Why is he mad?

3 04 2008

I didn’t stuck a shoe in his mouth! 

The case is :

Flan Bin 3ellaan, is 35 years old


Has the most annoying voice

Always complaining about everything and anything

The silliest guy I have ever met

The most unrespectable person (am not gonna mention what he did to us, as an examples to make you believe me)



All of us knew that the time had come for a change  😉  ya3ni, the day has come to make some changes here 7ag sa7ebna =]

“Mr. I don’t think you realize how loudly you speak?” .. @@ .. “Don’t look at me like that, as if you don’t know” .. @@ .. “Flana, Flana, o Flana, we all share the same opinion here” .. @@ .. “BTW. do you know Flan, in CCC_Dept?” .. @@ .. “Well, he thinks that your voice is annoying” .. @@ .. “I can scream at you, but I wouldn’t do that” .. @@ .. “I wasn’t raised that way” .. @@ ..  “We all work in the same company” .. @@ .. “It’s not that you own the company” .. @@ .. “not even the company’s stock” .. @@ .. “Kindly behave” .. @@ .. “Ok?”

o chan yathlef  

k h a Y w a l l l l i


sEmcha (<<<<-

14 03 2008

I ..

I was ..

I was standing ..

I was standing in line like the rest!



chan il-kel yeltefet 3aleih, o awalhum ana =]

o yekkamil il-7abib, hatheeeyyyy ma333aanaaaaaYYY bil-shareekaaaaYY, 6awfoohaa 6awfoohaaa khaloooohaaaaa awal wa7daaaYY!!!

o 6ab3an qasda mino? 

 qasdaah, aanaaYYYYYYYYYY =~~~]  .. e ya jema3at il-kheir, qasdah 3anni lol

the man continued screaming at the security guy,  AGOOLEEEK MA3ANAAYYY BIL KPC!!

o 3ala fekra, I do not work in a petroleum company! =] il-rayyal besaweeli was6a, tekfa was6etek fashalatni =/

everyone was staring at me, and for the first time agool, ye7eglehom ekhezoni il-sara7a, lol ya3ni 3ala israakh el-rayyal? begolooon hathey il-7een iskit, bint saa7ib il-shareka =|

3aaaaaaaaaaad ana shsawait? tesa7abt tesa7aaaaaaaaabt,  *chaan agub* =]

Have you ever been to a similar situation?!

What would you do? lol


lenzen, lesh fey naas yegolon “sEmcha”?! 3asa mashar? lol

abGha wanait =F

8 03 2008

Listen to this song, It’s so addictive! and I’m lovin’ it =~] WiWi

I wish I could drive the car on 00:21! E E E E E E, ABEEHAA CHETHEY! IMGHABRA! =/

00:47 oo 01:41, did [Zain-Telecom] use this car for their da3aya?


28 01 2008

I like my room but I really need to re-design my room. I haven’t done anything new and creative. I am now surrounded with off-white walls, white ceiling, a wooden bed, and a small rug. Its nice, but It gives you that feeling, that is empty and need to be filled.

 I have decided to do something ‘new and different’ fa I was browsing thru the internet, and I found some pictures that I really like

1. Reminds me of Johnny Rockets lol 😛 6ab3an the table will be replaced with my bed =F

2. Foooshya 😛 my bed will be added


and I’m looking for a place that sells posters in KUWAIT (pic #1) does anyone know? and please vote, pic #1 or #2. I’m lovin #1 😛

If you like interior design CLICK ME

Source : ke7em

MacaholiQ8 muziQ taQ!

22 01 2008

    QaQaQa 😛

      *List 10 of your all time favorite songs:

      1. Someday – Nickelback

      2. Rockstar – Nickelback

      3. Far away – Nickelback

      4. Hero – Nickelback

      5. How you remind me – Nickelback

      6. Hotel California – Eagles

      7. Umbrella/Cinderella – Chris Brown & Rihanna

      8. Fighter – Christina Aguilera

      9. Spanish – Craig David

      10. fOnish! 😛 hmm, DeDe WaH? LOOL j/k 😛

      I tag : Kil-obokum imtagtegeeen, by MacaholiQ8 tag =]

      wa shokran 😛

    Ana-O7ebbu-Osratey =o]

    5 12 2007




    My family loves to watch Syrian TV-series. There is no denying that Syrian actors are talented, their drama is based on a real-well-written script. It makes the viewer say “I WANNA LIVE THERE =F” especially in (baab al-7ara) =o]

    MBC1 is now broadcasting (رسـائل الحب و الحرب) at 7:00pm. At that time my mother realized that she had to go to isteqbal and that she can not watch her favorite TV-show. My mother 7abebtey asked me and my small-brother If its possible to set-up the video to record automatically? MY BROTHER JUMPED ..


    big-creature : LAAA! ANAAA =F ana gilt widdi atab3ah shakla 7elo =o[ 

    small-creature : @@ ok..

    My mother left with a smile on her face. She was happy because of her precious kids *sh’hal 3yaal el-lo’o6a?!?* LOL! elmoheeeem, I entered the tape and went to bring some cakes and milk =o]

     … 2hrs later =o]


    mother : mashkoora, ana oo obooch binshofah ta3alay

    big-creature : jaaaaaaain =~~~]

    …. faQast play-button, a big-black spot was all-over the SCREEN =o] hmm, when do we receive a black-screen? il-thakey yejawwib 😛 or let me change the question “DID I PRESS THE REC-BUTTON AFTER ENTRETING THE TAPE IN THE VIDEO?” hehehehehehehehehehehe NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I FORGOT!! =o] LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL 😛

     I cant wait to see my brother’s face =o]

    Dear Shareef, This post is for you =F

    1 12 2007

    I gave Shareef (our driver) a piece of paper and asked him to go to the jam3eyya to bring .. (let the pics speak for itself) =[


    … Shareef came back with this LOOOL! =~~~]


    is my handwriting that bad? or he didn’t like my taste in chocolates and drinks?? lol =F

    N. This is YanYan =F


    wa shokran 😛