Where were you yesterday?

12 04 2008


Lucky me, I’ve witnessed everything infront of my own eyes, “min 6a’ 6a’ li-salamu 3aleeeeko”


ya3ni, il-sara7a? kan wanasa lol 😛 7addi shoja3a kint broo7ee =~]

awalan kan il-jaw 3ajeeeb! chan asikka ebwa7da =’] o chan yaglib faj’a sar TRAAAB ma3a hawa.. mo ghbaar, la’ .. traab =F fi3lan ilro’ya kanat ma3dooma =| ana faQast il-break, i couldnt see anything for 5secs.. ba3dain, faj’a saar mo6ar, 3ogob faj’a kifakh 3alaina ebreddi =] “ya bakhat illi yayba bnaya” 😛


[see pic] yaaa whoever you are, remove street trees, it’s dangerous! law 6ay7a 3ala rasi il-7een? =F nasee7a 7e6aw green-gound-cover instead, tara etwafron may =/ 




20 responses

12 04 2008

Wow Ya yesterday was a disaster >< I was Sitting and watching the amazing thunder Roaring all night 🙂

12 04 2008

I was at home watching a movie. Elsound effects shay ma 9ar ma3a eljaw eli barra;p

12 04 2008

what was fun in that? :/

12 04 2008

I missed it all and I was driving around when it supposedly happened

12 04 2008

ee the sky was pmsing! hahaha ACTION!

12 04 2008
Big Pearls

I watched the whole thing too bas min my window so I was in safer place than u were:p

12 04 2008

dnt u just luv the calm after the storm.. the cleaning part after 3’bar sux tho :S

12 04 2008

5a6ach elsue…i was in the middle of it too :P…what a turn of events huh

12 04 2008

knt 7adra men el shalaih … our dairefa flew away 😛

12 04 2008

in the car w my friend!!!! it was SCARY

12 04 2008

I was at home, relaxing and having fun. while you suffered 😛

12 04 2008

I was safe at home =)

12 04 2008

woow last night was really something@@

12 04 2008

yeah 7safa omy ma wldtnee at a time of brdee and i have to suffer now thru lazer w shera iffff

i remember a girl in my class in elementry school who was without hair and the girls cuz ma shafo 5eer cano they tease her mskena that she did shera and she used to cry and say her mom put bredee over her body to stop hair…so its not a myth walah

13 04 2008

It was pure insanity! alah e7futha3 7amdilla! A friend of ours got hurt, the window broke in his car and he had to get his ears stitched from the broken glass!

13 04 2008

Kent bil shalaaaaaaaih 😥 ne6arna il 3a9ifa ityeena bas it never came lil asaf

13 04 2008
Hamitaf La B

e7na allah esalmich were enjoying the weather bel 7oosh wa faj2a 3a9efa…. oo e6fa7at 3alaina el baloo3a (bait yadee 7ada qadeeem… bait yad oboy ya3ni!!)…. oo ree7at el bait… MAJAREEEEE!!!

13 04 2008

Ma3laykum shar jamee3an! 😦

14 04 2008
G and L

I wasn’t even bilq8. bs i heard about it and the pictures say it all. 9ij wow. sb7an Alla

14 04 2008

kint ib baitna a6el min il diresha ;p

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