Celebrating an Anniversary =’]

14 06 2008

yaaaa ekhwaaaaaan, as time goes by. This year I’m celebrating my esna3as-sina (12yrs) of being a khoosh member min il-users il-internetteyya =~]

I got my first internet access from KuwaitNET kaan summer 1996 =] I went ma333-my mother, oo a7eb anaWWih enni kint shayla il CPU bro7ey =] bs so’al ye6ra7 nafsa, shkanaw yabon feeh? (feeh=refers to il CPU ya3ni), o 3alaa fekra, my mother picked the login name lol, eee mo shway il-walda, b3aCHabdi =]

I used to spend 8 ~9 hours online, yemkin akthar ba3ad.. much things haBBened within the past isna3as-sina. I miss the good old-days =~~]

wintaw? how long have you been using the internet? .. kintaw etsheloon il CPU methley? =P

a7lam sa3eeda, wa shokran =]


3am Bojacob’s Tag

10 06 2008

I have been tagged fa ya3ni I must do this. shokran Bojacob =]


The Rules:
*Link the person(s) who tagged you.
*Mention the rules on your blog. (ka! =p)
*Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
*Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
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Inzain, bema enni katba 3an haSH-ay min gabil, 3ajal .. I can repeat what I wrote before, aw shay ghair

 1 2 3 4 5 6: 

1. I’m 24yrs old and I’m totally in love with cars (engines/colors/models/etc..) BUT il-mushkela taKmun enna I don’t have one. =”] bas abasherkom, I’m willing to buy one soon lol, any recommendations? 😛

2. As I previously mentioned in my ke7em post. I mix food while eating, ya3ni 3ala sabeel il-methal laa al-7assr, (3aish o daqoos o hareees) .. (kitkat o toast) .. wa haKatha


3. me with numbers? he’aaW, totally obsessed! 4examBILL-gates, il-sa3a mathalan, I always see it when it’s 10:10, 11:11, 9:09, 1:01 .. wa haKatha


4. going to the Jam3eya can make my day! I love the smell of the-jam3eya wallah it has a unique smell =~~]


5. I’ve never knew there were (shee3a/sinna) maYshino, until 17 .. daret wana ga3da aQadim 3al-jam3a =] hatha yedil enna ahaley ba3aCHCHabdi mako tafriQa


6. I have a hard time throwing my clothes, I still have my thaNaweya marYoool =~]


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Blue Dress



wallaaain, I wanted to tag, MacaholiQ8, F. , G and L .. bas ib-salamat’hom kanaw imtaGteGeeen =]

aB-dait: LOL!!! WALLAAAIN IL-3OMOOOOOM EMSAWWY IL-TAG? .. yuba elli 3ajba esawweeeh, zain? =~]