Newborn cry

6 12 2007


It’s normal to shed tears, It shows you have an emotional feelings. Crying is a normal and healthy behavior. It’s never a sign of weakness. We cry over our loss of someone, mistakes, pain, and regrets. I still do think that when we cry about our “mention what makes you cry” has more to do with how we feel than what it actually is when we say it.

I hate to bring up a sensitive subjects, not that I hate to show my feelings or share them; I do. I actually had a good cry before writing this, and am repeating (لاحول ولا قوة الا بالله) . Crying and venting might help in my healing-process of my deep-pain, but it only helps for a day or two.

I don’t know I might need to remind myself that everything in this world happens for a reason, and it’s better to cry over a reason that an unknown reason. It’s a perfect bliss at least I know why? 

I miss my big-brother 😦




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6 12 2007

akeed its so normal and good .. sometimes we feel v.comfortable when we cry 4 something .. bs enshalah 3ad ma nabchy ela bel2akhbaar el 7elwaa goly ameen

btw.. 3jbtny salfaat badaal onootha looool walah khaltny ard afkr belmawthoo3 :p

6 12 2007
Fast Lane

Ahh so sweet of you to miss your brother 🙂 I am sure he misses you too. cheer up!! and Big girls don’t cry 😀

6 12 2007

Totally agree. I don’t very when I feel sad or down.. Makes you feel better afterwards..

6 12 2007

Oh baby girl, it’s ok to cry every once & a while & be happy for your brother honey, he’s in a better place en sha2 allah :*

6 12 2007
Blue Dress

Heyy *hugz* take it easy. yeah an keep reminding yourself with that… inshalla you will feel better soon… i think crying is weakness… because we can control it yet we dont!

But i guess its something the body has to do.
I hope everything is okay.

6 12 2007

*hugs outkasty*

7 12 2007


7 12 2007

Crying is almost never a sign of weakness.

Hang in there.

8 12 2007


8 12 2007

I hope everything is ok

8 12 2007

***akbar hug bildenya***

Its ok .. do whatever u feel like is right.. eli eray7ech the most

8 12 2007

sweet post

8 12 2007

some of people said ; tears is a sign of weakness
and thas sure wrong , its a natural process that should not be ashamed of it

tears is health and tears wash oneself

يقول الأديب الإنجليزى ريتشارد ديكنز
” إن البكاء يُوسع الرئة ويغسل الملامح ويُدرب العيون وغالباً ما يُهدىء المزاج فإبك كما تريد ” لأنك – أولاً وقبل كل شيء –إنسان له أحاسيس ومشاعر فعبر عن نفسك وانفعالاتك وأطلق العنان لدموعك لتغسل همومك وأحزانك، ولكي تعيد الراحة إلى نفسك والبسمة إلى حياتك.

9 12 2007

Crying is not a sign of weakness. You need to let out whats inside, you shouldn’t keep anything in. Allah ikoon ib3onich inshala.

10 12 2007
عمارو دوت كوم

it is normal to cry. i dont do it though. dunno, i guess im just cold overall.

10 12 2007

Thank all for your support. I appreciate it 🙂

12 12 2007

*hugs* but I know you’re proud of him and he’s in a better place now 🙂

*sighs* I can’t get through a whole day without crying 😦

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