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10 12 2007



(Wednesay) S. Manager opened the meeting and asked the attendees to introduce themselves in brief.  Each member introduced themselves to the rest of the group. During the introduction one of the members “N.E” introduced herself

N.E : Hello everyone, I’m N.E. I graduated from University of Sharjah B. in Civil-Engineering. I’ve been working in (?) Company for a year.

6an-6araaa okh! @@ my uncle works there =o]

(Sunday) I sat down with N.E and we were discussing about her work

ana : Do you know flan el-flaney? @@

N.E : No, is he new?

ana : “khaly new? khaly bageelah sintain o yeser dinasour ehnak =o/” no, he works in the Operations @@

N.E : Oh I’m in H.R.D, I don’t deal with the Operations

ana : What do you do in H.R?

N.E : I am handling the recruitment process

ana : I mean. This is not your place. You’re an engineer MO? @@

N.E : I was very interested to complete my studies in Civil-Eng but sadly I graduated from Kuwait University B. in English literature.

ana : “………!!” interested?

NO COMMENTS!!!!!!!  ya-elahey ma-hatha!!! =o[ ya jema3a If you’re interested in Accounting, taraa that makes you an Accountant!!!! =o]

N.E graduated from :

1) Kuwait University B. in English literature.

2) University of Sharjah B. in Civil-Engineering.





31 responses

10 12 2007

LOL.. Maskeena, yemken feeha enfe9am bel sha59eyya ;P

10 12 2007


The English Department in KU is amazing. Mu kafo!

10 12 2007

:/ I smell something fishy! Go to another HR person & check her record >:) & 7araam your khalo :/

10 12 2007

“6an-6araaa” indeed 😛

10 12 2007

Maybe she continued her education in Sharja? Laish you don’t ask her where she actually graduated from.. really.. :/

11 12 2007

I think she got knocked on the head as child… alah esa3id who work with her if thats what she thinks!

11 12 2007

Meskena la etfashlenha!

she seems unstable 😛

11 12 2007

Hatheee etzayef el 7aqa2eeeq 🙂 7elwa 7aqa2eq 🙂

11 12 2007

Shloun y3ni??

11 12 2007

they could have two degrees ya know… i know a bunch of people who have 2 degrees…

11 12 2007

Mashaaaaaaaaallllllllah… wai3 3ala ppl like that!! ;/ enshallah tenfe’6e7 😛

11 12 2007

Midoe : a3otho billah, atwaqa3 sa7 kalamik 😐

Amethyst : enqahartay 3ala wa7da chathaba? =/

Chika : she’s the only one in the training course that represents her company 😐

3baid : ahahahaha uf! 😛

N. : haw? she’s a liar N. shfeek mo mistaw3eb =F o shako as’alha? 😐 magdar at3amal ma3a chethey fe’at =/

Marzouq : poor girl =/

Mishref : inta il-dr oo inta adra minni ib-hal ashya’ 😛

Hasan.B : LOOOL eey wallah shlon ya3ni =F : the case here is different! she DIDN’T complete her studies in that field there in Sharjah =/

Yara4ever : allah ehadeeha =x

11 12 2007

Enty adra el 9ara7a.. if she lied, then she’s a sad case. :/ Allah e3enech outkasty 3aleha.. :/

11 12 2007
Ms. D

shes homeless.. saw the girl gettin to the training course get into an accident.. the grls bag flew outa the car.. homeless grl looked at the pic in the id and thought oh we have the same name.. yada yada yadaa.. u too met ;p

12 12 2007

متخرجة من المعهد العالي للفنون المسرحية بتقدير امتياااز – ما تشوفينها عايشة الدور؟؟

12 12 2007


12 12 2007


12 12 2007

wadeeha khal yegroon 3laiha bas

13 12 2007

N. : khallas il-course! iftakait 😛

Ms.D : allah il-musta3an =/

iNoor : LOL, JAYYEZ 😛

Selezya : me know this me this? 😛

EarthQuaker : LOOOOOOL

13 12 2007

as u wrote this, she probably realized she lied and is thinking shlon trage3ha later on when she sees u again… i BET u!

13 12 2007
Ms Loala

I hate those who aren’t clear about themselves, who prefere being confusing to others :\

What’s wrong with being honest and acceptably open?!

13 12 2007

LOL maskeeena!!

13 12 2007

Yawch!..wakhray 3anha mn awalha il salfa mo 3adla

13 12 2007

If thats true ena she said shay bil meeting w she told u shay thany, she is dangerous 3alla ur company! Wow, she just came w make ethics? OMG!

By the way, il7amdalla 3alla il3afya, if she says what she wants not the truth, make msdaqeya… Law her manager knows, he should warn her wella kick her out! :S

14 12 2007

ههههههههههه مشكله الواحد اذا نسى جذبته هههههههههه

والله مرض الجذب

14 12 2007
Fast Lane

poor girl :/

14 12 2007

LOL maskeeena maybe she didn’t pass in sharjah thats why she transfered to KU english .. fa shes still in denial 😛

bs 7itan law she was in HR in her last job she’d know most of the ppl in the company. I’ve been at my job 6 months and I know by name a lot of the people that work there, bas ana feeni shwayat legafa 😛

14 12 2007
::: ShoSho :::

LoL poor woman!

14 12 2007

The fact that she works in HR is a good enough sign of her mind not being right 🙂

like we say in our company:

mafey a7ad yishtighil bil HR sa7ey 🙂

15 12 2007

Mrm : u bet me for what? =/ people like her, don’t care if people like me think that she’s a liar 😛

Ms Loala : ask her 😛

Loya : fi3lan maskeena =F

kaileena : eey khallas il-course fakka 😛

Mai : she’s not in my company, that was in a training course 😛

Q8Disaster : lol sedagt 😛

Fast Lane : ya3ni nabchey? 😛

Chirp : 3ad sqe6at wala enja7at, shako etchatheb 3ala il-omma kelha? 😐

ShoSho : 7ad’ha =F

Hitman : lol! okh, e6la3at nathareya 😛

21 12 2007
the simper

i didn’t read the other comments.. but would it be English Engineering 😉

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