Lets Plaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

16 12 2007

shakhbari 😛


Please answer the following questions @@ 

    1. What’s your favorite color? and why?    (Ex. White, pure/clear/fresh/beautiful/nice/calm/..)

      2. What is your favorite animal? and why?

        3. Do you like/love/fear the Sea? and why?

          4. Where would you prefer to live, by the Ocean, or near/in the Mountains?  and why?

            Tanweeeh : Once you are done writing your answers. Write “HEYYAAA” if you want to have your results 3al 3e-email =o]

              wa shokran ;o)




              35 responses

              16 12 2007

              1. Red – because its full of emotions. ITs the color of bloood :p and its sexy hehe

              2. Horses – they’re beautiful and elegant, fast and moody 😛

              3. A little bit of both. LOve it cuz there is so much to it, and i fear it because “il ba7ar ghadar :p”

              4. Mountains, because you would have greenery/lakes/ponds/hiking, snow, skiing, etc.

              16 12 2007

              Wee sorry nesait la agoool HEEEYAAAAA :p

              16 12 2007

              1. Black! Shekshy! >:)

              2. Cats – they are cuddly!

              3. LOVE IT! relaxing, scary! unpredictable dangerous = shekshy!

              4. Ocean! get a tan around the year :p

              Heeeeya! I just felt like saying it! doesn’t matter where!

              16 12 2007

              1- blue, color of the beach, the sky and all the beauties of the world.
              2-Cats- they are freaking cute

              3- Love the sea! its so open and wide, gives you a lot of freedom!
              4- by the ocean. It calm, it feels good to just sit beside the see and chill all night or day.


              16 12 2007

              Shkhabreeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I love it il ba6reeeeq!

              1. What’s your favorite color? and why? (Ex. White, pure/clear/fresh/beautiful/nice/calm/..)

              Orange; energy, life, love

              2. What is your favorite animal? and why?

              Lion; Strong, love it too much
              Cat, soft & dalo3a

              3. Do you like/love/fear the Sea? and why?
              Like to see it, and fear being inside it!

              4. Where would you prefer to live, by the Ocean, or near/in the Mountains? and why?

              by the Ocean, peace, and romance!


              16 12 2007

              1) Black.. like ninjas!

              2) Penguins… because they took over a boat!

              3) Love.. because its fun…

              4) Ocean.. because its a nice view..

              I will write YIPPYYY KAAA YAAAY MOTHER$#$%@#$ as said by Bruce Willis! lol

              16 12 2007
              ::: ShoSho :::

              1.Pink! Why? well because it’s girly! lol I also love white equally I want a house all in white, bed sheets sofa kitchen ,.. everything! It’s calming and pure and modern!

              2.Whales! I just love them and their peaceful nature,,

              3. I love and fear it at the same time. I love it, i feel good when i look at it, and i love sea life and everything but I fear it because I cannot swim e7m e7m ol!

              4. By the Oceon because the mountains is more difficult, it could snow, you can’t drive down.. not always easy for emergencies like hospitals and stuff..

              LooooL HEYAAA.. Omg that is so funny but i want my results as soon as possible please !

              16 12 2007

              1- Black .. it suits me.
              2- Butterflies .. They looks like me 🙂 no, because they come in different colors.
              3- I fear the sea, madry bs a5af mnah.
              4- none of them. el sea ye5awef w el mountains kela a7es feehum houses for yananwa 🙂

              17 12 2007

              1.Blue … Cz i like it ?
              2. Dog ….. RIP Koora ! You’l always be in my heart
              3. Oh I love the sea ! Cz i got a “home by the sea”
              4Ocean … And i am already own a house by the Ocean .


              17 12 2007

              ‘GreY’ : LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! HEYYAA no results =F

              17 12 2007

              1) Blue, I think its calming

              2) Dragon, Um cause its a mythilogical animal 😛

              3) like, because I dont “LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT”

              4) In the mountains, so I can train in ninja ways


              17 12 2007
              Fast Lane

              Blue – cuz I like it … it makes me feel I want to reach the sky 🙂

              Lion – born to be the King 🙂

              I love sea, I am a diver but I get scared diving at night. The nature underwater is scary!

              None – in the desert, chances to live a long life 😀

              17 12 2007

              Please advise if this is a quiz with money involved.

              17 12 2007

              Fast Lane : LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL #4 il-so’al yaa mu7eee6, ya jebal, il-sa7ra yayeb’ha min bait’hoom sh7agga =F

              Purgatory72 : lol basameek (7anthal) 3ala hal tafkeer =o]

              17 12 2007

              1. Purple = mysterious
              2. Serpents = witty/sexy
              3. Love the sea = gives me serenity
              4. Ocean = again, open water gives me serenity


              18 12 2007

              1) yellow , cuz its a happy color :p wai3 shal jawaab lol
              2) Bears, cuz they hybernate just like me, and theyre so cute i just wana jump on them and cuddle :p
              3)I LOVE THE SEA! cuz its a place where u can both relax and have a good time, i love catching fish and crabs, and anything to do with the ba7ar
              4)By the ocean,i’d love to wake up to a beautiful view of the ocean, its just so relaxing

              HEEEEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! umm ok

              18 12 2007
              Personality Test « The Chirp Stories

              […] 18, 2007 by Chirp So I played the game on Outkastys blog, then she emailed me the results (Thanks […]

              18 12 2007

              baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal men wain 6ala3teeha hathi!? 3ajeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb 😀 chayki my site at the top fee 80s and 90s section, yamken ya3jebech 😉

              What’s your favorite color? and why? madri. black. cuz its COOL :p

              2. What is your favorite animal? and why? dolphins. cuz theyre clever!

              3. Do you like/love/fear the Sea? and why? i like the beach :p not the sea

              4. Where would you prefer to live, by the Ocean, or near/in the Mountains? and why? next to the ocean! baaaal sej shai. in california 3ad :p

              18 12 2007

              1. Black – It calms me (Burgundy red and Blue are my favorite too)

              2. Griffin – I know it’s not real but it’s just awesome!

              3. I love the sea when ancient ships and boats are involved – cuz you can take beautiful shots from it!

              4. In the Mountains – Mountains have this amazing fresh air and incredible views!

              18 12 2007

              1. pink – its bold and gurly, very typical;p

              2. dont have one

              3. love it, it makes me feel light;p plus when u fall off of jetskis or whtever, it doesnt hurt;p

              4. ocean, its a better view


              18 12 2007

              1. Purple, no reason 😛
              2. horses, beautiful creatures!! and dogs cause their crazy.
              3.Love the sea, calm
              4. Mountain, yemken ako monkeys fa wanasa 😛 i already live by the sea

              + that penguin game 7adda 9A55AAR!!

              18 12 2007

              1. White: because its virginal ^^
              2. Horses: They make me feel like we’re one, when I’m riding,
              3. Love the sea – I’m a cancerian it’s my nature!
              4. Ocean: Even better- in the ocean! The water is my home ^^

              Heyyaaa 😛

              18 12 2007

              1.Orange,cause its loud ! when mestansa it suits o when im not it makes me happy lol

              2. Goldfish!3shan it comes in orange:P o 3shan its so calm bs once itjableenhum tendmjain PLUS the jars u put them in are soo cool;p

              3. ma7eba zood la’ana male7 ey3wer e3yoone :/

              4. cityside ma7eb el6abe3a! ymken ocean shway

              oo HEYYYAA!

              3eddch embarak:D

              19 12 2007

              1- kel 3am o0 entay bkhair… 3edch mbarak
              2- blue and black like my website/ just love it 🙂 pink too
              lol alot
              3-umm birds … they r free and they can fly in the sky also they look so cute :$
              4-love and sea 🙂 love cuz we all love the love and we need it 🙂 while the sea its just can make u feel so good and happy
              5- both of them :p but n ocean more .. u feel lively
              6- heyaaaaaaaaa

              20 12 2007

              1. Blue. Cuz it’s full of life.
              2. White tiger. Beautiful and wild.
              3. No.
              4. Anywhere quite is good.

              What email results?? HEYYAA I guess. :/

              20 12 2007

              كل عام و أنتم بخير
              و تقبل الله منا و منكم

              20 12 2007

              I want i want!! it’s not too late is it?

              1. Red, because it’s full of passion. The shade of blood is intriguing. It’s also sexy as hell when it’s not overwhelming
              2. Butterflies, they’re beautiful to look at, especially when they flutter their wings
              3. Hate is too harsh a word, I don’t hate it but it’s so vast and scary, it looks as if it will consume you.
              4. Even though I say it’s scary, I prefer to live by the ocean cuz the view would probably be spectaular and I can’t tolerate cold weather!


              20 12 2007

              Chirp : ok sent

              Chikapappi : ok sent

              Linus : ok sent

              Mai : ok sent

              Marzouq : ok sent

              ShoSho : ok sent

              Cat : ok sent

              Fast Lane : ok sent

              TAT : ok sent

              Amethyst : ok sent

              il-du3a il-thanya i’ll prepare your results inshallah today/tomorrow =o]

              20 12 2007

              Brilliany : و أنتم بخير =o]

              22 12 2007

              Nwair : ok

              ammaro : ok

              kaileena : ok

              um-mit3ib : ok

              loya : ok

              vixen : ok

              dalaleen : ok

              Selezya : ok

              Mac : ok

              Enigma : ok

              sorry for the delay =[ wa shokran 3ala il-entethaar =o]

              23 12 2007

              Ok what? I don’t get it. :/

              23 12 2007

              Mac : check your e-mail! lol =|

              24 12 2007

              There’s nothing in my email! :/

              24 12 2007

              Mac : LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL SORRY!!! I sent your results to someone else, ma shift il ER ib-your email..

              ok check now LOL =F

              27 12 2007
              Mad White Woman

              1- White because it’s calm, fresh, soothing.
              2- ALL animals *ALL*. no insects/no sharks
              3- I fear the sea because of sharks!
              4- By the ocean. Because mountains are filled with insects!


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