The Batman Returns =F LOOOL!

2 12 2007

*6olalee6-6olalee6* The home-phone rang as I was eating my second bowl of banana and kiwi.  

ana : alo?

girl : al-salam 3aleikum ekhti

ana : wa-3aleikum al-salam @@

girl : ma3ach il-mashro3 il-wa6ani li-tarsheed il-6aQa 😉

ana : “…yabon ewathfoni? ba3ad il-mokayefat o 6affainaha =F” eey halla? itfathelay @@

girl : 7abeein nashkur ta3awunkum ib-tarsheed il-kahraba fey fatrat il-seif, o al7een dour il-may 😉

ana : “…il-may ba3ad? =/”  inshallah ma3a-ilsalama =~]


This is for Tarsheed (WATER) campaign =]

1. Re-use water if possible.

2. Decrease water volume.

3. Wash cars near grass, so that the grass is watered at the same time.

4. Use a plug in the stink to avoid tap run continuously. 

5. Use a glass of water to take your shower. LOOL j/k

wa shokran 😛

Tanweeh : ma ashteghel ib Tarsheed, bess 3indi 7is wa6ani la akthar wala-aqal =F




19 responses

2 12 2007

LoooooL you have got a tiny smiley on your page! at the very end, in the middle!!!

2 12 2007

lol @ use a glass of water to take your shower 😀

2 12 2007


3endy 7al.

Park on the grass, clean the car and shower at the same time.

2 12 2007

looool! They are a waste of time! we wouldn’t be in this mess if they planned ahead and executed! One of the richest countries in the world and we are running out of energy and water! Wala Fashla!

3 12 2007

Wash cars near grass, so that the grass is watered at the same time.
ya thakeyaaaaaaa

ym3wda athoona 7asbeyala 3lehm

3 12 2007

That’s pretty darn stupid.

Next step will be to form group showers? Step outside o rish your whole family bel hoz?

The problem is, in summer they ask you to turn off your AC. Now in winter, I can’t use my hot water to shower?

“Elraja2 est3mal bi6il abraj 1/4 liter lel shower”

3 12 2007

Tarsheed called once in the summer while I was sleeping! and the chick was asking me if we set the AC to 20c I was like who care bye! they really piss me off! they always call at the wrong time and even send those spamming msg’s twice or 3 times a day! fucking retards!

3 12 2007

Lol.. yalla may5alef nrash-shed shwya.. i’ll be taking 1 shower a day instead of 2 or 3 ;P
o ba3deen 6areeqat el tarsheed ‘3ala6 .. el mafroo’6 ysawoon 7ag kelshay recycling o yfekkona!

3 12 2007

zain etsaween 🙂 la sej, conserving water is important tera… right now we use it like theres no tommorow, but soon its gonna be very limited

bs you can use more than a glass of water for the shower. maybe a bucket. bs not a big one..

here, hathi hadeya 7agech:

3 12 2007

You just reminded me that I wanted to shower! :]

3 12 2007

مــا يستحون، مغازلجية

3 12 2007

:/ Never take showers! Is that ok too?!

3 12 2007

:::Shayouma::: : maChofa maChofa? @@

Speedo : I’m helping 😛

N. : LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! tefawaqt 3alay bil-tarsheed 😛

Marzouq : what causes “fashla”? when people like them, call themselves experts and handle things in a non-professional way =/

Selezya : khal nakteb feehum shi3ir 😛

suspic : ya-khoofey min hatha il-youm =/

Linus : they have a real problem with timing =F

midoe : ga3deen esawon, bs lahyeen ib shay thani 😛 : LOL I was just kidding about the GLASS SHOWER 😛 tankS =]

Purgatory : لا تحطها ib-themmetek (7arf il-thaal ma ye6la3 LOL) =F

Chika : NO =|

3 12 2007


3 12 2007


Am wondering wat is comming after water tarsheed ?!

3 12 2007

Amethyst : 😛

Cat : Electricity, Water, then MONEY? 😛

4 12 2007

LOL.. 7elwa hathi lahyeen eb shay thani! ella naymeen 3ala ro7hom el 7abayeb! na6reen y5ale9 el oil 3ashan n6ee7 3ala 9a5ar!

5 12 2007

LOL aa5 el’6ahir video stan ma faad feekom 😛 LOOL

5 12 2007
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