ُExcuse my ears

7 11 2007


I hardly listen to the radio while driving. However, when I do. I listen to talk-shows and it tends to make me laugh. And I don’t laugh while driving alone. a7es enni mo sa7ya =~] 

After work I was extremely dizzy. I opened the window a little and the radio to keep me awake till I reach home. I was listening carefully to “Asaalah Nasri’s song” which I’ve never heard before and It must be new. Anyways. I started asking questions about what I’ve just heard? I’m not sure If anyone noticed the words of the song. but I did! I tried to convince myself that It does make sense, but no use!!  LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!

It says : (لا تخاف من الزمان, الزمان ماله أمان) hmm? LOOOOL!! It doesn’t make any sense to me. LOL? Please shino “la takhaf min il-zaman + il-zaman malah amaan”?!  Can anyone explain this to me? LOL! I don’t blame her, I blame the writer of the song. There is a wise saying that says : (حاكي العاقل بما يعقل) la-3aqil wala-hum ya7zanon 😛

I didn’t listen to rest of the song carefully cause the first part really confused me and I was busy laughing at it LOOOL! I was ga3da agoleb’ha yemeen o yesaar until I laughed o 7agart the rest of the song =F

adri 6abbait bil-ghneyya LOL =]

So, does it make any sense to you?!

wa shokran 😛




30 responses

7 11 2007

laaa u got it wrong!! il sha3er means inaa latkhaf men il zmaan ya3ni men 9jk hatha shay il kel metfeq 3alih mafe ekhtlaf ena il zman mala aman! ya3ni khal9en mena mo hatha il shay ilee eykhawef! 3arftay? il part ilee warah eygol “khaf men ilee kel amnk fe edaih o tamenah” ya3ni enaa hatha ilee el mafroth etkhaf mena wet7ateee elee fe shak ena yejr7ik oo u trust hal ensan eb nafs il wagt! bas il zmaan 3adeee t3wadna 3alih ya3ni chethe mo ghareb 3alih ena yejr7 oo eykhon…got it? a7es ma shar7t 3adel men kether ma sht6ait ;p

8 11 2007

ana ma ashoof feha shaay ;\
o yaa welich men zaloooooooom ;P
*wein eli 9an 7obik ma ashofa yoom baan?* aywaaa ;P~

8 11 2007
Bride To-Be

it must be the heat thats making u think deeply about such thing ..
but u know what .. i agree with u .. totally

8 11 2007

Yaaa thakiyyaa !! entay loo etkamleen el jomlaa raa7 tefhemeen ..

la tekhaaf min el zemaan .. el ziman maalah amaan .. Khaaf min elly kel aamaalik fee yedaiih w taaminahh !

ya3ny la t7aaty el ziman coz el ziman already maalah amaan .. so khaaf minn elly et7ebbah !

Haaaaa fahamtay ?? ;Pp

8 11 2007

Hmm… No it doesn’t but people like these words 🙂

8 11 2007

e7em.. weli doesnt even listen to songs anymore mn kether ma elaw3on el chabd 😛 I like older songs .. not 80’s older bs mid 90’s to 2003 chethi.. so mray7a nafsi i listen to talk shows too sometimes bs lama emalqonha asakera. Astanis mn el game shows thou.. e’6a7kon 🙂

8 11 2007

I can’t help you there. I listen to CDs. Never the radio;\

8 11 2007

7atta ana lal7een mani fahemha 😛

8 11 2007

Ra7aLaH : LOL! I understant what ur saying, but I’m still waiting for an explanation that makes sense, shakli badeg 3al-katib LOL

dalooom : eeey kahow zafni lol 😛

Bride-To-Be : the weather wasn’t even a problem, the weather was perfect. It’s the song =/

zalooom : LOL! zaad eqtena3ey enna malha ma3na 😛

Chika : I didn’t 😐

Yara : It’s better for you 😛

Amethyst : 3ayal don’t buy her CD 😛

rekoo : ma7ad fahim gheirey ana weyak o bride-to-be o chika 😛

8 11 2007

LOOOL! ehya ib koborha she doesn’t make sense to me! ^^

8 11 2007

لووول يبا لازم تكملين الشعر عشان تفهمين

وماله داعي اشرحلج المعنى لأن الاخ zalooom
شرحها :>
بس بكتبلج الابيات وانشالله بعد ماتقرينهم تفهمين المعنى :>

لا تخاف من الزمان الزمن ماله امان!,
خف من الي كل امانك في يديه وتأمنه
لو حبيبك ماوفى لك لو حبيبك فيك خان,
ايش ترجي من زمانك النتيجه باينه.

اتمنى انج فهمتي :>

8 11 2007
Ms Loala

I don’t listen to arabic music at all. In fact, i can’t seem to understand the lyrics 😛

But yea, it doesn’t make any scence. Shouldn’t it go like “khaf men el ziman, el zeman malah aman” ?

8 11 2007

وعلى طاري انج لازم تكملين الكلام لي النهايه عشان تفهمين المعنى

بعطيج مثال

في آية بالقرآن حاولو المسحيين يتذاكو وقالو

اشلون ربكم يأمركم بالصلاة ويقول ويل للمصلين

ولكن ان قريتي الاية كامله فهي تقول :

(( وويل للمصلين الذين هم عن صلاتهم ساهون ))


8 11 2007

listen , I hate asala and i`m still !

bs hal song sm3taha bel`3la6 wjad e3jbtny wayed wayed

entay lazem tsm3en eljomla ele wraha 3shan tefhmen wtra wath7a wayed ,, its really nice song

kalmatha 3jbtny kha9a thany o0 thaleth maqta3 😉

8 11 2007

Perfecty : oops! =F

Q8Disaster : أولا أنا لا أريد أن أدخل بمقارنات, لأن من الأساس لا يوجد وجه مقارنة بين اللي تفضلت به.
ثانيا انه من الأحرى أن نقارن بشئ اخر, كهذه الجمله على سبيل المثال (لا تخاف من الكلب لأنه يغدر صاحبه) أعتقد أن هذا أقرب مثال أستطيع من خلاله أن أشرح وجهة نظري
وأ خيرا وليس اخرا .. شكرا لمرورك 😛

Ms Loala : bil-thab6 =|

Selezya : il-part il-awwal yo3tabar beit kammil ib-ro7ah, fa bil-a7raa enhom yegolon khaf min il-zeman o khaf min il-ghadir, killish mashoofha moqni3a il-salfa lol 😛

9 11 2007

u know hathi probably has some logic in it somewhere, but it doesnt bother me like that idiot Haifa. Who the hell came up with ‘Naughty’ illy bikhasim 9a7boh..WTF!

9 11 2007


9 11 2007

Mako sense ….

el Talk shows abrak wayed ..

at least .. some caller r funny w ye’9a7kooon

9 11 2007

Elijah : she’s proven her silliness =/


Cat : I once called! nyahahahah 😛

9 11 2007

I never listen to arabic music because long ago I noticed none of them talk about anything other than love, there are exceptions of course but the question is are they good? No, they suck. Lately all songs are alike, you can even see/hear some resemblance in their lyrics. Don’t they have anything else to write about? Don’t they have new music styles to add?? *F* it… *goes to listen to his acoustics collection*.

9 11 2007

What’s another stupid song from the other million stupid songs out there? 🙂

yep… they just don’t write them like they used to

10 11 2007

“a7es enni mo sa7ya”
You mean, you feel that others would think that you seemed crazy. Try not to be too self conscious :/

That’s nothing, I’ve heard worse nonsense songs! :O

10 11 2007

LOL 7adda doesn’t make any sense 😀

No one cares about the lyrics now; it’s all about making money $$$

10 11 2007

Mac : LOOOL! let’s do everyone a good favor and KILL THE WRITERS 😛

Hitman1 : .. and that’s so sad =/

3baid : la I don’t care about others, ana “ana” a7is chethey lol 😛

iNoor : you’re right, but how can people do that for profit?! =/ they’re killing people like us lol =[

11 11 2007

I’ve read all the explanations and they make perfect sense and totally accurate.

The thing is that some of the commenters insist on dealing with that precise first sentence and don’t wanna link it to the following phrase.

So to take that path, “Don’t be afraid of time, as time tends to betray”
It’s a fact that time isn’t secured and thus it doesn’t make sense to spend your life petrified of the consequences and unknowns. You’ll waste your time, sanity and energy anticipating worrying about things beyond your control.

As for your counter phrase, though it’s incorrect since it’s a fact that a dog is best man’s pet. The example doesn’t live up to the comparison as time and dogs don’t fall in the same category as a dog is tangible whereas time isn’t.

It’s the same as saying don’t be afraid of death, as it’s end of your mortal life and it’s inevitable.

The lyrics might sound shocking at first which is a tool to draw one’s attention fixated.

I hope it clear things up.

11 11 2007

Touche : I’m sorry but I still don’t find it correct at all, the writer shoulve said : “khaf min elzeman tara elzeman malah aman, OOO khaf min elee ….. blablabla”

as for my example, it was just an example to clear my point to the guest-commentator which i also find it true =p

11 11 2007

i think you should stop listening to music and go back to talk shows :p

and you can laugh in the car if u hear something funny, 3adi :p

12 11 2007

ammaro.com : live, laugh, and enjoy life but not alone 😛

13 11 2007

mmm .. madri lesh mo meqtan3a ? chena u don’n like to be Wrong ;P … its obvious methl elshams aw 3al aqal eli eb yegra radech eb yefhama chethe 😛 !

sem3ay .. awal shay ana kent dasha 3ashan asawe AMBAAY OO WEEEEEEEEE O LAAAAAAA2 O LOOL ! l2na i hate asala 😛 <> ..

bas lama garet el comments sar el7achi wathe7 7ta mn awal comment 🙂 , b3dein ohwa yaby ygol la t5afon mn elzeman , lesh ysaweh ” 5afaw mn elzmn” o ynaqeth nafsa wele begola ??!

21 11 2007

Me : many la3ba uno weyach 😛

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