Dear Shareef, This post is for you =F

1 12 2007

I gave Shareef (our driver) a piece of paper and asked him to go to the jam3eyya to bring .. (let the pics speak for itself) =[


… Shareef came back with this LOOOL! =~~~]


is my handwriting that bad? or he didn’t like my taste in chocolates and drinks?? lol =F

N. This is YanYan =F


wa shokran 😛




31 responses

1 12 2007

ma zena6teeh ?

1 12 2007


1 12 2007

shareeef doooooooooon’t like it ;p

1 12 2007

Hehehe!!! well… I’d go for the flakes bas not the juice

1 12 2007

No there’s something wrong with Shareef’s eyes! LoooL Your writing is lovely in fact!

1 12 2007

lol!!! I bet he was high on something !!!XD! Your hand writing is fine!! but like I said he was high

1 12 2007

Sheno YanYan maybe it means Kellogs Miel Pops in his language :p

2 12 2007

ambaiiih hatha men 9ejjah? LMAO xD
mara thanya either 6elby men aw entay roo7ay 😛

a5eeeeeeeh YanYan chocolate dip *drools*

2 12 2007

EarthQuaker : LOOOL! rethakht lil-amr il-waqi3 o kalet illy yaabbah =F

Cat : 😛

Purgatory : ahahahah hes not going to eat it =F

Chika : wallah cheeQ it’s not bad, try it

:::Shayouma::: : LOL! my handwriting isnt as good as it used to be =F bs tankS u =~]

Linus : LOL! la 7aram Shareef is Shareef isim 3ala-musama =[

N. : look at the picture 😛 and does Mango KDD mean orange and carrot juice in their language? =/

iNoor : next time tharori aroo7 LOL =[

2 12 2007

What happens behind the scenes is that as he got there, he asked another guy for help and then another, until they become a group of five who can’t figure out what product you want and eventually pick something random just so he can go home.

2 12 2007

LOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!! ya khif 6eenta ! 😛

2 12 2007

LOOL! Yimken 3a6aaah the guy ili bil jam3eyah oo hatha ili yablah iyah 😛
3adi 3adi ams agool 7ag khadamatna itshib bukhoor chan ityeebli filfil!

2 12 2007

hahahahaha … the only explanation is tha he didn’t like ur taste !! Or he did it on purpose … akharto il ratib yimkin??

2 12 2007

Oh I miss Yan Yan 😦

2 12 2007

LOL! That’s just plain weird!

2 12 2007

My Baskal never messes up. Yes, his name is Baskal. He’s not a foxy blonde, more like a brownish gray haired old man with 3 buttons of his shirt open to show his chest hair. Sometimes he dyes it black…!

But to be fair, you could’ve said “YanYan chocolate/biscuit” or something more specific. Even I wouldn’t know what to understand from YanYan..

2 12 2007
Ms. D

just recently ikteshaft ina yan yan is kakaw 3wad! and it was thru blogs 2 yrs ago :p

2 12 2007

3baid : I don’t blame Shareef, I blame those who work in the jam3eyya =F they’re supposed to know the list of products they have =/

um-mit3ibb : LOL 😛

Chirp : LOOL 3ayal il-mushkela takmun ib sayeqna o khadamatkum 😛

meeemo : don’t worry, he gets his salary on monthly basis, fa shakla mit3ammid Shareefo =F

:::Shayouma::: : tabeen adizlich? 😛

Amethyst : LOL uf =F

suspic : LOOOOOOOOOL! say hi to Baskal 😛 and the piece of paper wasnt for Shareef, it was to those who work in the jam3eyya =/

Ms.D : are you serious? that’s one of my fav! =F

2 12 2007
Ms Loala

What an idiot 🙂

2 12 2007

hahahaha! Thats hilarious! The guy really can’t read!

2 12 2007

It is a song 😛

2 12 2007

Ms LoaLa : maskeen, he’s an old man =/

Marzouq : or maybe he decided to bring healthier food lol =~]

Purgatory : eghanoon 3ala Shareef? 😛 ya-bakhtah =F

3 12 2007

hahahaha!!! funny guy walla…
and yan yan….yummmmmmm..

3 12 2007

Lol.. el’6aher hathi 5al6eta el 3ajeeba! t7e6een el juice foog el kelloggs o takleena.. ;p

3 12 2007

wakakakaa, 7elwa :p i miss yanyan :p ybeeelaaaa

worse thing is when the chocolate finishes and you still have like a few biscuits left :S

3 12 2007

Mrm : YUMYUMY! 😀

midoe : LOL staghfar allah =F : if you have some nutella, then its never a problem LOL

4 12 2007

*opens his choco/strawberry yan yan*

I guess maybe he just hates you.. have you thought about that ;p ?

4 12 2007

Abdvllah : LOL! hmm il-sara7a never, but it makes sense ahahahah 😛

5 12 2007

LOOOOL to be honest ma3araft yan yan at first LOL 😛

so i think he was really optimistic bringing POPS! 😀

hahaha bel3afya 😀

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