2 11 2009


LUSH! Did enyone heard of it?, It is located in Salmiya-Plaza bil serdaaaab, worth the visit =]

I bought 1 Karma soap reeeeeee7at’ha MO SIJ =~~~] … o adri shakelha mo thaak ilzod, bas tara aham shay il akhlaaq =~]


and 1 “Each Peach” , something that melts in your hands ooo yseer chenna cream … ye7asisiiich enech netheefa bedon ma tetsabe77aaain :] .. sij shakelha ma yesaa3id o chenha sabonat Zist, bas tara ye6la3 minhhaa 😉


bil nehaya, ahdeeekom Beautiful by Eminem




2 responses

3 11 2009

welcome back 🙂 long time, where have you been 🙂

3 11 2009

G : thanks G G G G G G… I dunno, no where, I’ve been here, and there lool =T .. been busy with my work, exams, ahal, jam3eya LOL =[

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