First Day = A Start Of a New Day =~]

4 11 2007



This morning was meant to be the start of a new life, a new job. The job that I really wanted for too long. I’ve been waiting for this day since June 2005 😀 (saboora ha? :P) and what kept me waiting and dying to get this job is their interview. The interview made me realize that their staff were very picky, young, and competitive. And now il7emdellah I am one of their staff.  

This morning I was a bit more worried comparing with my first day in my previous job. And that’s normal since my previous job wasn’t really important to me and wasn’t my choice at the first place. 

Anyways. I arrived there @ 6:45am (ma3a il-farareesh lol :P) and work starts @ 8:00am. fa il-wath3 enna nobody was there but me LOL! 7aseit ro7eey afashil oo mayta 3al shighel =~] during that time. I started awasiwis. amm arid il-bait?! la akhaf yeseer za7ma ba3dein, hmm chena imbacher ya rabey fashla lol! zain aro7 asub banzeen?! la akhaf athayye3 oo ana yallah daleit =]  I decided to park my car, sufa6t chaan adish astakshef il-sharika 😛 

I saw the farraash and I asked him wein “B. department?”,  he showed me the way to my dept yezah allah kheir ya3ne 😛 then he asked me itha bashrab shay min il-sebb7, 6ab3an i didn’t refuse o asked for the menu lol 😛 faa ..

me : what do you have?

shaybob : tea, milk, coffee

me : amm “..fakart shwaya” I want water please =]

shaybob : ok “..he went to bring me some water”

I was waiting for my glass il-may o sharabt il-may, then i asked for some more o sharabt il-some more, till my mudeer has finally arrived =~] he gave me an excellent welcome. I gave him an excellent impression back 😛

It was a good day after all and I’m glad it ended nicely. I hope everyone will always be happy as I was this day.

Note : shaybob is the ba6al of this day, and “shaybob” is a nickname that i choose to give him




21 responses

4 11 2007

Allah yewafgech enshallah 🙂

hoepfully etkon hal sha’3la more fun w terta7ain feeha akthar .. w enshallah they pay much than th epreviouse 🙂

4 11 2007

its always nice to start a new job 🙂 i wish i could leave my job now and start a new one!!!

where do you work, btw?

4 11 2007

congrts for2o3 🙂

4 11 2007

mabrook! a7laa shay shayob! expecting more posts about him ;p

5 11 2007

Hehe, mabrook on the new job 🙂

5 11 2007

Yay! I’m glad it went well:D

5 11 2007

Mabrook enshalla its going to be exactly what you want, and exactly what you’re looking for. Allah ewafjech enshalla ;D

5 11 2007

Allah yewafgich inshallah bil job. W inshallah ana warach, still unemployed here :[

5 11 2007

Its “chose” btw not “choosed” 🙂
Anyways, Grats on your new job and I wish you the best of luck there. Hope you really enjoy it
Shayboob seems to be a good fella, these “farareesh” are what keeps these companies going w/o them we r all doomed ;p keep a good repotoire w/ him and everyone and again best of luck

5 11 2007

Il7imdila 3asalama i’m glad you had fun ib dubai! 🙂

And Mabroooook 3ala il new job!!!!!!

5 11 2007

Min gaal innich moo meshra6a :p imdawma Min 9uba7 Allah 5air ;p mabrook

5 11 2007

LOL salmeely 3ala Shayboob 😛

Good luck on your new job hun :*
and by the way what do you work as?

5 11 2007

Cat : o 3asa rabbey yewafgich inshallah, mashkora 3al da3wa il-7elwa :* o tara ma3ashy aqal min ma3ashy il-aweli 😛 : do you expect me to answer that? 😛

chika : thanks lozz 😛

Ra7aLaH : allah ebarek feech lol 7adda eyanin 😛

3baid : allah ebarek ib-7ayatek thanks bro 🙂

Amethyst : thanks dearest :*

N. : ameen ya rab! you too inshallah 🙂

Perfecty : LOL! really? 3ayal enjoy it, o inshallah et7asleen wathefa etray7ech 🙂

Kaos : mo choose ya3ni? 😛 thank you so much for the nice words, and shaybob is the ba6al 😛

Chirp : allah esalmech o allah ebarek feech thanks :*

shoosha : wayed mishta6a akhaf ehawnoon! lol 😛

iNoor : LOOOL yoosaal 😛 thank you, I’m an financial accountant

5 11 2007

Jobs suck.

5 11 2007

LOL! salmayle 3ala shaboob bacher

yalla goodluck with your new job sis! 😉

5 11 2007

yalla zeein aham shay enich merta7a.. o 6la3tay accountiyaa same as here ;P ana eshta`3al eb bank fatra o eshta`3alt eb Audit firm o farq kbeeeeeir jrabt il corporate finance o il audit dep. 9ej 9ej 7beit ilcorporate finance ;*

6 11 2007

now tirsay dirjich kakaw

6 11 2007

Did you make friends? Were the other grown ups nice to you? 😮

6 11 2007

Purgatory : staying at home sucks 😐

Rekoo : yoosaal lol 😛 thanks reekoo 😀

dalooom : lol 3ashaw il accountants 😛 7adda farg, banks field is kellesh mo ana 😐 thanks dalom o 3asa rabbey ewafgek

um-mit3ib : LOOOOL! afa 3aleich 3ashanich bes 😛

suspic : LOOOOOOOOOOOOL! yes they were extra nice and friendly 😛 thank you for your concern lol 😛

7 11 2007

Mabrook 🙂 This is my final year and im an Accounting major too !! aywa 3ashaw el accounting 🙂 3ad i need ur advice later on 😦 o thank you so much about ur comment 7ada made me smile 🙂

7 11 2007

Yara4ever : Aywaaaaaaa accoun6an6s afa 3alech anything u need/want goleli 😛 don’t thank me shda3wa :*

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