Status : Single

30 01 2008


Some of us won’t stay single for too long. And some might end up without a husband/wife. I remember me thinking when I was a teenager that marriage would be “lil’asaf” very silly. You fall in love with HIM because his mother saw you in a wedding party, they propose, and you accept! and there you go, a perfect marriage. Hmm?! very silly and I refuse to get married just like that, and that doesn’t mean I want a love-relationship and a big romantic story before marriage. Its not complicated as some might think. 

I believe that marriage should/must be a life-time marriage. Marriage is all about commitment, Commitment is all about understanding each other, and to understand your other half then you must be honest. Cause honestly is all about love. And love comes after choosing the right person.

It is very easy to get married. Any can get married at anytime. But is that marriage going to survive? Both will face a colossal number of challenges in life. And they need the power to face it. That power doesn’t come from one’s physical appearance nor their education or even their money. It comes from their sacrifices to each other to help this marriage to survive.

Here are some questions to ask :

1. Are you ready? Y/N [please mention your reasons] 

2. How you want your partner to be?

3. Priority? [physical appearance/education/personality/family/religious]

If you have something to add/ask. Please feel free to do so.

zain yallah mita afra7 feekum? abi azaghra6! 😛





35 responses

30 01 2008

oh my god! you read my mind!! walla I was going to post about Marriage turnoffs !! I love you! enshallah enti awwal o ba3deen ana after you :*

31 01 2008

1- N, alot of reasons!
2- the way I think, etkoon jwaneb ktheera meshtirka beena, tbeeni ana mo 3shan my money or what ever it is!
3-family, {physical appearance + personality + education} all at the same time.. afathel etkoon sfoor ma a7eb etkoon wayd dayna zyada 3an el lzoom o no problem etha kanat mt7ajba..


31 01 2008

funny.. i was talking about this last night with one of my co-workers.. and its weird have views can differ so much about the issues of love and marriage…
I think in the past few months I found more people that didn’t care less of love in marriage.. as if marriage was just ‘the thing to do’.. and love.. Who knows what the hell that means..
so.. im gonna answer ur questions..
1. Are you ready?
No, I feel like there’s still i need to do to grow as an independent person away from a partner.. but at the same time
Yes, if the right person comes along..

2. How you want your partner to be?
I dont think i can describe the person I want.. because its all in relation to that person.. but if i have to i would say.. honest, passionate and unpredictable.

3. Priority? [physical appearance/education/personality/family/religious]
Can I be Vain…. but physical appearance is a important to me as personality.. but in the end.. the main priority would be they’re purity..

31 01 2008
::: ShoSho :::

That’s not valid for me because too bad, I’m screwed 😦 Khalas looool

31 01 2008

Chika : LOOOL! I love you too! :*

Aziz : inshallah youll find her someday 🙂 and welcome to my blog!

Kamiliya : how can that be? a marriage without love?@@ please do me a favor and tell them to stay away from marriage and to stick to their work =/, and you inshallah you will find the perfect person with the perfect personality 🙂


31 01 2008

I’m staying single forever. But there is a possibility that they’ll use magic to get me hitched lol!

31 01 2008

1. No, I’m not ready. I believe that I’m too young, and I still have goals to acheive before I commit to a person. I need to get over my commitment frenzy;p Plus, I’ve been told that I have to compromise to be able to work it out, and right now, I’m in no state to compromise anything:)
2. Honesty comes first, then makes me laugh, understanding, and loyal!
3. Personality aham shay, then the rest. I used to say ena religion doesn’t matter as long as he believes in God, but my parents flipped;p Unfortunately, and as shallow as this may sound, looks matter;)

31 01 2008

1. Are you ready? Y/N [please mention your reasons]

Never been ready s much as now, I’ve been with her for 2 and a half years, and I know for a fact that I can only live with her and only her…

2. How you want your partner to be?


3. Priority? [physical appearance/education/personality/family/religious]

Personality, Education, Physical Appearance, Religion then Family.

31 01 2008

Linus : LOOOL! tara afattin 3ind hatheek elli eb postik 😛

Amethyst : as long as ure +18 3ayal ure ready 😛 inshallah allah yarzigich ib-wild il-7alaal 🙂

SpikeY : allah ewafgikum oo yas3idikum inshallah! 🙂

31 01 2008

wala ana somehow i already got married but ill still answer your Q’s

1. believe it or not, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…! im still too young… marriage fee wyd responsibilities and you have to give up a lot of things in life

2. respectful, understanding, not stubborn or gets mad bser3a

3. i would say, 3agla, fahma, 7elwa, metdayna (in that order)

31 01 2008

Dear outkasty
Very good post

As you can find in my blog

That I am a mum

I got marriage when I was 17

And thank god that I have married to my other half in this world

I don’t mean that we have every thing in-common but we complete each other

I did not know him before marriage, but we spend time together when he was my fiancée

I believe you are not married yet
And I wish you all the happiness with your man in the future in sha alah

And don’t forget to invite me for your wedding

You said:
“It is very easy to get married. Any can get married at anytime.”

And I think this is not true, especially in today’s turbulent and very open world
If there is, in any way
Then this is causing the huge number of divorces

I do agree with you
That naturally life must be shared between husband and wife
The need of good communication skills would support their long lasting marriage life

This is the second post about husband and wife since yesterday when I have posted my latest post about a book I just finished reading

I wish you all the best my friend and all of you who are posting in this blog

31 01 2008

ammaro : we all have responsibilities towards our self/family/work/society oo ghairha, marriage is not hard! It helps you move on and in sharing responsibilities between 2people as a team or a couple is much easier than one person doing it all, I do believe as i previously mentioned, that choosing the right person is very important to help you face all these things together

Manal : wow! 1st, welcome to my blog and thank you so much for you wonderful visit and your sweet comment.

Now, I think you got me wrong when I said “anyone can get married” I think you’ve only read that and didn’t complete the other part which made you misunderstand my point. The second part was “But is that marriage going to survive?” I hope Its clear now 🙂 Thanks again!

1 02 2008

3. Priority? [physical appearance/education/personality/family/religious

Family+education+personality are all equally important. If a guy has a PhD, but he is not raised well, then sheno basawee eb shahadta? By family I don’t mean a big name, I mean well mannered oo metrabby 3adil. Obviously he has to have an education, even if he’s the sweetest guy in the world and rich, cuz his Daddy’s money could go away in a minute. And of course, he has to have a good personality.

Followed by religious- as long as he’s not an unbeliever

Then physical appearance- La ykoon jaikar 3ad!

AnD I’m not ready to raise a family so I guess I’m not ready for marriage.

1 02 2008

waih lo i start writing for this jad many imkhalsa:P

1 02 2008

YUCK, I hate it when moms choose their sons’ wives.. I never supported this kinda marriage, nor the marriage that comes after a 7aram “7bny o a7bik” relationship. As I see, it’s CUTE (it REALLY is) when the man choose his wife on his own because they have lots of thing in-common and both of them think they suit each other.. aww

1. Are you ready? well, I’m ready to be a MOM, ready to take care of a house, yet not ready to take care of a husband lol. a7is mas2oleyat el husband akbar men mas2oleyat el bayt wel 3yal 😛

bas anyways, I want my husband to be tho mowa9afat 5a99a lol…
– Lebnaynay men lejnoob (mama 7a6at hal fekra b rasy, wela ana knt aby amreeky Muslim lol)
– mo msta3mal 😛
– religious & smart
– kiiiiiiind & 7anoooon
– ma ykoon amla6 (eww)
– yekrah video games + ANIMES!!!
– whiter than Snow-white o 3yoona mlawna
– yofa’9al ykoon yteem o wa7eed, oh and in6ewa2y (just like me lol)
– I want to live with him either in Lebanon (lejnooob) or in the States (mid or north west)

مابي اتشرط وايد (شعقبه؟) لأن وايد تشرطوا وكان نصيبهم العكس تماما

1 02 2008

خط الدجاج ما يخلني أقرأ البوسط عدل، بليز كبري الخط

as for your questions, not interested in marriage and will not list my reasons, I will just enjoy being a single guy chasing chubby chicks.

1 02 2008

I love kids, bs not for me. I already planned everything w how I’m gonna live my life without marriage.

1 02 2008

Enigma : lol! allah yarzigich inshallah ili tabeena

um-mit3ib : please gharday 😛

iNoor : allah yhadach tabeen wa7ed emfassal tefsaal lol

Purgatory : zain ana shlon a3arif 7ajm il-kha6 il-6abe3ey? =/ 3indi ehney enna 7ajm il-kha6 zain

Perfecty : and why is that dear?

1 02 2008

No need questoins about marriage its just marriage it happen to anyone surprisingly,yes and no or no and yes they’re easier to Answer…marriage is marriage and single is single how simple and obivious..I choose marriage and I’am in love and satisfied with my love o doom ya rab:) Ps: hard to find the right one << very fame scentence to whom are single but when they found their right soulmate and fall in love eeem why not thinking about marriage and to those who fears and worry about marriage well Stop please it can ruin the marriage miss and mr..Think positive !

1 02 2008

Then either you use a different browser setting or you like reading tiny font.

1 02 2008
orangina fadidra

awal shi I’m too young I feel that my lift just started. 1st start doing some changes around me. and for myself after graduation, ya3ni my life should include huge achievements etc… mo 3alla 6ool i look for someone to complete my life! at some point I’ll someone to share with the life I created for myself.

also I’d like to add men come and go threw out all stages of life fa no worries..
as for the characteristically undecided ;p

1 02 2008

Dr.paula : you think that am being negative? you probably didn’t read my post =/

Purgatory : ok @@

Orangina fadidra : men come and go? please explain =|

2 02 2008

1. Are you ready?
Mentally, no. Materially, yes. Marriage is commitment and I know it’s not a game. If I’m not sure I’m going to give my partner all she wants and please her then why tear her up with me?

2. How you want your partner to be?
Sophisticated and well mannered, that’s all I’m asking. Looks comes after personality though don’t get this the wrong way, I don’t want to end up with what Canadian’s call a butterface (But-Her-Face)! ;p

3. Priority?
In order… Personality, religion, education, physical appearance, family.

2 02 2008

Don’t kid yourself. Mommy and daddy are gonna choose for you anyway.
Same goes for the rest of you girls.

2 02 2008

MacaholiQ8 : rabbina yerzo’ak yakhooya 😛

Abdvllah : when was the last time you checked out the calendar? tara its 2008 =/

2 02 2008

which makes it even worse

2 02 2008

you’re right i had a mistake between two blogs and talks about marriage both sorry 😛

1. Are you ready? Y/N
yes, marriage is safety.

2 02 2008

Abdvllah : lol

Dr.paula : heyyaaa! 3aad invite me to your wedding! 😛

2 02 2008

i dont think i’ll ever be ready ;p
i get bored ibser3a, sbo3ain oo bamel minnah ana darya ;p

2 02 2008

Shoosha : hmm itha tezawajtay athakrech ib commentich 😛

3 02 2008

Mentally I believe I am, el7emdillah.But I dont want to get married just yet.. Plus he who takes my breath away hasnt come along yet 😛
Funny, Mature, and Kind mainly.
” Laysa al Rajol Man Qal Kan Abi.. Bal Howa Man Qal Ha Ana Tha ”


Mainly personality.. Family matters because just does. A couple should be compatible ya3ne.

4 02 2008
Ms. D

i have no idea ana shlon bakon wetha agdar at7amal mas2oleya.. its somethin i havent experienced yet.. so i cant b sure of how or whatll happen..

bottom line.. 3ndy i7sas qawe ina mara7 atezawaj.. ;p

ow shoosha sadgey ow amney inha betge6 elrayil in 2-4 weeks MAX ;p

4 02 2008

Ms.D : lol! ma yindara 3an shoosha o intay la etesha’emaain =F

18 02 2008

Uve described MARRIAGE the same way I consider it to be!

22 02 2008

i never imagine myself as a married person

mabi atzawwaj :P~

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