Dear Shareef, This post is for you =F

1 12 2007

I gave Shareef (our driver) a piece of paper and asked him to go to the jam3eyya to bring .. (let the pics speak for itself) =[


… Shareef came back with this LOOOL! =~~~]


is my handwriting that bad? or he didn’t like my taste in chocolates and drinks?? lol =F

N. This is YanYan =F


wa shokran 😛

Do You See What I See?!

2 10 2007

What do you see?! .. 7asafa It’s not clear! =F



I see a love-heart printed on the Twix candy bar!!!! =~] .. Who can see the love-heart too?!?!?!

wayyyyy wanasa LOL! .. Does it mean that the Twix loves me more?! 😛 kekekekekeke