I survived for 15.203 seconds! :P

13 01 2008

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    foog il 5 seconds PASS, ta7at il 5 seconds dour thaani, o 7awwilow marratan okhra =~~] naseee7aaa comment ib a7san score tyebooonaa LOOOL

      Noureya Al-sabeeh, il-mar’a il 7adedeyya, a7ibich 😛
      bay-zaa-wey, I’m out of Kuwait, wainy? 😛 HINT : bay-za-wey 😛

      wa shokran 😛


      Lets Plaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

      16 12 2007

      shakhbari 😛


      Please answer the following questions @@ 

        1. What’s your favorite color? and why?    (Ex. White, pure/clear/fresh/beautiful/nice/calm/..)

          2. What is your favorite animal? and why?

            3. Do you like/love/fear the Sea? and why?

              4. Where would you prefer to live, by the Ocean, or near/in the Mountains?  and why?

                Tanweeeh : Once you are done writing your answers. Write “HEYYAAA” if you want to have your results 3al 3e-email =o]

                  wa shokran ;o)

                  Ramadhan Pic-Quiz! #7 (Solved) **Points are carried over***

                  7 10 2007

                  Please read the game rules (again) before you start.

                  GAME” rules :

                  1. There will be one winner, and s/he will get her/is prize inshallah

                  2. Ramdhan quiz is only in ramadhan, and there are three quizzes remaining inshallah. (total of 10 quizzes)

                  3. In each quiz there are rules and you might notice it changes from one quiz to another.

                  Pic-Quiz rules :

                  1. more than a winner,  and points in this quiz = 80points

                  2. hints : (no hints so far) not a bokhor/pen/dehen 3ood (no more hints cause we have 2 winners till now!!) (i didnt post their “CORRECT” answer yet)  .. *give more than 1 guess in your comment*

                  3. deadline : 11:00pm before I go to al-qiyam prayers 😛

                  Whats in the BOX?!


                   Good luck AAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL =]


                  Update: 11:00PM gaffalna! 😛 .. Correct answer: “Qur’aan” 🙂


                  It’s time to reveal winners identity 😛 

                  *** Congrats to the winners dalooom & Purgatory ***

                  (البرغ في الصدارة يا جماعة الخير lol)

                  *Winners Points :

                  dalooom 80

                  Purgatory 80 

                  *Points update :

                  Purgatory 210

                  dalooom 80

                  Chikapappi 70

                  N. 10

                  iNoor 10

                  Blue Dress 10


                  Ramadhan Pic-Quiz! #4 (Solved) **Points are carried over**

                  3 10 2007

                  Name the band/artist/celebrity/show/program/sport/flag/logo/object/instruments .. in the pictures below :

                  1.JPG       2.jpg            3.jpg

                  4.JPG      5.JPG     66.JPG

                  7.jpg    8.jpg   9.jpg

                  10.jpg    11.jpg 

                  Pic-Quiz rules :

                  1. give one straight answer to each pic, Ex. 1. jennifer lopez 2. the simpsons 3. watch (name the thing)… etc

                  2. there will be one winner, and the winner is the one who knows all the pictures above (will get 30points) 

                  3. if everyone guessed it right, then the winner is the one who guessed first 

                  Qoood luck! =]


                  Update: ya jama3a il pictures 7ad’hom sahleen!! wallah i thought there will be more than 1 winner =/zain pic #10 .. don’t you remember Walter lantz elly ye6la3 ib woodywood pecker??! bathba7kom =E~~

                  1. Laetita Casta (french model)

                  2. AT&T  (american telephone & telegraph)

                  3. CBS (columbia broadcasting system)

                  4. Somalia (flag)

                  5. Motorola (mobile logo) 

                  6. Banjo (music instruments)

                  7. The Beatles (music band)

                  8. High voltage (sign)

                  9. Alfa Romeo (car logo)

                  10. Walter Lantz (the creator of woodywood pecker)

                  11. Versace (gianni versace)

                  ** Congrats to the winner Purgatory **

                  Points update :

                  Purgatory 30

                  Chikapappi 10

                  N. 10

                  Blue Dress 10

                  iNoor 10


                  Ramadhan Quiz! #3 – Update: (Solved) **NO points**

                  29 09 2007

                  Update: Please find the correct answers in RED 

                  *Please answer the follwing questions by yourself. Ignore the question incase of not knowing the answer.  I’ll trust each one of you.=]

                  yallah bismellah 😛

                  Question No.1 – How old was our Prophet Mohammad (ASWS)  when his mother died? (10 points)

                  A) 7 years old

                  B) 6 years old

                  C) 5 years old

                  Question No.2 – In which battle was the Prophet’s (ASWS) uncle Hamza killed? (10 points)

                  A) Khandaq

                  B) Badir

                  C) Ohud

                   Questoin No.3 – Who was called pure (al-6ahirah)? (10 points)

                  A) Khadijah

                  B) Hafsah

                  C) Aishah

                   Questoin No.4 – Who was called mother of the poor (Um-elmasakeen)? (10 points)

                  A) Um-Salamah

                  B) Zainab Bint Khuzaimah

                  C) Khadijah

                  Question No.5 –  What was the first sourah (سورة) to be revealed completely? (10 points)

                  A) Al-baqarah

                  B) Al-fati7ah

                  C) Al-ekhlaas

                   Question No.6 – What is the smallest sourah (سورة) in the Qura’aan? (10 points)

                  A) Al-kawthar

                  B) Al-ekhlas

                  C) Al-fati7ah

                  Question No. 7 – In what direction do Muslims circumblate (make 6awaaf) around the Kaa’abah? (10 points)

                  A) Clockwise

                  B) Anti Clock-wise

                  Question No.8 – al-7ajj was ordained  in the …? (10 points)

                  A) 6th yr of hijrah

                  B) 10th yr of hijrah

                  C) 9th yr of hijrah

                  Question No. 9 – What battle that is called in the Qura’aan as the day of Furqaan? (10 points)

                  A) Badir

                  B) Khandaq

                  C) Hunayn

                  Question No.10 – The one who killed Umayyah in the battle of Badir is .. ? (10 points)

                  A) Bilal

                  B) Hamzah

                  C) Abu Bakir

                  Good luck! =]
                  please please please use your brain and don’t cheat =/


                  Congrats! Babroook to all of you!. You all did great 😉

                  Dear all,

                  I wanna be fair with everyone. I thought of this quiz to help you refresh your memory. Points in this quiz is just a way to help you know how many correct answers you got.  I hope everyone understands my point ^_^ wa shokran 🙂

                  My “Magic Diary” is Capable to bring your memories back! ;D

                  26 09 2007

                  I keep things! akhhhh ya ziman =P


                   ba7i6ich bil mat7af il atharey 😛


                  Is it only me? or everyone used to use it for chatting with their cousins/brothers

                  I used to write my diaries =[ 7asafah, it’s dead =/ does anyone know if the data is still there??

                  .. yalah share your memories 😉