22 03 2008

I haven’t yet had my wisdom tooth out, but I’ve had a lot of pain (toothache/headache) and now I’m very terrified of having my wisdom teeth extracted, but I know I’ve got to have them out sooner or later! =/


I’m in need of a GOOD dentist, any recommendations would be helpful?

(thank you in advance)




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22 03 2008
Ms. D

3eyadat elkhalej are good and abha.. i presonally go to bad al ansari clinic

22 03 2008
G and L

Ask me in 5 years and i’ll do your teeth for free;p

22 03 2008

I wouldn’t know. Sorry;\

22 03 2008

Al-Fozan up in muhallag! My sister took out her wisdom tooth and it was done in less than 30 mns! less painful than she thought it would be,she said! marra I did a root canal there, I gotta say it was done professionally. If you go there, ask for Dr.bu6rus, quite chatty but does the job well!

22 03 2008
Big Pearls

you need to get them checked in a clinic..maybe the pain is related to their eruption..mo shar6 ye7tajon extraction..that will be determined after clinical examination and x-rays..check them out in ur polyclinic and then if they do need to come out you can decide who will do it for you.

22 03 2008

3eyadat el7ikma. Dr. alg3ood.. mashala 3alaih eeda wayed khafeefa.. I’m terrified of dentists and this is the only dentist on earth that I would trust you don’t feel his injections nor taking out the wisdoms.. he took mine out..

22 03 2008

Dr. 7ossam @ Fozan Clinic (Muhallab mall).

I just had mine taken out 2 weeks ago. I really recommend him.

Good luck!

22 03 2008

i say wait 4 G and L :p

no bs seriously
its no big deal, have them checked out ilawal
oo i go to alfozan in q8
i cant vouch 4 em cz i never had my teeth removed

23 03 2008

waiih shakhbary dentists?

rib6ay il thirs ib 7abel w 3igday il 7abil 3ala yadat el bab wohwa mafto7.. stan b3eed w let someone slam the door

digeega wila thirsich bil ga3:P shi7laila;p

23 03 2008

Dr. saleem at Abha clinic

23 03 2008

I did mine barah el ikwait! Last time a dentist saw my teeth bil ikwait I had some bad results from their work!

23 03 2008

dnt take them out!! DONT!!

23 03 2008

I Can call my uncle who is a dentist for braces but he does take wisdom tooth out too, I guess. ^^

23 03 2008

عاد توه صاحبي مسكين شاب عليه ضرس العقل جان يسوي عمليه وشاله

يمكن لازم تسوين عمليه 😛

23 03 2008

two words Gulf clinic

23 03 2008

Agree with FourMe: Dr. Omar Al-G3oud, one of the very best in Kuwait.

23 03 2008

princess : lesh? @@ khara3teeni! =F broo7i mikhtar3a lol

G and L : for free 3aaad ma awaseech! 😛

eshda3wa : lol lesh mo U? 😛

o THANKS kil obokum =]

23 03 2008
G and L

lol afa 3alaich

23 03 2008

ouch ! mine is startin to hurt hal yomen ;/

24 03 2008

I hate Alg3oud, he got lazy. I still do most of my stuff there at Al7ikma.

thirs el3agil lazim yi6la3? ygolon y5rib elthroos.. mabeeh. =O

24 03 2008

Not from Q8, so cant help!

24 03 2008

madre ana 5ayfa

24 03 2008

LUSH : a7! 7assa feich 7addi =F bs jad wallah la tasketeein 3an 3awar il-thirs 7adda khayes =/

suspic : fey sittein alf dr, shesma 3ad =/

zainoba : lol mekhalif mashkoraa! :*

princess : 3abali 3indich salfa! lol

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