Why is he mad?

3 04 2008

I didn’t stuck a shoe in his mouth! 

The case is :

Flan Bin 3ellaan, is 35 years old


Has the most annoying voice

Always complaining about everything and anything

The silliest guy I have ever met

The most unrespectable person (am not gonna mention what he did to us, as an examples to make you believe me)



All of us knew that the time had come for a change  😉  ya3ni, the day has come to make some changes here 7ag sa7ebna =]

“Mr. I don’t think you realize how loudly you speak?” .. @@ .. “Don’t look at me like that, as if you don’t know” .. @@ .. “Flana, Flana, o Flana, we all share the same opinion here” .. @@ .. “BTW. do you know Flan, in CCC_Dept?” .. @@ .. “Well, he thinks that your voice is annoying” .. @@ .. “I can scream at you, but I wouldn’t do that” .. @@ .. “I wasn’t raised that way” .. @@ ..  “We all work in the same company” .. @@ .. “It’s not that you own the company” .. @@ .. “not even the company’s stock” .. @@ .. “Kindly behave” .. @@ .. “Ok?”

o chan yathlef  

k h a Y w a l l l l i


Fil-7aQeeQa wa il-waQi3 fey ba6nik QawaQi3

19 02 2008


Do you remember your first .. ?

1. First movie you saw at the cinema? (Jurassic Park, Cinema Salmiya) 😛 

1.1. With? (family)

2. First mobile? (ericsson, azraG ba3ad) lol

2.2. At what age? (16) 

3. What was the first country you visited? (Iraq) lol

3.3. Did you enjoy it? (yes)

4. First time you got an F, a dowwai7a? (wala mara) 6om6om6om6om

4.4. In which grade? (ham, wala mara)

5. Do you remember your childhood friend? (moooDhy)

5.5. Are you still friends with her/him? (yes)

6. How were you first introduced to the internet? (In 1996, moooDhy)  

6.6. Do you remember your first internet chat? (laaa3, only few nicknames)

      Inzain, Why do some people wear sun-glasses indoors/at night? =/

    Status : Single

    30 01 2008


    Some of us won’t stay single for too long. And some might end up without a husband/wife. I remember me thinking when I was a teenager that marriage would be “lil’asaf” very silly. You fall in love with HIM because his mother saw you in a wedding party, they propose, and you accept! and there you go, a perfect marriage. Hmm?! very silly and I refuse to get married just like that, and that doesn’t mean I want a love-relationship and a big romantic story before marriage. Its not complicated as some might think. 

    I believe that marriage should/must be a life-time marriage. Marriage is all about commitment, Commitment is all about understanding each other, and to understand your other half then you must be honest. Cause honestly is all about love. And love comes after choosing the right person.

    It is very easy to get married. Any can get married at anytime. But is that marriage going to survive? Both will face a colossal number of challenges in life. And they need the power to face it. That power doesn’t come from one’s physical appearance nor their education or even their money. It comes from their sacrifices to each other to help this marriage to survive.

    Here are some questions to ask :

    1. Are you ready? Y/N [please mention your reasons] 

    2. How you want your partner to be?

    3. Priority? [physical appearance/education/personality/family/religious]

    If you have something to add/ask. Please feel free to do so.

    zain yallah mita afra7 feekum? abi azaghra6! 😛



    28 01 2008

    I like my room but I really need to re-design my room. I haven’t done anything new and creative. I am now surrounded with off-white walls, white ceiling, a wooden bed, and a small rug. Its nice, but It gives you that feeling, that is empty and need to be filled.

     I have decided to do something ‘new and different’ fa I was browsing thru the internet, and I found some pictures that I really like

    1. Reminds me of Johnny Rockets lol 😛 6ab3an the table will be replaced with my bed =F

    2. Foooshya 😛 my bed will be added


    and I’m looking for a place that sells posters in KUWAIT (pic #1) does anyone know? and please vote, pic #1 or #2. I’m lovin #1 😛

    If you like interior design CLICK ME

    Source : ke7em

    See You Next Year! :P

    31 12 2007


    As another year draws quickly to close. I would first like to take this opportunity to wish every blogger in the blogosphere the best of luck in 2008. I also would like to thank :

    MishrefWeld El-ma6aba, the first male bloggers I’ve met before I start my own blog! 🙂

    ChikapappiBlue Dress, the first female bloggers, thank you :*

    3baid — daloom, saloom, zaloom, first male bloggers after starting my own blog, thank you! 🙂

    EstekanaMishari, first arabic bloggers, thank you! 🙂

    Jebla, thank you for putting a smile on my parents face! thank you!!:)

    Eshda3wa — Enigma, I though you were sisters lol, don’t ask why! lol, thank you!:*

    um-mit3ibLoya, the funniest female bloggers lol! thank you!:*

    Vixen, thank you!:*

    Yara4ever, MOM!!! sidamteni lol 😛 thank you!:*

    MacaholiQ8, food posts please 😛 thank you!

    Alien 3aba6 Network, amazing posts, thank you! 🙂 

    AmethystN., very talented, thank you! 🙂

    Cat, XSmall thank you! 😛

    Elijah, Kuwait loves you too, thank you!:*

    Bin Khaldoon st., problem solver 😛 thank you 🙂

    Swair, mashallah most beautiful eyes! thank you!:*

    Purgatory, THE WINNER IS البرغ! 😛 thank you 🙂 

    Selezya, mita endish il-jaish? lol 😛 thank you!!:*

    Ra7aLah, tadreen?? we both love Ads lol 😛 thank you!:*

    :::Shayouma:::, soft-hearted! thank you!:*

    Chirp, I love you and your mom 😛 thank you!:*

    Ms.D, stop using atkins lol =x thank you!:*

    suspec, young and mature, kthnxbye 😛 thank you 🙂

    iNoor, do you look like the girl in your header? lol j/k 😛 OO POST! =F thank you!:*

    SimperLand, thank you for bringing our traditional old songs back! 🙂

    Jabriya Za7ma, thank you for entertaining us in ramadhan!:*

    Z District, I like the pics along with motorcycles posts lol! thank you! 🙂

    Ms LoaLa, Miss designer 😛 thank you!:*

    Q8Disaster,  baroo7 e3maan 3ogob il-swar 😛 lol, thank you! 🙂

    Barrak, بو خشيم الفار, ثانكيو lol 😛

    ammaro, 3ashaw ahal il-Ba7rain 😛 thank you!! 🙂

    ‘GreY’, Bo-GreY Jr. 😛 thank you!

    Stewie, emwaffag inshallah bro 😀 thank you! 🙂

    Bojacob, inshallah il-sena il-ydeda tkoun kheir 3ala il-walid, n thank you 🙂

    KuwaitSpeaker, 3indi e7saas bitdish majlis il-ommah 😛 thank you 🙂

    and a BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU goes to YOU and to everyone!! =o]


    Dear Shareef, This post is for you =F

    1 12 2007

    I gave Shareef (our driver) a piece of paper and asked him to go to the jam3eyya to bring .. (let the pics speak for itself) =[


    … Shareef came back with this LOOOL! =~~~]


    is my handwriting that bad? or he didn’t like my taste in chocolates and drinks?? lol =F

    N. This is YanYan =F


    wa shokran 😛

    انك لا تهدي من أحببت ولكن الله يهدي من يشاء

    6 11 2007


    I’ve received an e-mail from my brother containing THIS .

    My eyes teared up right after I saw the website. I’m so happy for him mashallah 3aleih.

    I wanted to post about it “tomorrow” after work, but after el-fajir prayers I couldnt sleep. I felt guilty for not posting the man’s story right after I read the e-mail fwd. allah yethabtik inshallah 🙂

    I have a question to ask. Are you prepared for death?
    tesbe7oon 3ala kheir