Ana-O7ebbu-Osratey =o]

5 12 2007




My family loves to watch Syrian TV-series. There is no denying that Syrian actors are talented, their drama is based on a real-well-written script. It makes the viewer say “I WANNA LIVE THERE =F” especially in (baab al-7ara) =o]

MBC1 is now broadcasting (رسـائل الحب و الحرب) at 7:00pm. At that time my mother realized that she had to go to isteqbal and that she can not watch her favorite TV-show. My mother 7abebtey asked me and my small-brother If its possible to set-up the video to record automatically? MY BROTHER JUMPED ..


big-creature : LAAA! ANAAA =F ana gilt widdi atab3ah shakla 7elo =o[ 

small-creature : @@ ok..

My mother left with a smile on her face. She was happy because of her precious kids *sh’hal 3yaal el-lo’o6a?!?* LOL! elmoheeeem, I entered the tape and went to bring some cakes and milk =o]

 … 2hrs later =o]


mother : mashkoora, ana oo obooch binshofah ta3alay

big-creature : jaaaaaaain =~~~]

…. faQast play-button, a big-black spot was all-over the SCREEN =o] hmm, when do we receive a black-screen? il-thakey yejawwib 😛 or let me change the question “DID I PRESS THE REC-BUTTON AFTER ENTRETING THE TAPE IN THE VIDEO?” hehehehehehehehehehehe NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I FORGOT!! =o] LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL 😛

 I cant wait to see my brother’s face =o]




16 responses

5 12 2007

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ;p men il sha6a! i recommend humax hard drive recorder!! its a saver!

5 12 2007

oh youre so gonna get it now :p

5 12 2007


shada 7ayleech w 7altech 7ala w a5er shy mo emsjlaa shy !! law em5lya o5och yesajel wayed a7saan 🙂

5 12 2007

I taught the maid how to record stuff, sometimes stuff are shown when I’m at school or so..but that was in the days before I discovered torrents, or stealing from people who have torrents to be exact.

By the way, some Arabic forums have these shows uploaded on their sites, you can download the episode if your mother’s angry.

5 12 2007

Ra7aLaH : LOOOL allah ma yertha =[ tankS 3al-recommendation : ke7em =o]

Cat : eey allah ma yertha, gal3ety lol 😛

suspic : tankS zuzpic =]

5 12 2007

hehehe!! cool! hey, I never thought of living there myself, so tell me what’s like when you come back 😛 *hug*

5 12 2007

Hahaha.. What did your parents say?

5 12 2007

LOL, ur soooo screwed! >.<

5 12 2007

Haha, you’re so dead. 😛

5 12 2007
Orangina fadidra

tuff luck ;p
next time let the little dude do the job!

6 12 2007

Oh dear :/
Mako re-run?

6 12 2007
Ms Loala

You’re sooo dead if i was your mom you know 😛

6 12 2007

Chika : I’ve always wanted to live in the open-sealing house =o]

Amethyst : ommi : law al7een okhoch imsajla? wella emsajleena automatically? oboy : yallah mekhalif khal inro7 enta3asha, (il-wadh3 mostatiB =F)

Midoe : gat-saleeema ya fandim 😛

MacaholiQ8 : 7addi =[

Orangina : sure will =/

3baid : doubtful if there will be any reruns to catch =/

Ms Loala : I know sada’eene I know 😛

6 12 2007

hahahaha ma7alatkom tishta6oon;p

7 12 2007
Ms. D

b3ad elcake ow elmilk ay mukh eb yebga for recording ;p 3awaafy dear

17 12 2007

um-mit3ib : lol! 7adna =F

Ms.D : allah ye3afeech dear tankS! =o]

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