Inzain o Ba3dain?

5 02 2008


    Freedom is Freedom as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. If you want to do something and it doesn’t hurt anyone then you are free to do it. A lot of people would rather live in an limited-freedom society than a society with a total freedom and hurting people at the same time.

      I had dinner with my family today at a nice lebanese restaurant. We saw a bunch of creatures who were supposed to be “men?”, but sadly they were acting like “girls”. They were disgusting. I wonder if its possible for anyone to say that its an acceptable fact that ‘a guy acting like a girl’ and ‘a girl acting like a man’. Well, It’s indefinable and unacceptable, because It’s against human nature which means It is completely wrong. And It’s forbidden. Which I remember a 7adieeth of our Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

       قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وعلى آله وسلم
      لَعْن الله المتشبهين من الرجال بالنساء والمتشبهات من النساء بالرجال

        Allah created MAN and WOMAN, Male and Female, Adam and Hawa. And we people don’t create we only invent, So I think that this “bad/sick attitude?” If I may call it, was invented by a sick person who badly needed an attention, and that person found a bunch of sick people and they were taught the simple rules of being an un-definable, sick person living on earth.

          They strongly need help.




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            5 02 2008

            You know a colleague of mine just showed me a profile on Hi5 (EWWW) which is for a guy bas his pictures sez he’s gay :$ !! it is weird and I wonder where are the parents from this? what is their rule leaving their kids to grow up like that.. maskhara

            5 02 2008

            are you willing to help them? sadly only few men remain these days

            5 02 2008

            w ba3dain y3ny o ba3dain haa?
            ma y9eer haykeeeee hay9errrrr

            5 02 2008

            i understand that ur against it because ur considering religion, but put that aside and tell me what offends u…whats disgusting to u might be natural to some1 else..they have a right to express themselves as much as we do so who are we to judge them? girl, boy, girl/boy, boy/girl, these are just labels we use to group ppl 2gether, it makes it easier for us to deal with them..take away the labels and look at the person then decide if they disgust u or not

            5 02 2008

            hahaha 3amar ya segregation ;p

            its really funny 😛 (well not the gay part) but wht the parliment fights for 😛 and then look at the result:P?

            5 02 2008


            5 02 2008

            Its a very true statement, freedom with a certain amount of respect, but what these creatures do is unacceptable!

            5 02 2008

            You said it yourself it’s “acting”, hence it’s not the true form. I find them either hormonally imbalanced, or psychologically imbalanced. It’s against human instinct and a creation of the human mind. Just because it doesn’t hurt anyone doesn’t mean it’s right.

            What I don’t like is how it’s public in a supposed muslim country. It’s offensive to the state and its people.

            5 02 2008
            Hamitaf La BookaY

            Beware .. you are now about to be called a Homo-phobe!! Allah yab3edna 3an hal ashya’a.. :$

            5 02 2008

            They want attention… that’s all

            5 02 2008

            Chika : those aren’t afraid from Allah, fa they can sin in-front of their parents and everyone else =/

            TAT : oopps! a sad fact =/

            Selezya : dishay il-jaish o zifeehum! 😛

            fashionated : ok, I’ll leave religious reasons aside. I think It goes against human nature in atleast ONE fundamental way. No one can deny that it diregards the natural use of the sexual organs of both “man” & “woman”. If they were natural (which is not) then they would be capable of a relationship in marriages. Allah designed “men” and “woman” to complete each other in both emotionally and physically.
            Thanks for passing by!

            um-mit3ib : im7arbitich ro7ay maal il-3emyan 😛

            Amethyst : nice smile 😛

            Marzouq : exactly!

            suspic : bro, It does hurt! =/

            Hamitaf : I’m not, o ameen! Thanks for passing by!

            iNoor : It might be more than that, who knows =/

            6 02 2008

            I wish someone would explain to them what gayness means lol! They think that being gay, you have to act like a girl lol!!!

            6 02 2008

            Everyone needs help nowadays, everything is in reverse.. well, Allah ya7fethna all..

            6 02 2008

            I just found this, I knew you’d like it so here you go.

            6 02 2008

            they’re really inconsequential. if you put all the gays in the world in their own separate country, you come back after 50 years and it would cease to exist.

            deluded zeroes on the left.

            6 02 2008

            I second marzouk!

            6 02 2008

            Linus : Isn’t it all about being a girl? =/

            N. : lol! thanks! amot 3al Ads!! 😛

            falantan : very smart, thats what am trying to explain to fashionated

            Amu : yup you both are right 🙂

            6 02 2008
            the simper

            there was never a point in all of life’s history that was 100% all good! i think this is how God wants life to be, they are there for a reason!

            7 02 2008

            Why can’t we all love each other ?

            7 02 2008

            the simper : and what would be their main reason?

            greyshorts : I don’t hate normal people

            7 02 2008

            etloo3 chabdi menhom!!! i can see that there is nothing that could make a Man manipulate what God has created, hiding behind psychological reasons. el 7emdellah wel sheker..

            7 02 2008

            When I get the gun on my wish-list I’ll annihilate them all.

            7 02 2008

            That is why you should only eat where I eat ;p

            7 02 2008

            Soul : sajja dear! alf il-7amdillah wil-shikkir

            MacaholiQ8 : LOL! e7na in3eeen win3awin 😛

            Purgatory : and where do you eat? @@

            7 02 2008

            They do need help, but its not always a psychological problem, some have hormonal disorders that triggers this sort of behavior and that needs immediate treatment..psyhological and medical

            8 02 2008

            Nicely said and nicely put. Especially the Holy 7adeeth.

            By the way i don’t know why, but to me, seeing guy act like girls makes me laugh… but seeing a girl acting like guys freaks me out! lol

            8 02 2008

            Kaileena : allah yashfeehum =|

            Canc3riaN : LOOOOL! hehehe tha7akteeni 😛 o thanks, o welcome to my blog dear

            8 02 2008

            so whats your point? mushkela this is increasing and not much we can do about it… you know the final hour is getting closer when guys look like girls and girls look like guys…

            8 02 2008

            And I thought we began to adapt to it !!!

            Seems some ppl haven’t yet!! 😉

            KOOOOOL IT BABY !!!

            9 02 2008
            orangina fadidra

            I agree with kaileena they need both hormonal and psychological help. moreover, an expert in sexuality behavior or so, will be need.

            about segregation: Balla hathiila wen be76onhoom mens side or female side or undecided side!!!

            9 02 2008
            the simper

            dear.. i have no idea.. but this is the only thing i can think of.. God knows best!

            do i like all what i see in life? no.. do i know why every thing is made that way? nooo..

            got my idea? 😉

            9 02 2008

            ammaro : actually we can do something

            desert-roses : your reaction to the subject is kinda weird, I think we should speak up against that, we can’t adapt this kind of behaviour and we should not tolerate any unacceptable behaviour

            orangina fadidra : lol! sajja wen enwadehum?! 😛 mal 7arg! 😛

            the simper : I understand your point, and I agree with you!

            9 02 2008

            Tough subject to decide about…but I think some people are just pretending to be the way they are to atract attention, not because they are suffering an identity crisis or a biological malfunction, you know? And those people need guidance

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