One missed call = The ringtone

2 03 2008

They should consider of renaming it, to be ”The ringtone” =/

*the poster doesn’t really have anything to do with the movie*


I’m just glad I didn’t waste my money on this and I was invited to watch this ke7em. but I wish I could request a refund for the 00:hrs of my time it wasted.

il-zebda? tewaqa3 7etta il-yananwa 3indehom mobiles =/

بشرى ساره

25 02 2008

أبشركم اخواني و أخواتي, لقد تم اليوم الأثنين الخامس و العشرين (أو ,العشرون.. كيفكم) من فبراير لسنة ألفين وثمانيه, ارسال مندوب من الديوان الأميري (أو, مجلس الوزراء..هم كيفكم) وذلك عشان نزيل الزرع اللي على رصيف بيتنا واللي أساسا يعتبر منظرحضاري و تجميلي لفريجنا. بل ولم يتوقف الموضوع عند هذا الحد يا اخواني و اخواتي, بل لمندوب لم يعجبه ان أنا اللي استقبلته .. وقال : مافي حد يستلم الورقه؟ .. لقد صفعني يا اخوان (كنايه عن عظمة الموقف) صفعه لا تنسى.. يااال سخريت القدر, الحين أنا صرت مافي أحد؟


بس في سؤال يطرح نفسه, شلون انذار نهائي وهذا أول انذار يوصلنا ؟



28 01 2008

I like my room but I really need to re-design my room. I haven’t done anything new and creative. I am now surrounded with off-white walls, white ceiling, a wooden bed, and a small rug. Its nice, but It gives you that feeling, that is empty and need to be filled.

 I have decided to do something ‘new and different’ fa I was browsing thru the internet, and I found some pictures that I really like

1. Reminds me of Johnny Rockets lol 😛 6ab3an the table will be replaced with my bed =F

2. Foooshya 😛 my bed will be added


and I’m looking for a place that sells posters in KUWAIT (pic #1) does anyone know? and please vote, pic #1 or #2. I’m lovin #1 😛

If you like interior design CLICK ME

Source : ke7em

See You Next Year! :P

31 12 2007


As another year draws quickly to close. I would first like to take this opportunity to wish every blogger in the blogosphere the best of luck in 2008. I also would like to thank :

MishrefWeld El-ma6aba, the first male bloggers I’ve met before I start my own blog! 🙂

ChikapappiBlue Dress, the first female bloggers, thank you :*

3baid — daloom, saloom, zaloom, first male bloggers after starting my own blog, thank you! 🙂

EstekanaMishari, first arabic bloggers, thank you! 🙂

Jebla, thank you for putting a smile on my parents face! thank you!!:)

Eshda3wa — Enigma, I though you were sisters lol, don’t ask why! lol, thank you!:*

um-mit3ibLoya, the funniest female bloggers lol! thank you!:*

Vixen, thank you!:*

Yara4ever, MOM!!! sidamteni lol 😛 thank you!:*

MacaholiQ8, food posts please 😛 thank you!

Alien 3aba6 Network, amazing posts, thank you! 🙂 

AmethystN., very talented, thank you! 🙂

Cat, XSmall thank you! 😛

Elijah, Kuwait loves you too, thank you!:*

Bin Khaldoon st., problem solver 😛 thank you 🙂

Swair, mashallah most beautiful eyes! thank you!:*

Purgatory, THE WINNER IS البرغ! 😛 thank you 🙂 

Selezya, mita endish il-jaish? lol 😛 thank you!!:*

Ra7aLah, tadreen?? we both love Ads lol 😛 thank you!:*

:::Shayouma:::, soft-hearted! thank you!:*

Chirp, I love you and your mom 😛 thank you!:*

Ms.D, stop using atkins lol =x thank you!:*

suspec, young and mature, kthnxbye 😛 thank you 🙂

iNoor, do you look like the girl in your header? lol j/k 😛 OO POST! =F thank you!:*

SimperLand, thank you for bringing our traditional old songs back! 🙂

Jabriya Za7ma, thank you for entertaining us in ramadhan!:*

Z District, I like the pics along with motorcycles posts lol! thank you! 🙂

Ms LoaLa, Miss designer 😛 thank you!:*

Q8Disaster,  baroo7 e3maan 3ogob il-swar 😛 lol, thank you! 🙂

Barrak, بو خشيم الفار, ثانكيو lol 😛

ammaro, 3ashaw ahal il-Ba7rain 😛 thank you!! 🙂

‘GreY’, Bo-GreY Jr. 😛 thank you!

Stewie, emwaffag inshallah bro 😀 thank you! 🙂

Bojacob, inshallah il-sena il-ydeda tkoun kheir 3ala il-walid, n thank you 🙂

KuwaitSpeaker, 3indi e7saas bitdish majlis il-ommah 😛 thank you 🙂

and a BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU goes to YOU and to everyone!! =o]


Rear-view mirrors are Useful =~~~]

21 11 2007



I was in my car heading to work this morning. I wasn’t speeding (which is hard to believe =F ) I was at speed 60km/h. enjoying the cool weather and my cup of warm milk =~] 

Over my seven years experience in driving as a professional driver, you have to check your mirrors regularly LOOOOL 😛 o bema enni zarqa’  il-yamama, I looked at my rearview mirror and I saw my friend driving her car behind me (oo elli 6ab3an she’ll no longer be) 😛

Anyways, I was calling her number. IMAGINE ME CALLING SOMEONE AT 7:–am, qimma bil-ekhlaas wil-wafa’ =F

…. ring ring ring ring ring ring .. and she picked up the phone

ME : GOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING!!!! =~] (caps = saying it out loud)

& : ahlein “akke7 akke7” sorry sorry bs mareetha oo mo zena il-flu o ana 7amil, o tsawaray 7ata wildi mareeth

ME : matshofoon shar ray7a il-dr? (3ALA NEYAATI =F, till now ma fahamt il-qissa LOOOOOOOOOL)

& : laa! ay dr (drama) il-fayir radeina min il-dr, ana eb beit omi al7een gadra at7arrak ta3bana (sot il ka77a background)

…. (at that time I was looking at her in the rearview mirror o at7ammad rabbi, baghait a6eg hirin 3ashan aftha7ha LOL bs gelt la khal an6ir)  

ME : waihhhh, il-fayer? matshofon shar

& : il-shar ma eyeech, ha ray7a dawamch?

ME : flana tara ana jedamch =/ 

& : aanaa WALLAH WALLAH raay7aaa il-dawaam bayeeeb 6ebbeeti

ME : not that I was hoping to see you sick, but I was actually hoping it’s not you behind me, staghfar allah =/ goodbye

People lie, and I want to know WHY do they lie? There are no excuses for lying! excuse?! what excuse! excuse = lie. The reason why people lie is they have a huge problem in their self-esteem. I think there is a damage in the brain that causes the problem. 

a normal person would never say :

1. ana mareeeth o ohwa mo mareeeth =F

2. wildi mareeeth o ohwa yemkin mo mareeeth, efawlon 3ala 3yalhom?!! It’s new to me =/

3. ana eb bait omi, o ohma bil-sayara LOL!!!! hathi 3ad FILM 😛

What does it lead to?! tara nothing but distrust, deviance, wickedness

Thanks to :

1. my rear-view mirror

2. larri for preparing my cup of milk 

3. 7amieed for fixing my laptop =~] 

speaking of lying, sij saar zilzal gabil ams? 😛

walaaht 3ala bloggy *tabchy* =~]

wa shokran 😛

11-11 = 24 :P

11 11 2007


haBBy bairzday to you, haBBy bairzday to you, haBBy bairzday 7aggi aaanaaa, haBBy bairzday toow yoow LOL =~]

زنــه حــيــلوه يــــا نانيـــــــل, زنــه حــيــلوه يانانيـــــــل, زنه حـــيـــلوه يا أنـــــــــا زنه حـيـلوه يا أنــــــا

I can’t wait till yr 2011 inshallah. Just to see 11-11-11  LOOOOL 😛

.. 24? allah yal-denya, aana 24? 3ogob ma kint 14, aseer 24? HAYYIN =[

Famous people born in Nov

1918 Stubby Kaye
1921 Ron Greenwood
1925 June Whitfield
1944 Jesse Colin Young
1946 Len ‘Chip’ Hawkes
1956 Ian Craig Marsh
1962 Demi Moore
1964 Calista Flockhart
1974 Leonardo Di Caprio <– titonik’s bairzday =]

yallah yebooli kaika o sawoli 3eed melad =~]

ُExcuse my ears

7 11 2007


I hardly listen to the radio while driving. However, when I do. I listen to talk-shows and it tends to make me laugh. And I don’t laugh while driving alone. a7es enni mo sa7ya =~] 

After work I was extremely dizzy. I opened the window a little and the radio to keep me awake till I reach home. I was listening carefully to “Asaalah Nasri’s song” which I’ve never heard before and It must be new. Anyways. I started asking questions about what I’ve just heard? I’m not sure If anyone noticed the words of the song. but I did! I tried to convince myself that It does make sense, but no use!!  LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!

It says : (لا تخاف من الزمان, الزمان ماله أمان) hmm? LOOOOL!! It doesn’t make any sense to me. LOL? Please shino “la takhaf min il-zaman + il-zaman malah amaan”?!  Can anyone explain this to me? LOL! I don’t blame her, I blame the writer of the song. There is a wise saying that says : (حاكي العاقل بما يعقل) la-3aqil wala-hum ya7zanon 😛

I didn’t listen to rest of the song carefully cause the first part really confused me and I was busy laughing at it LOOOL! I was ga3da agoleb’ha yemeen o yesaar until I laughed o 7agart the rest of the song =F

adri 6abbait bil-ghneyya LOL =]

So, does it make any sense to you?!

wa shokran 😛