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18 10 2008

Allah yer7aam jamee3 amwat il-muslemeen, 6ab3an mo siij 230942830498 3aza eb aqal min shahhar … 3moomaan bakheth raykom eb shay bseer3a … 3indena 7alat wafat, oo mithil ma tadroon lazim tenghisssil taleey yadfenoonha, fa … aroo7 il-mghaissel ashoof???




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18 10 2008

3atham allah ajreech, well If you can go, I dont know how it goes bas I went when my grandfather died 4 years ago. I think it depends on who is the person. Its nice to know you are there ^^

18 10 2008

I say go… That’ll teach you a lot of things including your current state in this life.

Two years ago my father passed away and I had to be there… I never relieved my stress until I saw him for the last time in the “m’3aissil”, I cried like never before then afterwards, after I settled down, I had a lot of thoughts about my life. Am I a good person? Will there be people mentioning my name in good will after am gone? And so many other thoughts… You’ll understand when you’re there.

o 3atham allah ajerkum.

18 10 2008

6ab3an la’

18 10 2008

Depends. If they dont want a lot of people then no. If its okay, then go. 3tham ala ajrech

19 10 2008

I would honestly go

19 10 2008

madre hun i’d say dont go :s

19 10 2008

عظم الله أجركم
Lesh etroo7 :/
وبعدين يعتمد إذا شخص قريب منك ولا لأ

19 10 2008

3atham allah ajrech. I wouldn’t go;\

19 10 2008

i wouldnt :S

20 10 2008
big pearls

3atham allah ajrech

20 10 2008

عظم الله أجرج حبيبتي وانشاءالله آخر الأحزان
على قولتج، الوفيات هالأيام مووو صج

As for the m’3aisil thing, I say go, too. Even though I’ve never been there in my life nor to the magbara, but I think that everyone SHOULD go and see.. just like Mac said, it’ll teach you A LOT!

P.S Life sucks.

22 10 2008
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23 10 2008


25 10 2008

عظم الله أجرج 😦
i’m very sorry for your loss

26 10 2008

Allah yer7am mawtaakom o 3atham Allah ajerkom.. I know my comment is too late. But did you go?!

27 10 2008

ajerna o ajerkom jamee3an, mashkooreen

G.Q : re7t, will post about it

27 10 2008

حسب معلوماتتي ان غسيل المتوفيه سنه و عليها اجر بس حرام حرمه اتشارك بغسيل رجل متوفي و اتشوف عورته

29 10 2008


30 10 2008

7ade late reading this

did u go or not?

oo 3atham allah ajrech

13 11 2008

3atham allah ajrech ;**
miss u

31 12 2008

3atham alla ajrech..

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