One missed call = The ringtone

2 03 2008

They should consider of renaming it, to be ”The ringtone” =/

*the poster doesn’t really have anything to do with the movie*


I’m just glad I didn’t waste my money on this and I was invited to watch this ke7em. but I wish I could request a refund for the 00:hrs of my time it wasted.

il-zebda? tewaqa3 7etta il-yananwa 3indehom mobiles =/




32 responses

2 03 2008
::: ShoSho :::

Ok that looks scary!!!

2 03 2008

yaaaay im glad u posted this my friend has been nagging to go:P

3 03 2008

3yoonaa 7looj ?


3 03 2008

7rgty l film 3ly !

3 03 2008

The poster looks creepy, but WTF? I guess hollywood is dieing! I don’t see any good movies anymore. Most of them suck even though they spent millions on them

3 03 2008

It’s a waste of TIME!

3 03 2008

looooooool Well i am lucky i didnt go to it at all 😛

3 03 2008


3 03 2008

you should always check Rotten Tomatoes before you go to any movie.

This one got the record low of 0%! out of 61 reviews. never seen that before.

3 03 2008

aham shay enha ra7at el mostashfa el ma7rooqa broo7ha! ana law menha chan metkawda eb rob3a lamma el 6oofa o an6er lain ma tethba7ni. hatha etha ma met broo7i men el 5ar3a.
la bas sa5eef el film.
ta tan tatan! ta tan tatan <– el tone lol sajalt’ha bel cinema ;p

3 03 2008

all the new horror movies are the same nowadays… sa5afa zayda…

and that poster is disgusting

3 03 2008

the pic looks scary!!

3 03 2008

ShoSho : the movie doesn’t have a story, bil-kuwaity .. kharbooo6eeey

vixenfatale : lol! please don’t

um-mit3ib : elli ye7er, enna hatha bo-3yoon 7looj 3ala goltech, ma shifnaah bil film lol

mishref : sadegni 7ag masla7tik lol

Linus : and I thought the problem is with KNCC =/

zainoba : 7ADDDA!!! MIN OMMMAH =[

G : tell your friends lol

Chirp : enyahahah

falantan : I should, thank you!

Soul : LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, tekfain hathi il-laQ6a il-wa7eeda elli il-kel 6alla3ha min il-film, hatha daleel inna il-film fashil fashal thareee3 lol

ammaro : oo ‘one missed call’ is the silliest

Amu : guess what? we didn’t see that scary-face in the movie lol

3 03 2008

I don’t know about the movie, but that poster is FUGLY!

3 03 2008

lool, that’s true…u always have this funny comment u throw in the post at the end 😛

3 03 2008

rfeeji y7in yabe yro7la, bs m7ad yimda7 elfeeelim. =O

..fa al7en yabi yro7 7g aljazeera 7arb el93aida.

3 03 2008
Big Pearls

is it a face? willa 3 faces? laa o mobile ba3ad? kimalna!

3 03 2008

I heard it was really bad! 7amdilla I didn’t go! lool!

3 03 2008

Bas tara wayedd yimdi7ouna!?;p

3 03 2008

i watched the Japanese version it was awful, I bet American sucked even more -__-

3 03 2008

i knew it ashwa ma re7t
by the way twni ala7e’6 el poster lol el eyes though i saw it many times 😛

3 03 2008

Amethyst : Ame ya Ame, 7imday rabbich ma re7tay lol

KWT23 : it’s in my blood *YA KERHEEEEY* LOOOOL! thanks bro =~]

suspic : ee bas ro7oolah yom il-athnain, ya3ni bil kuwaity? dinaaar o nuss LOOL

Big pearls : lol 7adda ma’asawey, o thanks dear for passing thru my blog

Marzouq : 7adda il-7emdellah lol, ana agool esjid sejood il-shekir lol

Houliee : mino il-7awal elli maad7aa?? LOL, o thanks dear for the visit

Dreamy : japanese version? wow, you know japanese? @@ and thanks for passing by dear

OutOfReach : LOL! ee! ta3aasaa il-poster, Qasib ru3b =F o thanks dear for your visit

4 03 2008

ee 6ab3an
akeed elyananwa yt6aweroon ma3ana
i wouldnt be surprized if they have blogs

4 03 2008

with these movies watch the japanese version and not the hollywoodized piece of crap

4 03 2008
orangina fadidra

hahaha even yananwa have mobiles!
I heard that its too scary, that you can move o ashya2..
and scene ‘s where butchered?

4 03 2008


TAT : shfeekom 3al japanese lol!

orangina fadidra : la, faashil, killish maykhari3 lol, bs mash’had wa7ed elli shway ykhar3, elli ana o soul khifna minnah lol .. check soul’s comment 😛

4 03 2008

LOOOOOOOOL eee m3a enna sa5eef bas ya naaas roo7aw shoofooh m3a group of ur friends! tara fa9la.. ana kel sa3a ath7ak bel cinema ;p a7acheech!!! el sher6i 9ej maaat wela eyqo9oon 3alaina!

4 03 2008

Soul : LOL ee! tewaffa il-rayyaal =F

5 03 2008
G and L

yummmaa it looks scary. ba3ad hatha ile nagi9..ynanwa ydigoon! kafee kil dgega wa9latlina da3aya malaina;p

5 03 2008
the simper

so.. what is the story all about? is this guy on the poster related to the SCREAM guy from that movie?

5 03 2008

G and L : LOOOOOOOOOL! sajja! ma tiswa 3alena il-khar3a =F

the simper : lool, 3yal 3am 😛 mako qissa, allah wakelek, il-film 3ebara 3an mobile’at

9 03 2008
Hamitaf La B

Is it worse than I know who killed me?
3ad 7asafa.. I was totally dying to see this movie… !!

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