10 03 2008

I was checking my “Word search engine”, chaaan aChooof :

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mercedes cl 26
mcflurry 13
mercedes cl 2008 4
new mercedes 2009 4
tiffany amber thiessen 3
new range rover concept 2
land rover coupe 2
2008 jaguar xk 2
stretch range rovers 2
range rover 2009

Since I didn’t post a picture of “Stretch range rover”, fa la3yoooooNkooom, haY-heYYa :


Ugly moo? lol stretch = limousine


abGha wanait =F

8 03 2008

Listen to this song, It’s so addictive! and I’m lovin’ it =~] WiWi

I wish I could drive the car on 00:21! E E E E E E, ABEEHAA CHETHEY! IMGHABRA! =/

00:47 oo 01:41, did [Zain-Telecom] use this car for their da3aya?

Invasion =F

25 11 2007


ke7em, It’s not what you think. It’s not another Iraqi invasion of Kuwait story. This time is HUMMERS invasion! YES INVASION =F but a peaceful one =] HUMMERS are everywhere!  I’m sure that you all have seen the entire HUMMER family, If not in the internet, surely in Kuwait =/ It’s everywhere in the streets like a mackintosh =~]  Do you know what the problem is?! The problem ya ma7fotheen il-salama enna they all look the same 😛 

While driving I was playing a game, the game is about counting the number of HUMMERS that passes infront of my car thru my way to work. I’ve seen 12 hummers (all sizes). ya-elahey 😛 12!! let’s say 12 of 200 cars insheel minhom il-sher6a o il-maba7eth o il-taxi o elaa akherehe =[ 12 is a huge number for a 20 to 25mins early morning drive-time. again ya-elahey their salesmen are professional 😛 HUMMER aims at young males and the Baby HUMMER also attract female drivers, bs ham a3teqed enna ewaz3onha for-free! =F  

If you’re reading this and you’re about to buy one, please laa 3afyaa =[ think of FJ-Cruiser. It’s not bad at all 

Now, If I’m not a fan of HUMMER nor a hater, If I don’t drive a HUMMER and never will. Then why am I posting about it? =] Simply because I just saw our dear-friend-old-neighbour and he just bought a car! He just bought a HUMMER =~~~] and I think It’s number 1000,000,000 here in Kuwait. babrook jarna il-qadeem, etkasirha bil-3afya =]

wa shokran 😛

story : BUSH the director and Saddam the actor =/

Range Coupe!

16 09 2007

The Range Stormer was a three-door “crossover” coupe-SUV, with Mercedes SLR-style gullwing doors. It was thought to be too radical a stretch for the brand, but with the U.S. appetite for super-SUVs growing in the wake of the successful Porsche Cayenne, Land Rover is working on a production version of the Range Stormer.

It will share its running gear with the new Range Rover Sport off-roader, and although it will have radical styling, the gullwing doors will probably not make it on to the final version. U.K. magazine Autocar reckons the Range Rover coupe will be launched around 2009. 

The Range Stormer concept had a supercharged V8 engine, and on-road performance rather than off-road ability is likely to be stressed in the production car.

 Land Rover’s Range Stormer concept, one of the stars of the 2004 Detroit Auto Show, could become a production reality, according to U.K. sources. (heyyyaaaaaaa)

BMW’s X6, coupe chunky 4×4

13 09 2007

The styling will be aggressive with big front grilles and a prominent roof spoiler. Inside the dash will be quite different from the X5’s but you can still expect to find iDrive and various options including a head-up display. BMW’s Efficient Dynamics technology will not make an appearance quite yet – although it’s being worked on in Munich.

Engine-wise, the X6 will offer a similar choice to the X5 with 3.0-litre petrol and diesel engines, with 272 and 231bhp respectively. Twin-turbo versions of both may follow whilst the range is topped by a 4.8-litre V8 with 355bhp. Model for model, the X6 will be more expensive than the X5. They expect the X6 to be one of the most nimble 4x4s so far.



It’s a mix of X5 and LandRover.

BEST Coupé Design

3 08 2007

I’m in love with cars, especially with sport cars.
For me, the following cars are the BEST and should be awarded for it’s design!
(click on the image to enlarge).

2009.jpg Mercedes CLK 2009

mercedes-cl-class-01.jpg Mercedes CL

jagxk.jpg Jaguar XK

mase.jpg Maserati

f.jpg Ferrari F430

cadillac.jpg Cadillac XLR

mercedesslr1.jpg Mercedes SLR

virago.jpg Virago

maybach-exelero.jpg Maybach Exelero concept (AWWWWWWCH!!) 4 diff views, it’s killing me =~[

Concept cars are made to .. :

Wanna buy a new car? Wait! 2008 is coming soon!

30 07 2007


Jaguar :
Jaguar has announced that the S-type will be replaced in spring 2008 with a car called the XF, so the C-XF clearly points the way toward that production model. “It looks much more better than the old model”


Maserati :
Designed by Pininfarina, the GranTurismo made its debut at the 2007 Geneva Auto Show. It has a 4.2-liter V-8 that makes 405 hp at a lofty 7100 rpm, and 339 lb-ft of torque at 4,750. The computer-shifted V-8 screamer will dispense of the 0-60 run in 5.2 seconds and accelerate to a top speed of 177 mph. And with nearly perfect weight distribution (49% front, 51% rear), handling should be nothing short of exemplary.


Lexus720 :
A new Lexus LX is coming for 2008, and yup, it’s still huge. The trucks 5.7-liter V-8, borrowed from the Toyota Tundra, is rated at 381 hp and over 400 lb-ft of torque, but don’t let the ULEV II rating fool you-it will still use a small tanker’s worth of gas on the daily commute. Bluetooth, XM NavTraffic, and an optional nineteen speaker Mark Levinson stereo. Lexus’ park assist system. “It looks like a pajero in somehow”


Mercedes C-Class :
Mercedes C-Class will finally be on market summer 2008. The 2008 Mercedes-Benz C-Class has adopted a far more dramatic look than its dowdy predecessor, and it’s supported by a new, more spacious passenger cabin and a wider array of technology.

VolksWagen Taureg : (no new pic)
New exterior colors (White Gold, Galapagos, Alaska Gray, Cranberry)
Chrome grille with logo and chrome eyebrows standard on VR6 FSI
Chrome matte grille with logo and chrome eyebrows, chrome air intakes, chrome grille slats standard on V8 FSI and V10 TDI Twin Turbo
Darkened Taillights
New, central headlights design. Sporty, more aerodynamic rear spoiler. Electronic Parking Assistance now standard equipment
Power Liftgate now standard equipment. 19″ Wheels with all-season tires optional on VR6 FSI but included in V8 FSI and V10 TDI Twin Turbo. Larger screen for Multi-function Indicator included with optional Technologie Package
New Option Packages. Dynaudio now available in package for all trims
Sirius® Satellite Radio now standard equipment
Next generation TPMS – now standard equipment
ABSPlus standard. ESP Innovations standard
New front seat design, more comfortable front seat side bolsters, new seat stitching design now standard equipment
Gray seat trim in leather and leatherette deleted
Silver Metallic Plastic interior trim standard on VR6 FSI with leatherette
Servotronic steering no longer available on 3.6L VR6 FSI
Comfort Suspension replaces Sport Suspension on VR6 FSI