Ramadhan Quiz! #3 – Update: (Solved) **NO points**

29 09 2007

Update: Please find the correct answers in RED 

*Please answer the follwing questions by yourself. Ignore the question incase of not knowing the answer.  I’ll trust each one of you.=]

yallah bismellah 😛

Question No.1 – How old was our Prophet Mohammad (ASWS)  when his mother died? (10 points)

A) 7 years old

B) 6 years old

C) 5 years old

Question No.2 – In which battle was the Prophet’s (ASWS) uncle Hamza killed? (10 points)

A) Khandaq

B) Badir

C) Ohud

 Questoin No.3 – Who was called pure (al-6ahirah)? (10 points)

A) Khadijah

B) Hafsah

C) Aishah

 Questoin No.4 – Who was called mother of the poor (Um-elmasakeen)? (10 points)

A) Um-Salamah

B) Zainab Bint Khuzaimah

C) Khadijah

Question No.5 –  What was the first sourah (سورة) to be revealed completely? (10 points)

A) Al-baqarah

B) Al-fati7ah

C) Al-ekhlaas

 Question No.6 – What is the smallest sourah (سورة) in the Qura’aan? (10 points)

A) Al-kawthar

B) Al-ekhlas

C) Al-fati7ah

Question No. 7 – In what direction do Muslims circumblate (make 6awaaf) around the Kaa’abah? (10 points)

A) Clockwise

B) Anti Clock-wise

Question No.8 – al-7ajj was ordained  in the …? (10 points)

A) 6th yr of hijrah

B) 10th yr of hijrah

C) 9th yr of hijrah

Question No. 9 – What battle that is called in the Qura’aan as the day of Furqaan? (10 points)

A) Badir

B) Khandaq

C) Hunayn

Question No.10 – The one who killed Umayyah in the battle of Badir is .. ? (10 points)

A) Bilal

B) Hamzah

C) Abu Bakir

Good luck! =]
please please please use your brain and don’t cheat =/


Congrats! Babroook to all of you!. You all did great 😉

Dear all,

I wanna be fair with everyone. I thought of this quiz to help you refresh your memory. Points in this quiz is just a way to help you know how many correct answers you got.  I hope everyone understands my point ^_^ wa shokran 🙂


Ramadhan Pic-Quiz! #2 (Solved) **Points are carried over**

25 09 2007

Hello cotton-ball =P


Where is my cotton-ball ?! =(


The cotton-ball is under one of the above mugs.

Columbus or Patchi??  (left = patchiright = columbus)

*Please note that you have only ONE chance, so give ONE straight answer.

Good luck! =)


The cotton-ball is under COLUMBUS’s mug.




Blue Dress


Yippieeeeeeee!!  BaBroooooooooooooooooooooooook to the winners! =]

Points update :

iNoor 10

Chikapappi 10

Blue Dress 10

N. 10

Good luck guys in the next Quiz =P

Note : Points count starts from 10

ANNOUNCMENT : The winner is the one who gets the highest points/scores, fa there will be only 1 winner. The winner will get his prize and it’s a 3eediya of K.D 50. o salamatkom =] 

Ramadhan Picture Quiz! #1 (Solved) **Points are carried over**

14 09 2007

This is the 1st Pic-Quiz and I will start with an easy picture.

What is this photo?! =]~ 


Picture Quiz Tips :

1. Leave out the details

2. Use short answers

3. No hints : not a gerge3an bag/for a female use/comes in diff colors, designs/multi uses/ … eshraykom ajaweb 3ankom????=]]]]]]]

The winner prize is (KD. 3eeediya)

Good Luck! =)

UPDATE : zalooom is the closest!   

*** THE WINNER IS : iNoor *** (CONGRATS!!)