Random thoughts – Is it ok Part 1 –

3 11 2009


* Is it ok that el3eMoooM is using iPhone, Blackberry, any other sophisticated cell-phones, while am using THIS (look above) =~] … and to be honest? am lovin’ it 

* Is it ok  ithaa wigaft atanne7 3ala wanaait? o abdiii e3jaaabiii o 7ubbee li-tamaLLuk haathaa ilwanaait?=]  aw inni agool camaro il yedeed sar a7laa??? aw agool widdi yseer 3indey saikal?? while on the other hand, il baanaat yetan7oon only 3ala 6aQam almaaas? =/

* Is it ok that I HAAATEEEE to go to wedding parties, receptions, ay mokan min hal nemoona?? a7es eb theeeQ tanaffus 7aaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!! =]

* Is it ok if i’ve never tried to dye my hair? or even, 6eraa 3ala baali asbeGha walaw marra? =/

* Is it ok etha gelt 7ag ilwaalid allah 7afethaa, yuba abi arkab saikal? o ilwalid ya7gerne? =]

* Is it ok If I enjoy going to A2Z just to pass by garage il shuwaikh? =]

* Is it ok lai 3assabt itha a7ad yesoog bser3a ? bs ana 3adi lol

* Is it ok itha sarleey esbo3ain atghadda mn kababji? =~]

* Is it ok if I didn’t step into starbucks il3daileya?

* Is it ok itha terabba3t eb qanafat chillis?

* Is it ok itha la7eegni wa7ed o akher shay ye6la3 weld yeraanna?

* Is it ok itha khadamatna 3indaahaa mobile akshakh min mobiley? lol wAllah elaaa asawerlikom eyyaaaaaaaaaah

* Is it ok itha 3elaaQty jiddan sa67eya bil mekyaj wil adawat il tajmeeleeya madri shisimha =[

* Is it ok ithaa khadamatna il thanya kel yoom wa7ed eyeelaha o tgol hatha okhooy? cham okho bilthab6?

* Is it ok if i just knew that “Balenciaga” is marka? 3abaali jan6a mn NEXT aw BHS hahaha =]

* Is it ok if i go now? hahahaha

Note: whoever might get me wrong, tara am a girl, a 100% female, with a long hair, soft voice and in a pretty good shape.

wa shokran =~]

imwafeggeeeeeen nadi il Kuwait inshaallaah naQlib baab il7aaraa =] 




15 responses

3 11 2009

Ok o NOS!

28 12 2009

hehehe zeen ashwa =p

3 11 2009

lool i loved this post

28 12 2009

miss u =*

3 11 2009

yah i guess

i am kinda chethy

28 12 2009

good =p

4 11 2009

ana awadeech nishtiry mikyaj

28 12 2009

looooooooooooooooooool kisart kha6rch le hadaraja =p

4 11 2009

so ur officially back aw bengool welcome back oo itaghalain again?

28 12 2009

shiftay wayhe 3shaan atghaalaa? loooooooool, been busy wallah =[ miss=*

6 11 2009

Yes for sure its ok, What is wrong with all what you said. You didnt disrespect anyone or have done anything wrong. All what you are doing is just being your self which is the right thing to do. I hate this stupid society for looking at a person on what they think is write based on their stupid old culture 😛

28 12 2009

kafoow ma7aad fahem gheerekk=p

9 11 2009

1. I’m with you on the hair dye thing;p

2. Meno ma yetraba3 b qanafat Chilis?

3. Sh7aga tekhtefeen ba3dain tasdmeeni w etrdeen?!:(

28 12 2009

3. maadri wallaah ansheghil =[ miss u=*

30 12 2009

yes for sure its ok 🙂

being ur self is the best thing !

im female as well, i do own make-up but i barely use it (though i love it) but i prefer the natural beauty + im afraid that it’ll ruin my skin !

and im a bike rider 😉

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