah
ashwa eny madasheta
Yala slam ya Flana el-flany hehehehe

22 10 2007

Amu : It’s good to know that someone hates FaceBook too 😛

suspic : LOOOOOOOOL! yeah it’s silly 😀

um-mit3ib : I don’t find it useful sara7a =/

EniGma : as you can see, I tried with more than a nickname as an option, bss all options were banned cause it was a nickname, mo 3ashan capital letters wila Flana Al-Flany feeha 3 capital letters/ Outkastish feha 1

iNoor : It’s better for you 😉

Selezya : nasee7a? don’t even try 😛 blogging is more fun and it’s also useful

22 10 2007

أختي العزيزة

الويل كل الويل لهم 😛

على كل .. الفيس بوك .. مثل مجمع المرينا مول .. تلقين ناس تسلمين عليهم .. و ناس تناحشين منهم .. و ناس تخترعين منهم

هو عالم كامل .. غريب الصراحة

على كل .. الدعوة مفتوحة لعوالم أخرى 🙂

23 10 2007

Why did you close it?
I was looking through my usual news sites and found this link:

I remembered you when I saw it! ;p

23 10 2007

lol il9ara7a lazim a3tirif… i love facebook, it helps me keep in touch with friends all over.. marrat itloo3 chabdi minna ew widee asakra for different reasons.. bas ba3dain at7asaf because i wouldn’t be able to keep in touch with certain people.. kilshay a7na naglibba im’3azal!! 7atta facebook!!

23 10 2007

بوصالح : LOL khosh tashbeeh 😛 sidagt ya Bo-saleeh 😀

N. : I didn’t find it useful 😐 thakarni ib Majalat Majid .. saf7at howat il-ta3arof 😛 LOL

Zia : Isnt it all about “choosing ppl u wanna add in your friendz lis6”? o ham imghazal? weird country =/

23 10 2007

ee wallah!! why don’t they just stick to something easier 3ayal, like Hi-5 or whatever? LOL fara’3a!!

23 10 2007

LOL! Shakhbari..

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