Why is he mad?

3 04 2008

I didn’t stuck a shoe in his mouth! 

The case is :

Flan Bin 3ellaan, is 35 years old


Has the most annoying voice

Always complaining about everything and anything

The silliest guy I have ever met

The most unrespectable person (am not gonna mention what he did to us, as an examples to make you believe me)



All of us knew that the time had come for a change  😉  ya3ni, the day has come to make some changes here 7ag sa7ebna =]

“Mr. I don’t think you realize how loudly you speak?” .. @@ .. “Don’t look at me like that, as if you don’t know” .. @@ .. “Flana, Flana, o Flana, we all share the same opinion here” .. @@ .. “BTW. do you know Flan, in CCC_Dept?” .. @@ .. “Well, he thinks that your voice is annoying” .. @@ .. “I can scream at you, but I wouldn’t do that” .. @@ .. “I wasn’t raised that way” .. @@ ..  “We all work in the same company” .. @@ .. “It’s not that you own the company” .. @@ .. “not even the company’s stock” .. @@ .. “Kindly behave” .. @@ .. “Ok?”

o chan yathlef  

k h a Y w a l l l l i




20 responses

3 04 2008

hahaha no shit! did say all that in your head? or with sound effects ;p

3 04 2008
Ms Loala

You said it, khaiwali 🙂

But you girls actually had the nerve to step up like that!! That’s something i would NEVER do.

3 04 2008

Fadidra : ha?

Ms Loala : I definitely would never do that to someone who don’t deserve to be treated that way

3 04 2008
Big Pearls

lol glad u got rid of him

3 04 2008
G and L

zain sawetay feeh

3 04 2008

LOL Fadidra! LOL!

She meant did you say it to his face walla in your head you were talking to him 😉 – walla if you did that, you are brave and you are totally right to know. At some point, annoying people have to be stopped!

4 04 2008
Ms. D

modail soota slow motion with a piercing pitch??

4 04 2008

You should’ve put ketchup in your ears and crawled up on the floor screaming “9OTIK WILLI YIR7AM OMIK 9OTIK YBN ELLATHEENA 9OTIK!!”.

Or what you did.

For myself, I would’ve done it nicely with a bit of humor. He’s loud, he can’t control it and now he knows everyone thinks he’s annoying and they talk about how annoying he is behind his back. Shakla mo3aq bs shisawi b3d..5ilqat rbich.

4 04 2008

I am confused…who are you knocking down 😀 ?

4 04 2008

Big pearls : thanks I’m glad too =p

G and L : 7adda ge6e3a =/

chikapappi : I know what she meant by that, but why would I say it in my head? he’s totally unrespectable, and someone should tell him that, and lucky him it was me..
and It’s not about being brave, It’s about being honest with everyone

Ms. D : modail ana il-rayaal

suspic : If you were working with HIM instead of me, you wouldve done the same/thing

Amu : co-worker

4 04 2008

LOOOOOOL, Ohh well the person who said that to him is Goooood. I mean very good

4 04 2008

Aywa aywa ya gad3a!

4 04 2008

G : It was me =p

Hasan.B : lool!

4 04 2008

Hahahaha! Brava!

4 04 2008

HEHEHEHEHE Then I like 🙂

5 04 2008

zain sawaitay feh

5 04 2008

I say girls at work are annoying, they should all be sent home


5 04 2008

Amethyst : Brava Valentina =p

G : =p

eshda3wa : uff baradt chabdi lol

Purgatory : 7adna bin6ee3ik

5 04 2008

This is the most confusing post you have made! hahaha!

11 04 2008

hahahahaa, ana i was reading the post ou tenarfazt, allah ye33eenech wenti jedama :p

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