28 01 2008

I like my room but I really need to re-design my room. I haven’t done anything new and creative. I am now surrounded with off-white walls, white ceiling, a wooden bed, and a small rug. Its nice, but It gives you that feeling, that is empty and need to be filled.

 I have decided to do something ‘new and different’ fa I was browsing thru the internet, and I found some pictures that I really like

1. Reminds me of Johnny Rockets lol 😛 6ab3an the table will be replaced with my bed =F

2. Foooshya 😛 my bed will be added


and I’m looking for a place that sells posters in KUWAIT (pic #1) does anyone know? and please vote, pic #1 or #2. I’m lovin #1 😛

If you like interior design CLICK ME

Source : ke7em


Ads Wawwwwwwwwwwwwy! =o]

3 12 2007

1. We pull out your talent IDI’AC (we need you in Kuwait =o])


2. Green Peace


3. The faster you get, the faster you go @@ 3ajeeba! =o]


4. ZOO, Meet a giraffe lol


5. City Pulse T.V Channel


6. Hate dropped calls?


7. unicef 😦


8. SONY Hungry for music?


9. NEMO-2, cute =o]


10. NIVEA Hair Care ahahahah 😛




First Day = A Start Of a New Day =~]

4 11 2007



This morning was meant to be the start of a new life, a new job. The job that I really wanted for too long. I’ve been waiting for this day since June 2005 😀 (saboora ha? :P) and what kept me waiting and dying to get this job is their interview. The interview made me realize that their staff were very picky, young, and competitive. And now il7emdellah I am one of their staff.  

This morning I was a bit more worried comparing with my first day in my previous job. And that’s normal since my previous job wasn’t really important to me and wasn’t my choice at the first place. 

Anyways. I arrived there @ 6:45am (ma3a il-farareesh lol :P) and work starts @ 8:00am. fa il-wath3 enna nobody was there but me LOL! 7aseit ro7eey afashil oo mayta 3al shighel =~] during that time. I started awasiwis. amm arid il-bait?! la akhaf yeseer za7ma ba3dein, hmm chena imbacher ya rabey fashla lol! zain aro7 asub banzeen?! la akhaf athayye3 oo ana yallah daleit =]  I decided to park my car, sufa6t chaan adish astakshef il-sharika 😛 

I saw the farraash and I asked him wein “B. department?”,  he showed me the way to my dept yezah allah kheir ya3ne 😛 then he asked me itha bashrab shay min il-sebb7, 6ab3an i didn’t refuse o asked for the menu lol 😛 faa ..

me : what do you have?

shaybob : tea, milk, coffee

me : amm “..fakart shwaya” I want water please =]

shaybob : ok “..he went to bring me some water”

I was waiting for my glass il-may o sharabt il-may, then i asked for some more o sharabt il-some more, till my mudeer has finally arrived =~] he gave me an excellent welcome. I gave him an excellent impression back 😛

It was a good day after all and I’m glad it ended nicely. I hope everyone will always be happy as I was this day.

Note : shaybob is the ba6al of this day, and “shaybob” is a nickname that i choose to give him

Cool Ads!

23 10 2007

1. Dental Insurance lol!


2.  V-Kool


3. Drugs Campaign

drugs.jpg  drugs1.jpg

4.  Chilli Sauce LOOOOOL!


5.  Operation-Hunger

operation-hunger.jpg      cart.jpg

6. Nivea Sensitive Skin LOL! 😛


7. Gold’s GYM


8. Olay Skin Care


9. Mini Cooper LOOL! WASALLIM!! ;*


10. Reserved for “Drunkn Drivers” LOL!!!


11. Tebarra3 ib dammik 😛


One word to all these Ads! BRILLIAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT!

Have a break Have شادي الخليج

17 10 2007

I can see my uncle 😛 

 aywaaa 😛

Thank you NiceQ8i, Khaled-76, النصر الرياضي

Ramadhan Quiz #10 (Last Quiz) =]

11 10 2007

Update : correct answers in red 

This will be the last Quiz in this Ramadhan Quiz since I’ve already mentioned that there will be 10 quizzes during Ramadhan. 

I’d like to take that opportunity to thank ALL of you for making it FUN. Now, Let’s start :

 1. (True or False) الفيل أسرع من الجمل؟  True

2. (True or False) أبو الأسود الدؤلي هو أول من وضع النقط على الحروف  False

3. (Complete the following) Bat always turn …. when they leave their caves. Left

4. (Complete the following) …… doesnt echo. Duck’s quack

Quiz rules :

1. deadline 3:00AM

2. each question = 100 points

Goood Luck LOL =]

Points :

Vixen 400

Purgatory 400

Blue Dress 200

Chikapappi 100


Points update :

Purgatory 885

Vixen 400

Blue Dress 390

Chikapappi 380

N. 115

Shay 100

Swair 100

Touche 100

aldenya 80

dalooom 80

Congrats! You all did great Thank you so much all, I hope you all had a good time with the Ramadhan Quizzes 😉

The winner in Ramadhan Quizzes is :




Ramadhan Quiz! #9 (Solved)

10 10 2007

Quiz #8 will be a little bit different and more easy. There will be 7 questions in this quiz, some questions requires search/call, and some requires a brain.  Points in this quiz = 200points (distributed in 7 questions). Let’s start : 

Update: correct answers in BLUE


1. Najeeb Ma7fouth wrote an amazing novel/story. Whats the name of the novel/story above?  (pic) (50points)

قصر الشوق



2. Kababji # … ? Whats the cost of (one is6aNbouli sandawitSH) in Kababji? (30points)

# 861616  – 0.600Fils 



3. My father wanted me to be a ……? (10points), I count …. during ….? (5points), my mobile is …..? (5points)

dentist – nuq6a during istighfar – NOKIA 6020



4. Why are most “Glow-In-The-Dark” items greens? (30points)

They contain zinc sulfide which is a natural phosphorescing chemical that glows green



5. I once posted about “My Experience With 777”.  When did i call 777 the first time? (time not date) (20points)

@ 6:50pm 



6. Listerine is a ….? (10points) Afaaq newspaper was established in ….? (20points)

mouth wash – 1978 



7. One followed by one hundred zeros is called? (20points)

a googol

Deadline = 7:00am 😛

Gooooooooooooooooooood Luckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk =]

Winners and their points :

Purgatory  175

Chikapappi 110

N. 105 

Blue Dress 80

aldenya 80

Points update :

Purgatory 485

Chikapappi 280

Blue Dress 190

N. 115