Is it “Allah Ma Yertha?” or else? LOOOOOOOOL

23 12 2007



Last week my cousins and I decided to have dinner in a restaurant. As soon as we reached there, I thought It would be nice to sit outside since the weather had turned cooler, so we asked to be seated outside.

My small-cousin B. (20yrs) told me that it was very uncomfortable for her to sit in ‘where she was actually sitting’, and she wanted to switch places with me oo 6ab3an I refused =F, I refused because my place was very strategic, ye6il 3ala il-waitresses mn wara il-baab, ya3ni incase I needed something =F

B. was mad at me, after refusing her request 😛 

–mins later, a waitress showed-up and we gave him our regular order, we waited and waited an eternity for our order to finish, after –mins our order wisal bil-salama =~~~]

B. and D. needed small-plates so,

B. : excuse me? WE need small-TABLE

waitress : what?

B. : (again lol) WE need a small-TABLE

waitress : I’m sorry we don’t have small-tables?

B. : (ham again LOOOL) you can find it in your kitchen!

B.’s sister D. : small-plates please, we’re sorry


eksarat kha6ri =[ 




19 responses

23 12 2007

hehehehe …

soooo u ended up having how many tables on ur table ?!

23 12 2007

LOL! :p kela menech shofy eshsawety feha

24 12 2007

ola!! Tera I got lost by that whole event! Lets go over it one more time, and a little bit more visual details! loool!

That kid is hilarious!

24 12 2007

LOL.. kellish mo fashla ;P

24 12 2007
Blue Dress

Yemken imwa9lah. i do that sometimes laman awa9il ;p

24 12 2007


faqeera ! 😛

24 12 2007

oh and 6ERBAAKH !

24 12 2007

lol I guessed what she wanted maybe the waitress needs to take critical thinking lessons 😛

24 12 2007

Wahahahahahahahahahaha (6)

24 12 2007

its not that embarrasing. its embarrasing when you do smoething silly like that infront of a huge number of people :p khal etgol ashwa it was only you guys :p

24 12 2007

Cat : five small-PLATES lol 😛

N. : killa ana killa ana =F

Marzouq : akthar min hal details magdar 😛

Mideo : fashla, bas ana 6awaftlaha hal marra 😛

Blue Dress : lol! latwasleen! 😛

um-mit3ibb : what does 6erbaakh mean? lil7een mo fahmat’ha =[

TAT : la wallah, my cousin needs that lesson not the waitress 😛 : but it is more embarassing to do it infront of (someONE) ure mad at 😛

24 12 2007

hehehe ma7ad shaf ma7ad shaf 😛

24 12 2007

alah ur look il yideeeda et’habil;p

love the car !

25 12 2007

Aaaa7 hal badliyat are physically painful!

Mskeena yella tikbar o tinsa loool!!!

25 12 2007

aya shammata :r yenkhaf menech walla

25 12 2007
Fast Lane

Its confusing :S aby more details pzz 😀

25 12 2007

shather : bs ana bs ana 😛

um-mit3ibb : LOL thanks, I’m lovin’ it too 😛


EarthQuaker : ma tishammat abadan =F

Fast Lane : you obviously didn’t get it 😛

26 12 2007

loool, i can see that happening with me. Miskeena!

29 12 2007

weeeh fashla hahaha

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