Celebrating an Anniversary =’]

14 06 2008

yaaaa ekhwaaaaaan, as time goes by. This year I’m celebrating my esna3as-sina (12yrs) of being a khoosh member min il-users il-internetteyya =~]

I got my first internet access from KuwaitNET kaan summer 1996 =] I went ma333-my mother, oo a7eb anaWWih enni kint shayla il CPU bro7ey =] bs so’al ye6ra7 nafsa, shkanaw yabon feeh? (feeh=refers to il CPU ya3ni), o 3alaa fekra, my mother picked the login name lol, eee mo shway il-walda, b3aCHabdi =]

I used to spend 8 ~9 hours online, yemkin akthar ba3ad.. much things haBBened within the past isna3as-sina. I miss the good old-days =~~]

wintaw? how long have you been using the internet? .. kintaw etsheloon il CPU methley? =P

a7lam sa3eeda, wa shokran =]




25 responses

14 06 2008

Missed uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 🙂 ee chena ana b3d from 96… kan 7adda wanasa gabil 🙂

14 06 2008

madre? bs athker ib middle skool kint i use the internet.. faaa 10 yrs?

14 06 2008
Ruby Woo

Almost 7-8 years..
Thank you for making me feel old..

14 06 2008
big pearls

happy anniversary! I can’t remember which year I started..I was in high school.

14 06 2008
::: ShoSho :::


Oh in the beginning I couldn’t even SLEEP! I wanted to stay online all the time!

14 06 2008

Dialup kan 3awar raas >_<

14 06 2008

I wasn’t interested when my dad got us internet;p

14 06 2008
the simper

first time i heard the word “email” or “internet” it was in 1993! ayam mosaic.. before Mr. Netscape..

happy Any Very Sary 😉

15 06 2008

Sometimes reading what you type really hurts my head.. seriously!!! loooool! Try to make it easier to read please! loool! Been on the internet since 1993.. was one of the young ones.. back in the day of gopher!

15 06 2008

Awal mara kanat senat 1996 ba3d, athker awal el ayam kena enro7 Cafe Ole ba3d ;p atwaqa3 wadety el Pc 3ashan esawon el dial up connection.. lol..

15 06 2008

haaala wala entay weenchhhh
:* 7ady missed u

ana 9arly 10yrs taqreban o 9akka el 11 :Pp

wkanat akthar mwaqf t9erly b7ayaty mn el net !
ya3ny mswely jaw 7elo :Pp

16 06 2008

so you ever used freetel??? 😛 this will show how old you ar with the internet 😛

umm i first started in 1996 too…. with freetel 😛

16 06 2008

wee mathker! baas kilman kan e3aref the password of my email cause i thought it was something i can share… akteblehum my email on the paper and the password ;p

+ i have memories 3ala the games.. ayam le3bat DOOM! mady shino

16 06 2008

I think for me it was around 1995~1996 No cpu movement but I miss MIRC I used to have a lot of friends there (Non Kuwaitis) I have about 25% of them on my msn so I am ok with that 😀 and I hated the Dialup and the damn modem Sound 😛 as one of my friend said the worst nightmare of a geek is to remove his high speed internet and give him a dialup connection. I am 100000% sure he will commit suicide.

17 06 2008

yara4ever : missed u too! :****

um-mit3ib : =p

Ruby : shofay moseebat ghairech o tinsain LOL ana 12 sena =F

pearls : yal 3ayara matabeen tgoleen 3ashan man3arif enich kaBeeeLa? =p

shosho : EEEEEEEEEEEE!!! KAN EDMAAAAAAN, o al7een 3ade yemur esbo3ain madri 3an il Bee.Cee =~]

3baid : 7ADDAA!!! lol, sij jeelNa kan ye3aNi =F

Amethyst : o al7een? 😛

the simper : yal-3ateeeeeeeeeej =[

Marzouq : and why is that? =F

N. : CAFE OLE?! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL olllaaa hatha 6ala3 mash’hor =F , my friend used to go there =[

Selezya : o a77la mawqif sarlech, lamma ta3araftay 3alay LOOOL 😛

Spikey : LOOOL a3arfa bas never tried it, kaan no3i ICQ =p

shoosha : maarifhha, ana itha keshakht la3abt solitair =p

G : DIAL UO !! ELAAAAAAHYYYYYY 100 marra yaallah yalge6! =F

18 06 2008

chenna b3ath el nas emthay3een! o 7a6een comment fi blog mo bloggi ;E


18 06 2008

I was introduced to the internet in 1997 then became a loyal user in late 1998.

22 06 2008

I celebrate it on 14 June too 😀 Happy Anniversary btw 🙂

28 06 2008

umm the first time was el middle school ;p
ya3ni bel 99 allmost 8 years now .. o kan win 98 ;p
6ab3an ma kent a6awel than 3 hrs coz kenna 3 users o ana el yahel eli tenzaf o tgom w3alaya 3lay ;p
bs ayam el high school 3adi 8-9 hrs
o dialup .. god i miss the tone ;p
9ej kan ba6e2 o eyeb el qamet bs kan 7ada wanasa

12 07 2008

i dont remember exactly when
bs in the begining ma kan 3ndina pc at home
we had to go to my dads office oo he had internet
ba3dain after the trips became frequent we got one at home

14 07 2008

lool mabrook

17 07 2008
big pearls

come back..been a long time

19 07 2008

entay wain me5tafya @@

21 07 2008


2 08 2008


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