See You Next Year! :P

31 12 2007


As another year draws quickly to close. I would first like to take this opportunity to wish every blogger in the blogosphere the best of luck in 2008. I also would like to thank :

MishrefWeld El-ma6aba, the first male bloggers I’ve met before I start my own blog! 🙂

ChikapappiBlue Dress, the first female bloggers, thank you :*

3baid — daloom, saloom, zaloom, first male bloggers after starting my own blog, thank you! 🙂

EstekanaMishari, first arabic bloggers, thank you! 🙂

Jebla, thank you for putting a smile on my parents face! thank you!!:)

Eshda3wa — Enigma, I though you were sisters lol, don’t ask why! lol, thank you!:*

um-mit3ibLoya, the funniest female bloggers lol! thank you!:*

Vixen, thank you!:*

Yara4ever, MOM!!! sidamteni lol 😛 thank you!:*

MacaholiQ8, food posts please 😛 thank you!

Alien 3aba6 Network, amazing posts, thank you! 🙂 

AmethystN., very talented, thank you! 🙂

Cat, XSmall thank you! 😛

Elijah, Kuwait loves you too, thank you!:*

Bin Khaldoon st., problem solver 😛 thank you 🙂

Swair, mashallah most beautiful eyes! thank you!:*

Purgatory, THE WINNER IS البرغ! 😛 thank you 🙂 

Selezya, mita endish il-jaish? lol 😛 thank you!!:*

Ra7aLah, tadreen?? we both love Ads lol 😛 thank you!:*

:::Shayouma:::, soft-hearted! thank you!:*

Chirp, I love you and your mom 😛 thank you!:*

Ms.D, stop using atkins lol =x thank you!:*

suspec, young and mature, kthnxbye 😛 thank you 🙂

iNoor, do you look like the girl in your header? lol j/k 😛 OO POST! =F thank you!:*

SimperLand, thank you for bringing our traditional old songs back! 🙂

Jabriya Za7ma, thank you for entertaining us in ramadhan!:*

Z District, I like the pics along with motorcycles posts lol! thank you! 🙂

Ms LoaLa, Miss designer 😛 thank you!:*

Q8Disaster,  baroo7 e3maan 3ogob il-swar 😛 lol, thank you! 🙂

Barrak, بو خشيم الفار, ثانكيو lol 😛

ammaro, 3ashaw ahal il-Ba7rain 😛 thank you!! 🙂

‘GreY’, Bo-GreY Jr. 😛 thank you!

Stewie, emwaffag inshallah bro 😀 thank you! 🙂

Bojacob, inshallah il-sena il-ydeda tkoun kheir 3ala il-walid, n thank you 🙂

KuwaitSpeaker, 3indi e7saas bitdish majlis il-ommah 😛 thank you 🙂

and a BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU goes to YOU and to everyone!! =o]



IF ..

29 12 2007

1. If everyone were listening to you, what would you say?

2. If you could be invisible for 24hours, what would you do?

3. If you could change your name, what would it be?

4. If you could leave Kuwait and live in any other country, where would you live? and why?

5. If you could run back in time, at what age would you stop? and why?

6. If you could change something in you, what would that be?

Today’s funniest SMS, LOOOOL

في حيه تبكي ، قالولها : ليش تبكين ؟ قالت : الخاين أحبه عشر سنين ، أخر شي طلع هوز

يــا بخـت الدفايـه

28 12 2007



Dafaayte, I envy you =~]


26 12 2007

Ok, that’s interesting! this is showing some creative-thinking!


Toy cars next to REAL cars! lol 😛

2008 NEW LOOK! =o]

25 12 2007

I’m loving my header =~~]

      There’ s something about this clip, something special and rare to find in any other videoclip, AT7ADDDA tgoloon shino? =o]


      *claps* for Yara4ever, she’s the smart one 😛 

      Is it “Allah Ma Yertha?” or else? LOOOOOOOOL

      23 12 2007



      Last week my cousins and I decided to have dinner in a restaurant. As soon as we reached there, I thought It would be nice to sit outside since the weather had turned cooler, so we asked to be seated outside.

      My small-cousin B. (20yrs) told me that it was very uncomfortable for her to sit in ‘where she was actually sitting’, and she wanted to switch places with me oo 6ab3an I refused =F, I refused because my place was very strategic, ye6il 3ala il-waitresses mn wara il-baab, ya3ni incase I needed something =F

      B. was mad at me, after refusing her request 😛 

      –mins later, a waitress showed-up and we gave him our regular order, we waited and waited an eternity for our order to finish, after –mins our order wisal bil-salama =~~~]

      B. and D. needed small-plates so,

      B. : excuse me? WE need small-TABLE

      waitress : what?

      B. : (again lol) WE need a small-TABLE

      waitress : I’m sorry we don’t have small-tables?

      B. : (ham again LOOOL) you can find it in your kitchen!

      B.’s sister D. : small-plates please, we’re sorry


      eksarat kha6ri =[ 

      HaBBy Eid AL-Adaha =~~]

      20 12 2007



      كــل عام وأنتم بخير

      شلون أحط تنوين ؟؟ =o]