i deen a wen boj

16 04 2009



why can’t we wear jeans or casual?! ya3niii taqyeem ilsharika metwaQif 3ala libs il-muwathaf? yaaHHHH!

why can’t we have a closed-door offices? ya3ni shloon ilwa7ed yaabii yenam mathaalan?! moo 7aachyy ya jema3aa

why can’t we take long breaks? ya3niii ballla 10mins shasawi feeha??? shino 10mins!? taboonna enmoot?? aQisss eb akley mathalaaan?

why do we get warning letters for late attendence? saabaab il7awaadiiith il awwal ohwa late attendence ilmaleeq, yekhaleenna indoos o ham maa nowsal ontime =/?!?


Qala6 Qala6 taaraa! ya3ni il back-office staff maalhom sheqqil bil front-office faaa lazim ye7e6ooNlina qawaneen ghaair =[ .. you think in that way the emploee’s work-performance will do good mathalan? ofcourse نو

HR ppl, wallah give some recommendations to your manager, do something, don’t stick to the old-policies .. do something for your staff, you know that hardworkers are the company’s greatest asset? EE

mathalan regardings working-hrs, mathalaaan you work 8hrs 7eeloww? mo shar6 u arrive at 8:00AM .. ta3al ay waagt bss stay 8 hrs .. shfeeha y3ne shfeeha etha saar il mawtho3 sahel? yaa3ni e7na kbaaar, o etha shift inna il mowathaf yel3aab eb-thaila, faNGirooooooooooooh

أني واي..I’m looking for a new job, aaaaaaaaaaaaaany recommendations???????

wa shokran

عندي احساس صدام حسين ما مات




10 responses

16 04 2009

Allah y3eenech!

17 04 2009

Ba3ad deratna kelha bahayim, mat3arfhom? Monkey see, monkey do. Hathola their policies. Mako shay isma revaluate o jadid.. laaaa222222 khalna 3ala qawaneen oo o9ool sennat alf o ts3imya o il3antain

17 04 2009
big pearls

wallah ma adri shagoool..a7san shay follow the rules:p

18 04 2009

i can wear jeans to work

7ara :p

21 04 2009

I love my job, I love the pay!
I love it more and more each day.
I love my boss, she is the best!
I love her boss and all the rest.

I love my office and its location,
I hate to have to go on vacation.
I love my furniture, drab and gray,
And piles of paper that grow each day!

I think my job is really swell,
There’s nothing else I love so well.
I love to work among my peers,
I love their leers, and jeers, and sneers.

I love my computer and its software;
I hug it often though it won’t care.
I love each program and every file.
I’d love them more if they worked a while.

I’m happy to be here. I am. I am.
I’m the happiest slave of the Firm, I am.
I love this work, I love these chores.
I love the meetings with deadly bores.

I love my job – I’ll say it again –
I even love those friendly men.
Those friendly men who’ve come today,
In clean white coats to take me away!

26 04 2009

ameth ameeen =[

abi-omi-abi-oboy sa7ee7 sa7eee7, sa7 elsanich

big pearls ma a3arif, etyeeni 7echah =p

eshda3wah eeeeeeee yuba eee haneyaalich

ra7alah tekfain 3ala hal shi3ir ana 7abait shiqlich lol

13 05 2009

ana agool 8 hours at a job is too much. 6 hours is just fine. its not like many people do anything most of the time!

27 05 2009

i see ur point, el mushkela fee wayd nas mub kafoo el new school rules.. u give them freedom and they just dont work :/

shda3wa 9adam still alive?

16 06 2009

chirp: time doesnt equal good performance, ohma aQbeya aQbeya

ammaro: yeah 3indey big feeling enna he didn’t die =/

4 07 2009

Wallahi you have somethig great which is to work 8 hrs anyway…i have friends here who come at 11 am and leave at 3 pm……KOUSA as they call it…but i feel you want a close-door office to sleep and much talking..lol….alhadulillah at least i got my office but i cant sleep or take a beath…..nice blog

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