Invasion =F

25 11 2007


ke7em, It’s not what you think. It’s not another Iraqi invasion of Kuwait story. This time is HUMMERS invasion! YES INVASION =F but a peaceful one =] HUMMERS are everywhere!  I’m sure that you all have seen the entire HUMMER family, If not in the internet, surely in Kuwait =/ It’s everywhere in the streets like a mackintosh =~]  Do you know what the problem is?! The problem ya ma7fotheen il-salama enna they all look the same 😛 

While driving I was playing a game, the game is about counting the number of HUMMERS that passes infront of my car thru my way to work. I’ve seen 12 hummers (all sizes). ya-elahey 😛 12!! let’s say 12 of 200 cars insheel minhom il-sher6a o il-maba7eth o il-taxi o elaa akherehe =[ 12 is a huge number for a 20 to 25mins early morning drive-time. again ya-elahey their salesmen are professional 😛 HUMMER aims at young males and the Baby HUMMER also attract female drivers, bs ham a3teqed enna ewaz3onha for-free! =F  

If you’re reading this and you’re about to buy one, please laa 3afyaa =[ think of FJ-Cruiser. It’s not bad at all 

Now, If I’m not a fan of HUMMER nor a hater, If I don’t drive a HUMMER and never will. Then why am I posting about it? =] Simply because I just saw our dear-friend-old-neighbour and he just bought a car! He just bought a HUMMER =~~~] and I think It’s number 1000,000,000 here in Kuwait. babrook jarna il-qadeem, etkasirha bil-3afya =]

wa shokran 😛

story : BUSH the director and Saddam the actor =/




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25 11 2007

way ma t3jbny .. bs tra cool mn dakhel jaw thany t36ech cuz ana dasht.ha qabl .. w 9a7 wayed entashrt bel q8 , anaa mara en9edaaaamt wa7da labsa neqab o rakbtha kaaaaaak a9lan walah kent ba7e6ly post 3n hash`3la ..
:p khala9 ana bashtreha lol walah 7ata ma atkhayal shkly feha !!
thaaanx sweety w mabrok 7ag yarkom :p

25 11 2007

I was about post a funny looking Hummer Bummer i saw at a traffic light !

25 11 2007

I hate them. It’s a freakin’ hummer and it only fits 5 people max, and the guy sitting in the middle of the backseat has to sit on some plastic-y shit cup holder. It’s cool for 6ag r9eef.

Never driven one, but I hate getting in it.

When girls drive it it’s hawt tho. FJ sucks. It looks like a VW beetle on steroids.


25 11 2007

Selezeya : LOOLL alla ebarek feeech 😛 tekfain shda3wa jaw thaney dakhel? =F mo thaak il-zoud =F o feech khair buy one, 3ashan afashish towayrich 😛

‘GreY’ : khanshof khanshof 😛


25 11 2007

LOOOOOOL! 3al agal HUMMER invasion wala Camry invasion 😀

25 11 2007

i was going to get a hummer bas ma9ar feh n9eeb :/

25 11 2007

loool! Now thats funny! There are lots of hummers on the road, too many! And I love the FJ Cruiser, its filled with possibilities! You can do a lot with it! I have gotten tired of the hummer, lots of women drive the H3 and H2, and lots of guys drive the H2! Its not like they are off roading all the time!

25 11 2007

that is soooo true! bes itha bit7i6een doobich doob sayara ilq8 bitzawe3 minha, u should have gone with those freaking Porsches. they r everywhere and that pisses me off!

25 11 2007

il FJ t3aqeeed 7adhaa!!!! bas ham wayed 9arat emga6e6a kel shay bel kuwait fee malion mena ;p mako shay et7sena mo mkrar!

25 11 2007

looooooool funny !

RekoOo: kela wala el tyoooooooooota 3ad !! ma ar’9aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! 🙂

25 11 2007

rekoo : LOOOL you got a point there 😛


Marzouq : the FJ cruiser is way better than Hummer, kafi enha Toyota =]

Mrm : how come I only see HUMMERS and wanait? =/

Ra7aLaH : sa7 bas ‘HUMMER’ bada3aw, il ‘HUMMER family’ kelhom nafs il-6agga? sh7agga? 😛

Cat : LOOOOL! yasQo6 yasQo6 il HUMMER ya3eesh ya3eesh il PRADO 😛 ok now? 😛

25 11 2007

LOL i hate it. bahrainis got the bug too! faj2a 9araw kel el seyayeer hummerat! lol 😐

26 11 2007

you know shino everywhere, il lexus RX, hathy siiiiiiiiij everywhere!

oo i agreee il FJ 7ada qaweeee

26 11 2007

Missy : in Bahrain too!? OMG!! =[ this is an international problem lol =[

Chirp : LOOOL YES! but Lexus-RX is a different case, again because HUMMER 3indaha chemma hmm 5 series o kelhom 6al 3omrech same shape, fa 3ammat e3yona! =F

26 11 2007

ee mla7’6a hal ayam el banat 9ayreen ysoogoon kella hummarat o cayennat.. la o wainaitat ba3ad.. o el shabab minis, smarts, new beetles and LOL, habbeen bel pink cars (pink is so waiiiii3 on boys)

26 11 2007

Hummers are very comfortable to drive. I wouldn’t mind owning one, but I prefer other cars. A Hummer invasion wala another freaky invasion.

26 11 2007

I hate American cars in general, except Saleen S7 and the Ford GT. The hummer H3 is ugly, cheap looking, and bad build quality, did I mention its over priced?

26 11 2007
Ms. D

my dad 3ndah a7san sayara 7ag elbnat elhummer.. ekasroon elly yaboona bdal ma y2athon ahalhom! DAD IS A CRIMINAL ;p

26 11 2007

iNoor : ahahahah! a girl driving wanait? il HUMMER ar7am 😛

Amethyst : it doesnt look comfortable for a long-drive =/

Linus : yeah the price is too much for a HUMMER =/

Ms.D : salmay 3ala obooch o goleela, ikseb feeni ajer o ghayer rayek 😛

26 11 2007
Ms Loala

Everything is abused here in kuwait 🙂

26 11 2007

I love the FJ cruiser, I think that looks much better than Hummer or even the new Yukon or Tahoe!!

26 11 2007

I have hardly seen any hummers here in states but I guess in kuwait they are like bees 😀

26 11 2007

Ms LoaLa : only when it comes to cars and clothes =/

Speedo : Toyota just introduced the FJ-Cruiser, hopefully HUMMER drivers will soon switch to FJ-Cruiser 😛

26 11 2007

not the HUMMY but YOU !! 😛

sej tara el seyayer bel q8 sayren el kham6a eb robe3 …
elkel 3enda kelshy mashallaaaaaaaaaah

27 11 2007

ok walla 9ij theyre all over the place!! i agree someone somewhere is giving them away for free!

27 11 2007

shather : LOOOL tankS dear :*

princess : khal-ya36oona lol 😛

27 11 2007

tyannen el fj cruiser!!!!! n_____n i would so get it in another lifetime LOL!

27 11 2007

lol! I don’t like the FJ cruiser simply because there was this very rude FJ cruiser drive driving infront of me, and I hate it :p Hummer a7la.

30 11 2007

I can’t understand why do people buy HUMMERs… the car is too big, too ugly, and too expensive!!

30 11 2007

true, theyre all over the place. the fact that they look different, make a statement, and are actually rather cheap makes them popular. hummer managed to come up with a really good sales strategy since their old H1 (which was a lot more rugged and rough). but yes, theyre all over bahrain too. im getting sick of them.

30 11 2007

lol 7lwa tfashehin twayry kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
akaf 9j bshtreha bs wla lo ygolon ly eb n9 denar ma ashtreha .. mm wait n9 denar ?? ashkra 3la 6ol akhth.ha
ym3wda gmt akhorha

1 12 2007

Ma2sat hal sayyara!! it looks like a dabbaba bl shari3! and dont get me started on the pink ones they look like huge men with pink tutu’s!

1 12 2007

vixen : lol! and don’t forget to get me one 😛

N. : khalif tu3raf? 😛

Hitman1 : I too don’t understand why would anyone buy a car like this? =/ : what do you suggest we do with all “HUMMER-drivers” ?:P

Selezya : LOOOL! itha nis dinar, ana bakhth’ha LOL 😛

kaileena : LOL! thalamtay il-dababa allah yhadach 😛

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