Where were you yesterday?

12 04 2008


Lucky me, I’ve witnessed everything infront of my own eyes, “min 6a’ 6a’ li-salamu 3aleeeeko”


ya3ni, il-sara7a? kan wanasa lol 😛 7addi shoja3a kint broo7ee =~]

awalan kan il-jaw 3ajeeeb! chan asikka ebwa7da =’] o chan yaglib faj’a sar TRAAAB ma3a hawa.. mo ghbaar, la’ .. traab =F fi3lan ilro’ya kanat ma3dooma =| ana faQast il-break, i couldnt see anything for 5secs.. ba3dain, faj’a saar mo6ar, 3ogob faj’a kifakh 3alaina ebreddi =] “ya bakhat illi yayba bnaya” 😛


[see pic] yaaa whoever you are, remove street trees, it’s dangerous! law 6ay7a 3ala rasi il-7een? =F nasee7a 7e6aw green-gound-cover instead, tara etwafron may =/ 


Why is he mad?

3 04 2008

I didn’t stuck a shoe in his mouth! 

The case is :

Flan Bin 3ellaan, is 35 years old


Has the most annoying voice

Always complaining about everything and anything

The silliest guy I have ever met

The most unrespectable person (am not gonna mention what he did to us, as an examples to make you believe me)



All of us knew that the time had come for a change  😉  ya3ni, the day has come to make some changes here 7ag sa7ebna =]

“Mr. I don’t think you realize how loudly you speak?” .. @@ .. “Don’t look at me like that, as if you don’t know” .. @@ .. “Flana, Flana, o Flana, we all share the same opinion here” .. @@ .. “BTW. do you know Flan, in CCC_Dept?” .. @@ .. “Well, he thinks that your voice is annoying” .. @@ .. “I can scream at you, but I wouldn’t do that” .. @@ .. “I wasn’t raised that way” .. @@ ..  “We all work in the same company” .. @@ .. “It’s not that you own the company” .. @@ .. “not even the company’s stock” .. @@ .. “Kindly behave” .. @@ .. “Ok?”

o chan yathlef  

k h a Y w a l l l l i

بشرى ساره

25 02 2008

أبشركم اخواني و أخواتي, لقد تم اليوم الأثنين الخامس و العشرين (أو ,العشرون.. كيفكم) من فبراير لسنة ألفين وثمانيه, ارسال مندوب من الديوان الأميري (أو, مجلس الوزراء..هم كيفكم) وذلك عشان نزيل الزرع اللي على رصيف بيتنا واللي أساسا يعتبر منظرحضاري و تجميلي لفريجنا. بل ولم يتوقف الموضوع عند هذا الحد يا اخواني و اخواتي, بل لمندوب لم يعجبه ان أنا اللي استقبلته .. وقال : مافي حد يستلم الورقه؟ .. لقد صفعني يا اخوان (كنايه عن عظمة الموقف) صفعه لا تنسى.. يااال سخريت القدر, الحين أنا صرت مافي أحد؟


بس في سؤال يطرح نفسه, شلون انذار نهائي وهذا أول انذار يوصلنا ؟


Fil-7aQeeQa wa il-waQi3 fey ba6nik QawaQi3

19 02 2008


Do you remember your first .. ?

1. First movie you saw at the cinema? (Jurassic Park, Cinema Salmiya) 😛 

1.1. With? (family)

2. First mobile? (ericsson, azraG ba3ad) lol

2.2. At what age? (16) 

3. What was the first country you visited? (Iraq) lol

3.3. Did you enjoy it? (yes)

4. First time you got an F, a dowwai7a? (wala mara) 6om6om6om6om

4.4. In which grade? (ham, wala mara)

5. Do you remember your childhood friend? (moooDhy)

5.5. Are you still friends with her/him? (yes)

6. How were you first introduced to the internet? (In 1996, moooDhy)  

6.6. Do you remember your first internet chat? (laaa3, only few nicknames)

      Inzain, Why do some people wear sun-glasses indoors/at night? =/

    Inzain o Ba3dain?

    5 02 2008


      Freedom is Freedom as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. If you want to do something and it doesn’t hurt anyone then you are free to do it. A lot of people would rather live in an limited-freedom society than a society with a total freedom and hurting people at the same time.

        I had dinner with my family today at a nice lebanese restaurant. We saw a bunch of creatures who were supposed to be “men?”, but sadly they were acting like “girls”. They were disgusting. I wonder if its possible for anyone to say that its an acceptable fact that ‘a guy acting like a girl’ and ‘a girl acting like a man’. Well, It’s indefinable and unacceptable, because It’s against human nature which means It is completely wrong. And It’s forbidden. Which I remember a 7adieeth of our Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

         قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وعلى آله وسلم
        لَعْن الله المتشبهين من الرجال بالنساء والمتشبهات من النساء بالرجال

          Allah created MAN and WOMAN, Male and Female, Adam and Hawa. And we people don’t create we only invent, So I think that this “bad/sick attitude?” If I may call it, was invented by a sick person who badly needed an attention, and that person found a bunch of sick people and they were taught the simple rules of being an un-definable, sick person living on earth.

            They strongly need help.

              El-Sha7ateeeeen Agda3 Naaass!

              18 01 2008

              I mean it, fi3lan agda3 naas! 😛 I have a bunch of sha7ateen-friends, they are VERY nice people 😀 

                … Day 1, walking to reach my place, wa-faj’a =F

                Sha7ata1 : rabbina ykhaleeeki, rabbina yerzo’ek ib-ebn il-7alaaal ya rab

                me : “…I WAS LAUGHING 3al-da3wa” widdi agoul ameen bs mista7ya =’]

                Sha7ata1 : wishik zay il-ammar winti ib-ted7aki, rabbina yes3idik

                me : “….wa-aythan, laughing” lol

                Sha7ata1 : ya 3asal wallahi .. .. .. .. .. “jad madri shgalat lol”

                me : inti 3omrik kaam? “a3jebkom bil-accent” lol

                Sha7ata1 : ana lissa soghayyara

                me : mabitro7eesh il-madrasa? “ehya fi3lan soghayara, shibir-o-nuss” =]

                Sha7ata1 : la’ah, baba ta3baan fil-beit

                me : lazim tidrussi 3ashaan teb’e dektoora wit3alggi baba

                Sha7ata1 : rabbina yekhaleelek shababek wi-nagga7ek ya rab

                me : “…et6alli3 il-bouk”

                nisbat il-do3a’ irtaf3at lol

                me : “…3a6ait’ha”

                nisbat il-du3a’ inkhafthat lol

                Day 2, ray7a 3and il-ba’aal 😛

                Sha7ata2 : ma-teshtere minnni dih “ward” ib 1-jneih bes!!

                me : motashakera mush 3awza ward ana 3awza aakul 😛

                Sha7ata2 : 6ab winnabi nuss-jneih!

                WA FAJ’AAAAAAAAAAA.. Sha7ata1 madri min wen e6la3at

                Sha7ata1 : eb3eeeedi 3anha dih sa7beeteee!

                lama galat sa7bete, 7asait feni bachwa lol =~~~] saar feey wala’a, LOL

                Sha7ata2, raa7aat o Sha7ata1 was6ete wassilatne 3and il-ba’aal oo solefat ma3ay bil-darb 😛

                inshallah lazim asawer ma3aha gabil ma-arja3 il-deera, =~]

                yallah everyone, say hi to my new friend bs madri shesmha tara lol =’]

                good night 😛 

              Is it “Allah Ma Yertha?” or else? LOOOOOOOOL

              23 12 2007



              Last week my cousins and I decided to have dinner in a restaurant. As soon as we reached there, I thought It would be nice to sit outside since the weather had turned cooler, so we asked to be seated outside.

              My small-cousin B. (20yrs) told me that it was very uncomfortable for her to sit in ‘where she was actually sitting’, and she wanted to switch places with me oo 6ab3an I refused =F, I refused because my place was very strategic, ye6il 3ala il-waitresses mn wara il-baab, ya3ni incase I needed something =F

              B. was mad at me, after refusing her request 😛 

              –mins later, a waitress showed-up and we gave him our regular order, we waited and waited an eternity for our order to finish, after –mins our order wisal bil-salama =~~~]

              B. and D. needed small-plates so,

              B. : excuse me? WE need small-TABLE

              waitress : what?

              B. : (again lol) WE need a small-TABLE

              waitress : I’m sorry we don’t have small-tables?

              B. : (ham again LOOOL) you can find it in your kitchen!

              B.’s sister D. : small-plates please, we’re sorry


              eksarat kha6ri =[